Working on the night moves

3 02 2017

I don’t know how much Bob Seger Roma Abramov listens to…

…but in this clip, just like a young Bob Seger, he’s working on his night moves.





romaonbmx rips

6 01 2017

I was checking out the #cruiserrevolution hashtag on Instagram earlier this week and was stoked to find some awesome clips from a Russian rider (living in Spain) named Roma Abramov (@romaonbmx).

He’s rocking one of those rare Vapor Blue Sunday Wave-Cs…and he knows his way around a skatepark.

Actually, he rips!

…and whips! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself)

Hope to see more from this guy in the future….

Whip out Wednesday?

4 05 2016

Granted #whipitwednesday is probably always going to be front and center on Wednesdays…but taking another peek at this clip (from a few years back) I think we could make the case for #whipoutwednesday.

Jared Swafford with a smith grind to whip out aboard Jim C’s Wave-C.

Jared Swafford whipout

Chance Garrison blitzes park on a 24″

10 02 2016

Chance Garrison absolutely shreds the park in this edit (originally posted in 2014).

The best part?

The majority of the time he’s riding a Sunday Wave C!

Chance Garrison park blitz Sunday Wave C

He seems pretty hyped on 24″ riding too.

In the video description, he writes:

New park mix with lots of Sunday Model C riding! If you’ve never ridden one of the 24″ beasts you should try to get your hands on one!

Sounds like Chance is down with the big wheels!


Bunky Dunn’s Wave C gets a fresh look

4 02 2016

I’ve checked out a few of Bunky Dunn‘s bike check/setup posts in the past and they’ve always got my attention.

Today, I caught this one will surfing through a thread at BMX Museum.

And like in the past, this one caught my attention…because it’s not every day that you come across a Green Sunday Wave C.

Bunky Dunn Wave_C_Green

Definitely a cool looking green machine.

It’s no stranger to the streets…and rails…either.

Check out this clip for proof.


Bunky Dunn rail cropped


Daniil does Dallas

1 06 2015

Here’s a fun little jibby edit of Daniil Andreyevich riding street near Dallas, Texas.

(I think it’s technically Irving, Texas…but that would make the headline a lot less fun.)

Nice way to kick off the week.

Daniil street

First look: Sunday Model C3 frame

21 01 2015

We first spotted this frame back in September at Interbike amongst the other new stuff on display from Sunday.

At the time, this frame was being promoted as a full cro-mo version of the frame on the Model C complete, at a more affordable pricepoint  than the Wave-C frame.

Sunday Model C3This frame is exactly those things. Gone are the wave tubing and wishbone back end of the Wave-C but what remains is a frame that shares the same geo of that iconic frame but is much more accessible to the masses.

new sunday backendTrent Brocker has built one of these frames up and it looks pretty dialed!

Sunday Model C3 buildI think we’ll start seeing more of these frames built up very soon!

Sunday Model C3 seat tube
For full specs and information on this frame, check the Full Factory site.

(Pics courtesy of Trent Brocker & Full Factory)