Walnut Creek Wednesday

30 03 2016

One of my absolute favorite places to hit when visiting Austin, Texas is the Walnut Creek Pumptrack.

I still remember my first time there…riding a bike I had borrowed from Buddy (who was kind enough to drive me out there) and just having a great time riding this great spot with Buddy and a bunch of cool ATX locals.

Buddy Walnut Creek

The pumptrack has something for everyone…whatever your skill level, you’re going to find something there you can ride.

But that’s only half of it.

The vibe out at Walnut Creek is just plain awesome.

Jokes, high fives, talking about bikes, people trying new things…beers…it all contributes to the good times.

It’s a place you really have to check out if you get the chance.

With that being said, I came across this video (from Hippie Josh) the other day that seems to really capture what Walnut Creek is all about.

It’s a few years old but no less relevant today.

Check it out.


Sutty’s custom Invictus Bikes cruiser

29 03 2016

UK rider, Roy “Sutty” Sutton spotted our recent post on Curtis Bikes’ unconventional cruiser and decided to drop us a line about another custom frame builder in the UK that will “build anything you want”…Invictus Bikes.

Invictus just finished his custom 24″ dirt/park/race cruiser (it’s just going to paint) and he sent along some early photos to share the stoke.

invctus front(1)

It features the following specs:
  • 69 degree head tube
  • 72 degree seat tube
  • 23″ top tube
  • 14″ rear stay
  • 11.2″ bottom bracket height
  • 135mm dropouts to run a disc brake

invictus rear

Sutty’s going to provide an update when it’s painted and ready to go. The frame comes in at a tidy 4 pounds (if that sort of thing matters to you).

invictus sideLooking forward to seeing this rig all built up!

Sutty says his M.O. these days is “pump tracks/dirt/park and the occasional race”…so maybe some action shots too?

Jim Cielencki’s new jam

28 03 2016

Jim Cielencki, one of the BMX world’s most creative and influential riders has been keeping a bit of a low profile since saying “see ya” to Sunday Bikes (back in 2014).

Of course, his legacy in 24″ BMX lives on in the ground-breaking Sunday Model-C and the progressive 24″ riding he helped champion.

Jim was always out there seeing what was possible.

Now, Jim’s taking that same sort of thinking to his current passion, running.

Rather than run the same training route everyday, Jim has taken it upon himself to run every street in Buffalo, NY.

Not only that, he’s documenting all  the cool things he encounters along the way in an addictive (to me anyway) Instagram account called  Mile by Mile: Buffalo.

It’s pretty cool to see Jim’s creative instinct being expressed in an entirely new way.

Bonus info: It’s Jim’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Jim!




Wallride Crush Wednesday

23 03 2016

The guys down in the Cruiser Revolution Research department say that I should use more hashtags.

They keep reminding me that this social media stuff is important…and I can’t just use #twofourtuesday once a week and hope for the best.

And since the dudes in Research are smart…I’m going to jump onboard.

They said give #WCW a try.

I figure it’s worth a shot, right?

So, let’s give it a whirl.

Street rider Steve Hamilton gets the honor of our first #WCW  (Wallride Crush Wednesday) by absolutely crushing a curved wallride on a 24″cruiser.

Check it out.

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Wallride Crush Wednesday #wcw #cruiserrevolution (via @styleycyrus)

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MegaRamp madness with Trent Brocker

21 03 2016

Five years ago, 40-something Jon Faure blew minds when he took on the Woodward West MegaRamp on his 24″ cruiser.

The years have gone by and we’ve often wondered who would be the next 24″ rider to brave the wooden beast.

Turns out it would be none other than “Chief Rocka” Trent Brocker.

He did  at the OSBMXR event this past weekend.

Trent got the motivation from the Condor himself, Mat Hoffman.


And, just to keep things interesting…Trent did it brakeless.


TrentBMegaRampThat’s some business right there.

TrentBMM2Here’s a closeup shot of Trent right up in the letters at the top of the ramp (the rider in white is his good friend Scott Yowell…who was no slouch on the ramp this day either).

Hot damn, I’m pretty stoked on this.

Finally, since we’re on the subject anyway…check out this POV vid that Mat Hoffman posted of his view during his run on the MegaRamp.

(It might take a second to load)

Holy Cow….

“No way, Jose!” The story of the first flip

18 03 2016

Flips in BMX (and FMX) are commonplace these days.

Heck, if you’re not throwing a variation into the mix, many casual onlookers will hardly give it a glance.

This, of course, is the nature of progression.

In an earlier era, when BMX freestyle was more or less still an offshoot to BMX racing….well, it seemed impossible.

Then one guy broke the backflip barrier.

It was Jose Yanez.Jose-Yanez-BMX-Plus


And despite having his backflip immortalized in the cult favorite, RAD…and later performing a backflip on a motorcycle…his important contribution to BMX biking seemed relegated to the footnotes section of BMX history.

Jose never seemed to get the recognition he deserved.

However, it looks like that’s about to change.

Out of the Loop: The Jose Yanez Documentary, a movie about Jose and his journey to  the first backflip, is set for release in 2017.

The trailer features a who’s who of BMX legends and is chockful of footage and images from the era.

It looks like it’s going to be a good one!



64 years young and still racing

16 03 2016

This grandparent has been keeping things in gear since the 80s.

Irene Markee, from Buxton, Australia, got some well-deserved attention recently in The Daily Telegraph about her racing exploits.

Irene Markee

She took up the sport  in the mid 80s after her daughter had shown some interest in it.

And she’s been racing from that time forward…even competing in three world championship events.

It just goes to show, it doesn’t matter how old you are…you can always get something out of riding.

Irene Markee a

Which reminds me…back when we did a post on (Really) old guys that ride…both of the riders featured were younger than Markee is today!

Tons of respect for this rad woman!


Pictures: Justin Sanson/The Daily Telegraph




Bike shops are down with the WTP Avenger

10 03 2016

It goes without saying that you should support your local bike shop whenever you can.

This is even more true if you have a cool bike shop in your area that supports BMX.

And if that shop stocks cruisers…well, then you’ve got gold my friend.

These thoughts come to mind when I came across two shops promoting the 2016 We The People Avenger cruiser in their shops.

Harvester Bikes rolled out a freshly assembled Avenger for all to see on their Instagram feed a short while back.

To build on that hype, they posted a followup “unboxing” vid of the bike being assembled.

W-Base Garage, a shop in Japan, also got into the WTP Avenger action a while back.

The folks at W-Base, of course, busted out a bar endo.

They must of known I’m a sucker for bar endos.

It’s good to see shops stocking..and promoting!…cruisers.

Sneak Peek: 24″ Speedco carbon frame

4 03 2016

While the “carbon footprint” of 20″ race frames shows no signs of slowing down, people racing cruiser have had to sit along the sidelines for a long time waiting for their turn.

Granted, Prophecy BMX does (did?) offer a carbon 24 but most of the major race outfits have been slow to offer a big wheel option to riders.

If you’re one of those riders anxious to get on a carbon 24….well, you’re wait is about to come to an end.

Speedco BMX has announced that they’re working on a 24” version of their VELOX carbon frame.

Details are very preliminary at this point — hence the 3D rendering — but plans are to get these babies out to riders in the fall of this year, 2016.

Speedco VELOX carbon frame

Time to start saving your pennies.


Saddle up to the bar (endo)

3 03 2016

Bar endos are a bit of a rarity in the freestyle world these days….and that’s doubly true in the case of 24″ riders.

That being said, Trent Brocker has been known to throw one down…and his bar endo picture on the Golden Gate Bridge still ranks as one of my favorite riding shots.

But other than Trent, I don’t see many riders giving the bar endo any love.

So, on the off chance I spot an old dog pulling out one of these (rare) old tricks, I’m always impressed.

Today, I stumbled across another rider doing one.

His name is Craig Stang.

The bar endo happens at the 0:52 mark of this YouTube video,

filmed on the day of [his] 40th rotation around the sun [at] Arlington Skatepark, VA [in 2010].

It looks he had a good session going on that day.

Check it.

bar endo microfrets