Andy, Lew and Spike exposed

29 05 2009

If you were a BMX kid in the 80s and 90s, Freestylin’ magazine was your bible.  Before that it was BMX Action magazine.  Put out by Wizard publications they set the standard for BMX magazines everywhere. Regretfully, by the early 90s they were no more.  There’s some debate about caused the demise of these great magazines…you can google a bit and find out the theories.

Recently, with a lot of hype, the limited-edition Freestylin’ book was released by the original editorial team of Andy, Lew and Spike.  It was an attempt to capture those early, heady days when freestyle bmx came into its own.  It’s a pretty good look back from what I’ve seen.  But it didn’t capture everything. Steve Emig, a former staffer, seems to have had his experience there glossed over..well, actually left out of the book completely.  Feeling miffed, he decided to post some of stuff that was left out of the book….and it’s some of the funniest, most addictive BMX-related writing you’ll find on the web. Topics range from Windy’s Boobs to riding with Craig Grasso.  This is like the True Hollywood Stories of Wizard Publications. You have to check freestylinmagtales out.


A flair in the middle of a race?

24 05 2009

Back in the mid-90s Todd Lyons solidified his “wildman” status by uncorking backflips in the middle of races. Well,  this wily German racer seems intent on one-upping the wildman with a mid-race flair…or is it supposed to be a barrel roll?

Up, Up and Away premiere was fun

19 05 2009

Checked out the Sunday Up, Up and Away premiere last Friday at Core…for a fairly small place they really managed to pack in a lot of people for the event. The vibe was pretty chill and everyone seemed pretty eager to see the new vid. I have to say I’m pretty stoked on it. Standouts for me have to be the Aaron Ross section, and of course, all  the great footage of Jim C. on the Model-C.     24″ bikes finally get their due in a progressive BMX video!

Up, Up and Away Core flyer

If you didn’t get a chance to attend one of the premieres, you owe it to yourself to track down a copy and check it out. From start to finish, it’s non-stop awesome riding…this is definitely one of the best videos out there right now.

Carhartt & We The People team up again

18 05 2009

Once again, Carhartt has teamed up with We The People to create a cool, retro-inspired BMX cruiser.

This limited edition 2009 model has a Chrome-Moly frame, Sky Tuff wheels, 3-piece crank and if I’m not mistaken, a leather (?) pad set.  This bike will turn heads for sure…


Life in the Fastlane

12 05 2009

It seems like most of my favorite magazines these days are from the UK (BMX or otherwise). I don’t know if it’s because everybody in North America has jumped on the social media wagon or what …but I don’t think it’s just me, it seems like the best magazines are coming out of the UK. Fastlane BMX is a prime example. Great photos, good rider interviews, bright and colorful layout and…in issue #2, a cruiser bike check! When’s the last time you’ve seen that?

koxx cruisr bike check fastlane bmx

The bike check features Groove shop owner, Marke Seaman’s tricked out Koxx cruiser, complete with an awesome paint job. This alone might be something worth checking out the magazine for. You can order it (the mag, not the cruiser) online with PayPal…I did it and got it lickety-split… just a couple of days.  Check it out.

Anarchy in the UK

10 05 2009

Sutty, the guy behind a cool blog from the UK called but the regrets are killing me posted an update recently with some cool riding shots. With this weekend being a bit of bust riding-wise, these pictures at least got me thinking good riding thoughts and were a good reminder that we are on the cusp of warmer weather and prime trails riding time.

sutty cruiser flattie

Looking forward to some more updates (and pics) from the UK! Keep up the good work Sutty.

You do double peg stalls like a girl

5 05 2009

Remember in grade school, if you threw a baseball funny, they would say, “you throw like a girl”. Now apply this line of thinking to BMX, specifically this vid of Natalie Wade demonstrating  how to do double peg stalls. She’s funny (in a good way) and can do some nice peg stalls. Considering how squirrely some of the kids at the local park are, learning how to double peg stall like a girl (like Natalie) would be a step in the right direction.

Here’s another one that gives you the 411 on disasters…and apparently the importance of a good grooming and a hearty breakfast.

And who is this Natalie Wade? She’s  married to some guy named Morgan Wade…word on the street says he’s no slouch on a bike either.