A DIY complete: the best of both worlds?

30 09 2010

With the spec on complete bikes consistently getting better year after year, it’s often hard to justify spending the dollars on a custom build.

But what happens when the frame you really want is available in frame only?

Or maybe the aftermarket version of the frame on the complete is available in a bigger size…one more suited to your lanky body?

What to do?

If money’s tight you may go with the complete but feel you compromised in a way. Alternatively, if you decide money be damned, you’re going to build the bike you want from the ground up you may end up feeling like you overpaid for your bike. Another route is to transfer your old parts to the new frame but then you miss out on the pleasure of having new parts to go with your new frame.

Maybe there’s another way.

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) complete

With the recent hype about the new 2011 bikes and parts, many people forget this is also the time that bike shops and mail order companies are marking down their “old” 2010 stock.

I’ve been thinking about getting an S&M 38 special or a Standard 125r for racing. If JensonUSA marks down some of their race cruiser completes down 40- 50% like they did last year…well, then my dream of getting a Cro-mo race complete suddenly looks within reach. I’ll just transfer the parts over to the new frame.  If I turn around and sell the frame from the complete it becomes even more affordable.

If a long, trails-oriented frame is in your sights, you’ve probably considered the Liquid Feedback frame. If you want a “complete” version though, you’ll have to take matters into your own hands.  Luckily, building your own complete Liquid 24 isn’t hard at all. In fact, CMC advises someone in this thread on a Pinkbike forum to do just that. He suggests picking up a marked down We the People Avenger and transferring the parts over to the Liquid…it’s all compatible and it’s hard to beat the parts that come standard on the 2010 Avenger.

CMC manual on Liquid 24

A DIY Liquid could get you manualling like CMC in no time

The Craigslist DIY Complete

If these tough economic times have hit you hard or you just like a really good deal you can take this same approach using Craigslist or eBay.

Check out what artist Chris Piascik did:

I hunted on Craigslist for a couple weeks and found a Haro cruiser and a Standard 125R cruiser frame. The Standard frame was fantastic (as all their bikes are) and the Haro was complete. I did the only reasonable thing I could think of—I bought both. I moved all of the Haro parts over to the Standard and then put the Haro frame back on Craigslist.

Of course, because Chris is an artist, he had the bike totally tricked out with some original art work.

Check out Chris’s flickr stream for more cool shots of his tricked out Standard 125r.

Will 2011 be the year of the DIY complete?

So what do you think?

Is this something you would try?

I’m certainly thinking about it.


More to Latvia than fast BMX racers

28 09 2010

When I hear Latvia and BMX, the first thing that comes to mind is super fast BMX racer, Maris Stromberg.

That was up and till I received this pic of Sergei Babikovs from Latvia.

I have no idea how fast he’s going to hit this double-peg up the ledge but it sure is sweet.

Fun fact: Sergei is riding the the only Sunday Model-C in Latvia.

Sunday showcases 24s at Interbike

24 09 2010

With Interbike in full swing,  video clips  of all the new product lines are coming fast and furious from all the major BMX sites covering the event.  Not surprisingly, most bike companies are highlighting their 20″ offerings in these clips and leaving out the 24s in their lineup.

Sunday, on the other hand, takes a decidedly different route and leads off their video clip with a look at their new 24s.  Say what you will about Sunday, this is just another example of the level of support and innovation they’re bringing to the 24′ cruiser scene.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sunday 24s at Interbike 2010, posted with vodpod

Contrast that with We the People, who despite having a relatively long history of making great 24″ BMX bikes, do very little to promote them or grow the market.  Checking out Vital BMX’s video of the WTP booth, you would never guess that they have one of the better 24s available. Seems crazy to not even mention it….especially given all the attention that Sunday has brought to the 24″ scene.

Dirt jumping training technique revealed

21 09 2010

What does it take to be a top dirt jumper?

Is it skill?

Years of practice?


There’s must be something else…that little game-changer that takes your dirt jumping to the next level.

Turns out it’s a training technique that I didn’t quite suspect.

Check out this footage of Jon Faure in his top secret training facility for the full story.

And yes, as the video title indicates, I think Jon may well have the skills for a second career with the circus.

What would you like to see at Interbike?

17 09 2010

Interbike, the tradeshow for all things bike related is almost here.

Manufacturers are going to be debuting their new lines and the latest and greatest in components.

While  many companies have already leaked most of the details of their new lines, there’s always a thing or two (or more) that shows up that gets people attention.

It got me to thinking…what would I like to see?

Here are some ideas:

  • taller aftermarket cruiser bars (most companies are still offering bar with sub 6″ rise)
  • more color choices from 24″ wheel manufacturers
  • chro-mo complete  24″ race bike

Granted, I’ve mentioned most of these in previous blog posts but they’re simple things that I think would do really well.

What would you like to see at Interbike this year?

2 versions of Sunday Model-C for 2011

14 09 2010

Sunday Bikes continues to step things up in the 24″ world with two (yes, two!) versions of the Model-C set for release in their 2011 lineup.

The Model-C EX

Designed as a low-cost option for the first-time 24″ bike buyer it still packs plenty of punch with some great aftermarket parts. It has the proven Model C Plus 4 geometry and is great option for those riders that don’t have the cash to build up a frameset from scratch.

It features:

  • New Sunday Word Bubble grips
  • Twisted PC pedals,
  • 24″ Aitken and Path tires
  • OdysseyV3 cassette rear hub.

It has a cro-mo downtube, headtube and dropouts.  There are two color options: matte gray and red. Different graphics and sticker kits for each color option. (Priced at about $519 US)

Model -C PRO

This is Sunday’s top-of-line 24″ complete and it looks the part!

One of the best spec’d completes on the market. It features:

  • Odyssey CFL stem
  • Twombolt cranks
  • Evo II brakes
  • Monolever
  • V3 cassette hub
  • Vandero 2 front hub
  • New 24″ Odyssey Quadrant rims.

Full cro-mo frame, forks and bars. This will handle just about anything you can throw at it. (Priced at about $799.99 US).

Top tube sizes for both the EX and the PRO are 21.25″.

A side order of fun: the 24″ sidehack

9 09 2010

Take a 24″ cruiser, a spare wheel, some scrap metal and a razor scooter…weld them together..what do you get?

An old school sidehack.

Looks like the Finestones, Brian and son Finn, know how to have a good time.

Check out this video: to see the Finestone’s sidehack project in action.

Try out a Model-C at Joyride 150

7 09 2010

It looks like Ray’s MTB isn’t the only bike park where you can rent/try out the Sunday Model-C.

Sunday just announced that Joyride 150 (just outside of Toronto, Ontario) has added a Model-C to their rental fleet.

This is great news, not only because it’s sure to get more riders hooked on 24″ BMX, but  it also gives me even more of reason to visit Joyride 150. Even if I don’t have my bike with me, I can stop in for a session on a 24″!

For more on Joyride 150, check out this video of Drew Bezanson tearing up the place.

Free to do what you want to do

3 09 2010

Hard to believe that Labor Day weekend is already here.

Time to make the most of it.

Hope you can find some free time this weekend to do what you want to do.

To ride.

And have a good time.

(This clip always makes me think of Kevin Jones in the classic Wheelies video.)

The spanish can fly

1 09 2010

noinchrules is a blog out of Spain that has a mix of different things on it but more recently has featured some pictures and video of the guy behind it, Ivan, riding his Sunday Model-C.

Check it out.

Some pretty good air time here, can’t even get the jump in the frame…