Jim Bauer gets things done on a 24″

26 08 2009

No brakes, no pads, no limits.  Jim Bauer from Odyssey takes care of business on his Model-C.


Check out the Sunday site for another shot of Bauer–this time tabling out of the ditch.


Time is on my side

24 08 2009

You know how you see a bank-to-wall and instantly think wall-ride? Well, kind of the same thing happens when you have an IKEA Bravur clock hanging above your desk and an old 24″ Kenda K-Rad tire on the floor beside you. You start to wonder how they would look together…then a few seconds later…you get this.


Gives the ol’ clock a little pizzaz, eh?

When you see this on Extreme Make0ver: Home Edition eventually,  you’ll know the real deal…cruiser revolution started the whole “discarded bike part” look.

What’s Eben Krackau up to now?

18 08 2009

Maybe riding his cruiser. That’s right…early 90s rider Eben Krackau has been bewitched by the siren call of 24″ wheels (Wow..sorry, that was laying it on a bit thick). Actually, beyond riding his Sunday Model-C, I’m not sure what he’s been up to.   I just know that we’ve had a bit of dry spell in terms of good action shots lately, so I’m going to take this opportunity to feature Eben shredding on his 24″. Check out the Sunday site for more on Eben Krackau and his Model-C.  Bam!

eben table-2

Slash has an appetite for…SE Racing?

11 08 2009

You never know what you’ll come across when surfing the interweb.

Like this picture here of Slash with a woodgrain OM Flyer (from SE Racing) on the US VERSUS THEM streetwear site. Are they hinting that a Slash-inspired 24″ is on the way?

It wouldn’t be the first time a cruiser inspired by an ’80s metal icon was on the market…remember the S&M Widowmaker? Yep, S&M and Dee Snider….now that was a match made in heaven.  Speaking of which…when is Chris Moeller going to bring that back? I think the time is right.

Slash OM Flyer

Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin

3 08 2009

If you’ve just made the switch from 20″  to 24″ bikes, you may be in for a little surprise when you get ready for your first roadtrip. The car that you could pretty much throw your 20″ into, suddenly become inhospitable for your 24″.  And unlike a mountain bike, a 24″ BMX bike doesn’t have a quick release to quickly take off the front wheel.  Solution? Always, keep a socket wrench and an allen key around and take off your front wheel and seat/seatpost the old-fashioned way.

model-c in van

Jim from Sunday Bikes was probably saying a few choice words here as he tried to get his Model-C in this van.