MegaRamp madness with Trent Brocker

21 03 2016

Five years ago, 40-something Jon Faure blew minds when he took on the Woodward West MegaRamp on his 24″ cruiser.

The years have gone by and we’ve often wondered who would be the next 24″ rider to brave the wooden beast.

Turns out it would be none other than “Chief Rocka” Trent Brocker.

He did  at the OSBMXR event this past weekend.

Trent got the motivation from the Condor himself, Mat Hoffman.


And, just to keep things interesting…Trent did it brakeless.


TrentBMegaRampThat’s some business right there.

TrentBMM2Here’s a closeup shot of Trent right up in the letters at the top of the ramp (the rider in white is his good friend Scott Yowell…who was no slouch on the ramp this day either).

Hot damn, I’m pretty stoked on this.

Finally, since we’re on the subject anyway…check out this POV vid that Mat Hoffman posted of his view during his run on the MegaRamp.

(It might take a second to load)

Holy Cow….


Top ten of 2012

31 12 2012

Well, here we are.

Another year gone by.

Before we all head out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, let’s take a look at the top ten things that went down in 2012.

10. Skyway started off the year with news that they were releasing a 24″ version of their classic T/A frame and fork…but only in limited quantities.  The frame & fork sold out in record time. Although there was some delay in getting it into customers hands, most will agree it was worth the wait.

9.  The 22″ wheel movement took an interesting turn in February with the news that S&M was testing a prototype frame and tires.  When this prototype turned into a bona fide offering from S&M later in the year, the 22″ option really started to take on some serious momentum.


8. The Gunslinger  adjustable frame.  This smaller company caught our attention this year with an innovative frame design that featured 3-position adjustable rear dropouts.  Riders can tune the frame head angle and bottom bracket height to match their riding style.

7.  Chromoly made a comeback to the race scene. More race companies started offering chromoly forks that were stiffer and lighter than the more expensive carbon fiber forks on the market.  SSquared also put out a limited run of cro-mo frames.

6. Prophecy kept things interesting  with news that they would be bringing a 24″ carbon frame to the market. (Perhaps more surprising was that Redline didn’t leverage what they had learned from Project 79 to make a 24″ version.)

6. DK parts at Wal-Mart. On a roadtrip to Ray’s MTB , I stopped in at a Walmart along the way and I was shocked to stumble on an aisle endcap stocked with DK parts and accessories.  A little strange, but cool, that you can walk into a Walmart (in the U.S.) and pick up a DK Random Wrench.

5. After much anticipation, S&M unveiled its new Speedwagon race frame. Dropping the mono stay and putting the dropouts “on a diet.” They also got rid of the cable split cable stops and went with three guides. While sticking with the tried and true 38 Special geometry, they also introduced a 22″ top tube option, along with a sexy Trans Red finish.

4.  MTB companies blurred the lines between MTB and BMX cruisers with offerings like the Transition Klunker and the DMR wrath. Will there be more convergence between the two disciplines in the future? My guess is yes but we’ll have to wait and see if the future bears that out.

3. Jim Cielencki put in work this year promoting 24 inch riding. Whether it was a shot of him riding a tight setup on his Sunday Wave-C or talking about it in an interview, Jim was out there spreading the word.

Jim C House Park

2.  There was more choice than ever this year to find a bike to match your build and riding style. Whether you wanted to step up from a 20″ to a 22″, ride a dialed 24″ complete, build a custom 26″, or even bust out on a 29″ Big Ripper. There were options to help you make that happen.

1.  Video really brought to the forefront how cruiser riders are pushing the envelope these days. Whether it was Joe Cicman and Danny Sirkin tearing things up with a 26″ Sledgehammer or doing deathtrucks on a 24″ Wave-C, Jon Faure taking on the MegaRamp (technically 2011 but discussed in 2012), Buddy Sardenga dirt jumping, or Gundar Osis and Kaspars Garda putting out one of the best race edits..ever.. In 2012, there was a video made to capture the action, whatever the type of riding you’re into.

What will we see in 2013?

I dunno,  but I can’t wait to find out.

Happy New Year!

MegaRamp madness with Jon Faure

13 03 2012

Jon Faure boldly goes where no 40-something 24″ bike rider has gone before…the Woodward West MegaRamp!

It’s awesome to see Jon push his limits…although I still cringe every time I watch the crash section.


Dirt for Dummies – Jon Faure jumping tips

22 12 2011

If you’re new to dirt jumping or your skills are just a little rusty, Jon Faure has some pointers for you in his new video, “How to ride dirt jumps when you suck.”

Jon is 47-year old rider with great dirt jumping skills that only got into the BMX in his late 30s.

In this video, he not only provides some great dirt jumping tips, he even talks about why he prefers a 24″ bike over hard tail MTBs and 20″ BMX bikes. Definitely worth watching.

Check it out.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Jon Faure still firing at age 47

3 08 2011

In a time when many 47-year olds are content to ride nothing more than their couch or a golf cart, Jon Faure (who just turned 47 today) continues to push his limits.

Recently taking on Woodward West’s Mega Ramp and walking away smiling, you know this self-professed Old Guy Who Rides still has that fire inside for riding.

Jon Faure, 47 years young

Jon seems to embody the philosophy that I think most of share, regardless of what side of 47 we’re on, when it comes to riding:

We may be old enough to know better, but still young enough to do it anyway (mostly ’cause it’s so damn fun!)

Happy birthday Jon, looking forward to seeing more radness in the future!

My new ride: Sunday Wave-C

11 05 2011

While complete bikes are getting better and better these days, nothing quite beats getting a new frame and building it up.  In this case, it was the Sunday Wave-C.

I had been thinking about a Wave-C ever since I heard that a prototype was being tested. The fact that it was going to be offered with a 22″ top tube also got me pretty excited.

The build

When I took the frame out of the box I was stoked. This was a nice looking frame! And you can just tell it can stand up to just about anything.

But I still had to wait for a few parts to arrive before I could start building.

When the last few parts came in the mail, I went over to my friend, Mike “Carbon” Pavao’s place to put it together.  While trading BMX stories, we were both impressed by how well built the frame was and the attention to detail.

Ed's Wave-C build at Casa Carbon

The only potential snag was a brake bolt that needed a little grinding down. Luckily, Gary Quill dropped by, and he just so happened to have a grinder in the back of his work van. A couple of seconds of grinding later, a few more twists of the wrench and this puppy was ready to ride!

We grabbed our bikes and took off for an old school ride through the neighbourhood, hitting things along the way and made our way downtown. We finally ended up at the 7-11 Mike and Gary used to hang out at when they were 14 year old hoodlums.

Initial impression of the frame: Wow!

Wave-C build

I took it out on the local trails today and I continue to be impressed. (For another perspective on the Wave-C, check out Jon Faure’s review.)

Shoutouts for their help with this build: Bobby Parker from Sunday/Full Factory, Tom at Empire BMX, Mike Pavao from…uh… Casa Carbon and Gary Quill for his skills with a grinder.

Parts list

Frame: Sunday Wave-C 22″
Fork: We The People
Bars: Sunday 24umph
Stem:  Salt Front load
Grips: Eclat Chester Blacksmith
Barends:  Eclat plugs
Headset:  We The People sealed
Seatpost Clamp: Sunday
Seat/Seat Post: Macneil Fat Capital /pivotal
Cranks: Salt 175mm
Sprocket: Macneil
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy
Front Tire: Kenda K-rad  24×1.95″
Front Wheel: Alex with Salt hub
Rear Tire: Intense Microknobbie  24×1.85″
Rear Wheel: Odyssey Hazard Lite rim with Odyssey V3 Hazard hub
Pedals: Macneil Face
Brake:  Tektro
Brake Cable:  We The People
Brake Lever:  Tektro
Pegs: None
Modifications:  Spacers under the stem, Gold anodized valve caps and Cruiser Revolution stickers

Future mods planned: Switch to a top-load stem, slightly fatter tires (and maybe taller bars)

Friday free for all

28 01 2011

Over the last couple of days, there was a pretty much something for everyone in the world of 24″ BMX.

It didn’t really matter what you were into.

If you’re looking for the perfect wave

Sunday announced that the widely anticipated Wave-C frame would be available in the second week of February. If you’ve already checked out the sneak peek, you know this frame is the real deal.

Jim C inverted table aboard the Wave-C (Jake Seeley photo)

If you’re into S&M

Jon Faure posted his build of Prototype #2 of the S&M 24″ Dirt Bike on

S&M 24" Dirt Bike Prototype #2

If you’re into getting a leg up on the competition

SE Bikes posted this pic demonstrating the effect of the SoCal Flyer on leg power.

SE SoCal Flyer has got legs

More inside dirt on the 24″ S&M Dirt Bike

25 01 2011

Jon Faure’s been busy testing the 24″ S&M Dirt Bike prototype out on the trails and, more recently, in Las Vegas at their bike-friendly parks.

Jon Faure sampling all types of terrain on the 24" Dirt Bike

Jon seems to be loving the bike and his comfort level with the bike really shows (just check the picture above for evidence).

He’s also just put up a post on with some updates on how the testing is going.

It looks like:

  • some tweaks are being made to the existing prototype (proto #2 is on the way),
  • new bars to go with the frame are being developed
  • Updated 24″ Pitchforks might be in the works.

Have to say, this looks very promising!

The right stickers make all the difference...

The dirt so far:

24″ Dirt Bike testing goes flat out

24″ Dirt Bike action shots

The dirt on the new 24″ S&M Dirt Bike

S&M Dirt Bike grows up

Dirt jumping training technique revealed

21 09 2010

What does it take to be a top dirt jumper?

Is it skill?

Years of practice?


There’s must be something else…that little game-changer that takes your dirt jumping to the next level.

Turns out it’s a training technique that I didn’t quite suspect.

Check out this footage of Jon Faure in his top secret training facility for the full story.

And yes, as the video title indicates, I think Jon may well have the skills for a second career with the circus.

Like father, like son

13 05 2010

…or may be it’s the other way around?

Jon Faure’s been working on a video featuring him riding with his son and how getting a 24 (his Sunday Model-C) helped make it all possible.

Should be a great video. After all, you don’t see too many father-son trains flowing through Woodward West…unless the Faures are in the house that is.

Clearly Jon is raising his son right, just check out his table manners.

Like son, like father?

Jon shows the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.