You complete me…

29 10 2009

ESPN just posted a great interview with Jim C. from Sunday Bikes talking about their new line of complete bikes.  There’s some good stuff about the Model-C,  including details about the components and pricing:

The 24″ Model-C complete retails for about $550 and comes with a full chromoly frame, fork and bars. There’s eight different Odyssey parts including V3 cassette hub, Aitken 24-inch tires and EVO II brakes amongst others. The best part is it carries over the same proven geometry of the Model-C frame, fork and bars.

He also talks about why Sunday decided to go with a complete 24:

We decided to do the 24-inch complete because people mostly believed the geometry worked, but they weren’t willing to spend the money to find out. A shop could now let someone try it out, see that it works and be able to afford it without spending too much money.

Probably the best/funniest part of the interview is this part:

Riders have it good today. They could be getting an orange GT with curved toptube and three-spoke mags like we did back in the ’90s. No wonder why kids started skateboarding back then, the learning curve on one of those was terrible.

No word yet on what the top tube length will be on the Model-C complete, but more info is supposed to be on the way next week. I guess I’ll continue to keep my fingers crossed that it will be the 21.75″ size.

Sunday Model C complete


Is this going to be you at 45?

27 10 2009

Talk about inspiring! Sunday Bikes posted an interview today with 45 year-old rider Jon Faure and his experiences with the Model-C.  This guy kicks ass! What’s even better is he gets to share his love of riding with his son. If you’re a rider getting on in years, I think you’ll be pretty stoked when you read this.

Jon Faure dirt Model C

WTF…FBM built a cruiser?

27 10 2009

Friends, a new day has come. Of all the hard-core BMX companies, FBM was the last one I thought would put out a cruiser frame.

I thought they followed the “20 inch till we die” bmx ethos.

Apparently I was wrong.

Maybe building fixies has opened their eyes to the possibilities of big wheeled bikes?

Who knows? I’m just stoked that FBM has built a cruiser!

FBM cruiser

Check out the specs…this is a big frame!

Head Tube: 72 degrees
Seat Tube: 71 degrees
Top Tube: 23.5″
Chain Stay: 15.5″
BB Height: 12″

According to the FBM site, more 24″ news is on the way…if it’s a complete, I might just lose it.

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We the People 24s through the years

24 10 2009

Maybe I’m in a reflective mood today but I was thinking about We the People and how they’ve been putting out some great 24″ completes over the years.

2007 Unified

Their first 24″ bike (I think)…black with a grey fade paint job. It featured nods to the past, like a National Pro style frame gusset and looptail rear stays but the ride is every bit the modern cruiser.  I’m still riding one of these today (albeit with a few mods). Great bike.

WTP Unified 24 2007

2008 Unified

Similar to the 2007 model, WTP steps it up with gold components to give it even more of a classic old school feel. Essentially the same geometry. I really like the look of this bike (but I’m a sucker for gold components).

WTP unified 2008

2009 Avenue

Big departure from the classic black and gold look. The gusset is gone and it drops some weight. Geometry still pretty similar. Some compromises in parts–like steel bars–but still a lot of bike for the money.

WTP Avenue 2009

2010 Avenue

The bottom bracket gets raised, the bars get taller and the gold components return. WTP joins Sunday, Fit and others with updated geometry aimed at providing a 20″ freestyle feel to a 24″ bike.  This model may tempt a few people contemplating buying a Sunday Model-C complete (given that Sunday’s looking at a spring release).

we the people avenue 2010

Limited edition models

We the People has also done some  limited edition bikes for companies such as Carhartt. These are are really cool…lots of retro-styling combined with new school technology.

Carhartt Murder City Nights cruiser

Be still my heart…flatland on a 24″ bike!

21 10 2009

Sunday bikes posted some great pictures today of flatlander Dan Sirkin busting out a bunch of flatland moves  on his Model-C.  Hitchhikers, steamrollers and more…According to Dan:

“Just about anything is possible.  It definitely spins a bit slow because of the big wheels but it holds straight lines and wide circles very well.”

Just another example of the versatility of modern-day cruisers. For more 24″ flatland,  check out this video.

Model-C hitchhiker flatland Dan Sirkin

TJ “Bomber” Baldwin lives up to his name

19 10 2009

Fastlane BMX racing magazine recently interviewed British racer TJ “Bomber” Baldwin (Issue #3) and introduced him by saying:

…no one dares miss a race when the Bomber hits the gate….TJ is famous for nosediving within an inch of his life and generally making the crowd react in ways that only Evel Knievel could ever do….

So what effect does all that nosediving have on the front end of his bike? Check out TJ racing the 30-39 cruiser class at the British BMX Championships and see for yourself.

He certainly lives up to his billing though…talk about a crowd reaction!

26″ PK Ripper made me do a double take

14 10 2009

Walking down Spadina avenue in downtown Toronto I was absentmindedly checking out store windows when I saw something that made me do a double take.  There it was, parked in the corner of some random hipster sneaker store, a 26″ looptail PK Ripper!  The bike is half-white and half-black…not sure if this was done as some sort of social commentary but it is definitely distinctive!

The Hundreds SE collaboration cruiser

The bike is a collaboration between SE and The Hundreds streetwear clothing company.  Not a bike to use for hard-core thrashing but for sheer retro-awesome coolness it is off the charts!   With only 300 made, this is one to hang on your wall and make your friends jealous.

Thule Raceway Platform looks interesting

8 10 2009

I spent a lot of time on the road this summer with my bike and that’s made me think about investing in a bike rack. Although I can fit a lot into my car, extended trips with gear, bike(s) luggage and a traveling companion can make for tight quarters in my sensible hatchback.

thule raceway platformThat’s why I got a little giddy when I saw this bike rack in an interbike article on A hybrid between a hitch and trunk rack, the Thule Raceway Platform looks it might give you the best of both worlds. It’s not on the Thule site yet, so there isn’t a lot to go on in the way of specs and pricing. It does however seem to give you the benefits of a hitch mount: like a platform and quick and easy access without the hassle and expense of installing a hitch mount.

This will definitely something I’m going to be checking out in the new year.

The devil is in the details

1 10 2009

Nothing says Shout at the Devil quite like sporting a Devil on your bike’s  headtube. This picture was taken from the NBL Grands photo gallery on the Standard Bykes site.

Part of me wants to believe these are the personal rides of Bruce Dickinson (of Iron Maiden).  A guy can dream can’t he?

standard shout at the devil