2011 We The People Avenger 24″ preview

30 07 2010

We The People is back for 2011 with an update to the  Avenger 24″.  It was called the Avenue in previous years but it had a mid-season name change in 2010 to the Avenger.

Right of the bat, you’ll notice the look has changed to a cleaner glossy-red finish, right down to the cranks (a nice touch) with stripped-down graphics that are a bit on the basic, ho-hum side.

Notables include a new top-loading stem, 7″ bars, Odyssey tires, and double-wall rims.

However, a bit of a disappointment  is the 21.25″ top tube/15.23″ chain stay dimensions. I would have really liked to have seen a longer top-tube and a slightly tighter chain stay length.

All in all though, if you can get past the shorter top-tube, this is looks like it could be one of the better completes out there for the new year.

My apologies for the blurry picture.

It was the best I could find at the current time. I will link to a better image once it becomes available.

Update: We The People has posted an online version of their 2011 catalog.


Updating the common cable hanger

27 07 2010

John Beck sent me a note a while back regarding something he’s been experimenting with.

While working on a custom steel project for his “day gig” he came across a solution to the often frustrating task of dialing-in brakes when dealing with a cable hanger.

His solution? An elegant design that requires no tools and only one hand to adjust.

This is what it looks like:

In a thread on BMXmuseum.com, John explained how it works:

The cable enters (from the lever) into the knurled top, and exits at the bottom. Once the cable is inserted, it is “gripped” internally and can hold a serious amount of weight. Tighten the knurled piece and it locks in tight. To loosen or remove you just undo the knurled piece, push it in and the cable is released. The short cable at the brake enters through the sides, similar to the typical design.

John’s still testing the idea out but if this holds up it could become a very cool upgrade.

Another Liquid rider at the trails

21 07 2010

Is the Liquid Feedback the go-to 24″ for trails this year?

All signs point to yes.

Erik Hortsch puts his new Liquid through its paces in this Vimeo video edit.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

DMR gets some skin in the game

20 07 2010

Summer’s here and people are showing more skin.

Your bike should be no different.

Ready to take the plunge and rock the skinwall tire?

A good option might be the DMR Supermoto, available in wire and kevlar. Technically a MTB dirt jumping tire, it seems like it would be a great option for a 24″ BMX.  2.1 inches wide with a low profile  it would be at home at skateparks,  trails and race tracks. It’s relatively lightweight too.

Not sure how widely available this tire is in North America (DMR is based out of the UK) but their site shows both U.S. and Canada distribution so you should be able to get it if your bike shop deals with one of the listed distributors.

For more on my one-man crusade to bring back the skinwall tire, check out  Is it time to show some skin again? and Showing some skin in Utah.

Update: The 24″ version of this tire is available in wire only. The 26″ version is available in both wire and kevlar.

There might be a trend here…

15 07 2010

Looks like there might be more kids traveling in style.

Check out Matt Shelley on a classic Redline cruiser with his daughter riding co-pilot.

Can’t help but wonder if all these kids riding co-pilot with their Dads are going to graduate to sidehacks when they get a little older. This might be a bigger comeback for sidehacks than previously imagined…

This kid travels in style

13 07 2010

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes….a tricked-out Sunday Model-C towing a baby carriage?

Yes, apparently in this case it does.

Ron Plumlee shows us how a modern dad travels with his kid.

Edward Koenning’s blog is addictive

8 07 2010

I have been checking out Edward Koenning‘s blog, When are you going to get a real bike? for a little while now and I have to say I’m getting pretty hooked.

A big part of his blog is digging up vintage BMX magazine pictures/spreads and commenting on them. I often find myself tripping down memory lane when I read one of his posts. I start remembering where I was when I saw or read it, how I devoured every word of the mag (keep in mind this was before the Internet) and how much it had an influence on me.

I was pretty stoked to see him pull out this gem recently. An awesome berm slide by RL Osborn from BMX Action‘s “24 Wars” cruiser shootout article.

I was pretty stoked on this spread too. Eddie Fiola with a perfect table top air (on vert!) and “The Culligan Man”  doing a big jump on a race cruiser to see how it would hold up.

If you’ve been into BMX for a while, When are you going to get a real bike? is definitely worth checking out.

The ride’s the thing

5 07 2010

Two fun group rides are happening  in sunny California this weekend.

On Saturday, the July 4130 Subway Series event goes down in SoCal. Probably the biggest group ride of its kind in the U.S., it has attracted some big numbers during past outings, including heavy hitters like Todd Lyons, Greg Hill and Stu Thomsen.

Not sure what the route is, but I believe it starts in Hollywood somewhere. They’re raffling off a Liquid Feedback frame, so that’s a pretty good incentive to go.

On Sunday, Trent B., who goes by goride09 on this site, is hosting a ride in San Francisco.  It starts by the Clock Tower/ferry building and includes a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge as part of the route. He’s raffling off some BMX swag too, so if you’re in the area you should check it out. For more details, drop him an e-mail at chfrcka@yahoo.com

Kevin Jones rode a 24″ at the York Jam

2 07 2010

Flatland legend Kevin Jones showed up at the York Jam last weekend riding a Sunday Model C! Easily the most influential flatland rider of his era, the list of flatland tricks he invented is too long to recap here…needless to say, seeing him on a 24″ bike is pretty exciting.

Jim C has also got to be pretty pleased that Kevin is on a Model-C. Check out the Sunday Bikes site for a bigger version of the Eric Mitchell photo above.

For more 24″ flatland action, check out this post on Dan Sirkin flatlanding on his Model-C.