MegaRamp madness with Trent Brocker

21 03 2016

Five years ago, 40-something Jon Faure blew minds when he took on the Woodward West MegaRamp on his 24″ cruiser.

The years have gone by and we’ve often wondered who would be the next 24″ rider to brave the wooden beast.

Turns out it would be none other than “Chief Rocka” Trent Brocker.

He did  at the OSBMXR event this past weekend.

Trent got the motivation from the Condor himself, Mat Hoffman.


And, just to keep things interesting…Trent did it brakeless.


TrentBMegaRampThat’s some business right there.

TrentBMM2Here’s a closeup shot of Trent right up in the letters at the top of the ramp (the rider in white is his good friend Scott Yowell…who was no slouch on the ramp this day either).

Hot damn, I’m pretty stoked on this.

Finally, since we’re on the subject anyway…check out this POV vid that Mat Hoffman posted of his view during his run on the MegaRamp.

(It might take a second to load)

Holy Cow….

Just another Mercury Morgan Monday

18 01 2016

Mix equal parts Brian Scura showmanship and Matt Hoffman-style daredeviltry, add a touch of Colin Winkelman-style craziness and top it all off with a little revivalist-style preaching*…and you get this internet gem: Mercury Morgan’s “Leap of Faith” jump.

Mercury Morgan — from the Ringling Brothers Circus and That’s Incrediblejumps his bike over a helicopter and through a burning wall(!), in Belfast, NY.

The action is captured with 14 cameras, including a GoPro strapped to his chest.

Pretty cool…although I’m not so sure about the bike setup….It looks a bit dodgy with a mish-mash of MTB and BMX parts (you can make out an Odyssey logo on the stem at least).

*Mercury Morgan uses the “leap of faith” jump as a way to share his faith at events around the U.S.

The first 900 air: Hoffman making history

28 03 2011

Hard to believe that it has been 22 years since Mat Hoffman pulled the first 900 in a contest.

Others had come close, but the 900 was an elusive trick that sent many rider down — hard — whenever it was attempted.

This contest would change all that.

I still remember that day…piling into a car with a bunch of friends so hyped that we were going to a 2-Hip King of Vert contest.

It felt like something big was going to happen.

Little did we know how big…

(For more on Mat’s ground-breaking 900 air, check out this post on )

22″ bike: could you lose a couple inches?

14 04 2010

Maybe Al Pacino’s character said it best On Any Sunday: “Life is a game of inches“.

This quote keeps coming to mind when I think about FACTION‘s 22 inch wheel bike.

It’s definitely an interesting concept. A sized up BMX bike, bigger than a standard 20 inch, smaller than a 24 inch cruiser.

Is it the future?

Hard to say…but my guess is probably not.

Is 22" the new black? Faction Zeitgeist bike

Some big-name riders have been quoted lending support to the concept. Guys like Eddie Fiola and Mat Hoffman have said they think it’s a cool, progressive concept. However, it’s interesting to note that Hoffman, despite owning a bike company, has never produced a 22 inch bike himself.

Does it make sense to come out with a new “standard” when there’s currently so much choice in 20 and 24 inch bikes? What happens if you break the forks or wreck a wheel? Seems like it would be a pain to get replacements.

What do you think?

Is a 22″ wheel  the answer for bigger guys?  Is it a good compromise between the 20 and 24 worlds? Can the BMX industry support a new wheel size?