Friday free for all

28 01 2011

Over the last couple of days, there was a pretty much something for everyone in the world of 24″ BMX.

It didn’t really matter what you were into.

If you’re looking for the perfect wave

Sunday announced that the widely anticipated Wave-C frame would be available in the second week of February. If you’ve already¬†checked out the sneak peek, you know this frame is the real deal.

Jim C inverted table aboard the Wave-C (Jake Seeley photo)

If you’re into S&M

Jon Faure posted his build of Prototype #2 of the S&M 24″ Dirt Bike on

S&M 24" Dirt Bike Prototype #2

If you’re into getting a leg up on the competition

SE Bikes posted this pic demonstrating the effect of the SoCal Flyer on leg power.

SE SoCal Flyer has got legs