Introducing Beelzebike the 20 666 ‘er

26 10 2012

With all the  cruisers popping out of the woodwork from non-BMX companies, Buddy Sardenga  thought he would drop us a line to show us what he had custom built  a few months ago.

Buddy said he loved his 24″ Liquid so much that he wanted a 26″ that felt similar but rode smoother.

So he contacted Matt at Stout bikes (outside of Houston) to talk to him about his plans.

Buddy kept the same 74 degree head tube angle and 72 degree seat tube angle (from the Liquid frame) but bumped up the top tube from 22″ to 23.1″, the chainstays from 14.25″ to 15.1″, the seat tube from 9.15″to 11.5″, and the bottom bracket from 12.7″to 13.75″.

According to Buddy, it’s amazing to ride, feels like his Liquid but a smoother ride (which is exactly what he wanted).

He also asked Matt at Stout to put a devil head on the head tube but Matt did him one better than that and gave the bike it’s own set of devil horns!

Beelzebike the 20 666 ‘er was born.

Action shots coming soon!




17 responses

26 10 2012

Thing looks dope even though I’m not craving a 26″ cruiser!

26 10 2012

Buddy’s my bro, and I’ve ridden this bike and it’s killer !!!!!!!

26 10 2012

Wow! That is just awesome! What does a rig like that set ya back?

26 10 2012

Frame was $450.00. Where you go from there will determine the total cost.

29 10 2012

Buddy is a champion.

31 10 2012
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1 11 2012

That rig looks da kine!!!!!!

21 11 2012

that thing is clean. super clean.

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