Encore Bikes is down with the big wheels

28 10 2015

Encore Bikes is a Canadian BMX Brand (available through Brink Distribution) that offers completes that they claim “reflect the most current trends in BMX.”

In taking a look at their lineup, it really does seem like they have a finger on the pulse of what’s going on in BMX, specifically in the big-wheeled part of the sport.

Why do I say that?

Well, not only does Encore offer a new school 24″ in their lineup…but also a 22″ complete!

Let’s take a look at each one.

24″ Coda

Built around a 21.75″ top tube frame, the Coda features sealed front and rear hubs, a double-wall rear wheel, a tri-moly  frame and chromoly tapered forks.

Encore Coda 24

The frame specs are as follows:

  • Head Tube: 74.5°,
  • Seat Tube: 71°
  • Chain Stay: 15.25″
  • Bottom Bracket: 13″

Check out the rest of the parts breakdown/specs here.

22″ Anthem

The 21.75″ top tube and 8.7″ bars and 22″ wheels add up to a nicely-sized riding area on the Anthem.

Like the Coda,  the Anthem features sealed front and rear hubs, a double-wall rear wheel, a tri-moly  frame and chromoly tapered forks.

Encore Anthem 22

The frame specs are as follows:

  • Head Tube: 74.5°,
  • Seat Tube: 71°
  • Chain Stay: 14.25″
  • Bottom Bracket: 12.25″

Check out the rest of the parts breakdown/specs here.

Pretty nice big wheel representation by Encore!*


*Now, if they add a 26-inch to the lineup…that would be the icing on the cake!


Letting the freak flag fly on the Fat Ripper

26 10 2015

The SE Fat Ripper is a bit of an anomaly in the BMX world.

It has the look of a classic PK Ripper with floval tubing, looptail rear end, and Landing Gear forks…but then mixes it with 26 x 3.5” tires, 65mm wide rims, and disc brakes.

It was a headturner (and probably a headscratcher for some) from the time the first time a sneak peek was released.

But how does it ride?

Todd Lyons seems to have anticipated that question and has been pretty tireless with dropping pictures and clips of him riding this beast.

TL tail tap on FAT Ripper

Now, apparently to silence all critics, Todd and SE have dropped an edit of TL shredding all manner of obstacles and terrain aboard the FAT Ripper. ( And, as a sidenote…can I mention how awesome it is to see a company rep shredding one of their big-wheeled bikes? This doesn’t happen enough.)

Sure looks like this thing can handle just about anything in its path.

Sneak Peek: 26″ Skyway T/A

22 10 2015

Skyway dropped this teaser photo yesterday (on Facebook) of a 26″ Skyway T/A they are working on for 2016.

26inch Skyway TA

The sample was kitted out with parts sourced from Planet BMX.

Noticeably absent from the picture, however, was any sign of a 26″ Tuff Wheel.

The caption did say:

We will have the 26″ and a NEW Street Beat for 2016…and a few other surprises!

Could the 26″ Tuff Wheel be one of the surprises?

It’s hard to say…Skyway seems to be a little cagey about this point (and not responding to comments regarding it).

Skyway did drop this little mockup back in 2013 saying:

Look what we are working on at Skyway…a 26″ Tuff Wheel! In the “engineering stages” right now!

26inch Skyway Tuff Wheel Proto


Let’s all cross our fingers, OK?


Six Six race bar: DK goes bigger

21 10 2015

To borrow (yet again) the phraseology of a rapper I hold in high regard, Sir Mix-A-Lot, I like big bars, I cannot lie.

And as a fan of bigger/taller bars, it warms my heart to see bike companies offering, more and more, taller options.

The sub-6″ bar was the standard on race cruisers for far too long (see Traditional cruiser bars: who needs ’em?)

And while some race purists will argue that lower bars are necessary, our  in-field testing with Matty Jo Shelley showed that bigger bars offered advantages to the race gang too.

All that is just prelude to me saying that I’m stoked to see DK is now offering a taller aftermarket race bar for the cruiser rider.

DK Six Six Cruiser Bars

The DK Six Six handlebar are a 6.6″ race bar with minimal sweep.

Available in chrome or black, they are 100% 4130 Multi-butted (11 count) Chromoly with a knurled clamp area. They also feature a hourglass-tapered crossbar.

The rest of the specs:

  • 29”wide
  • 2° upsweep and 7° backsweep
  • 762 g. weight

(And for those riding a new school/freestyle 24″, there is also a 8.6″ version available as well.)

First look: DK’s 2016 race cruisers

15 10 2015

DK Bikes unveiled their 2016 race cruisers recently, so it’s only fitting we take a look and see what’s up for the new year.

In terms of colorways, these 24s are looking on point.

Especially the Elite Cruiser.

The Elite sports a super cool nickel finish (It’s a silver over black base, so you get a dark silver look).

Copyright DK Bicycles 2015

In terms of components, DK has retained much of the winning elements of the 2015 version but made a couple of tweaks to dial it in for 2016.  Most notable of those tweaks is the new 20mm BOX rear hub (it was a DK hub last year).

The “wallet-friendly” Sprinter cruiser also gets an update to its colorway. It’s now available in a bright flo (neon) green.

Copyright DK Bicycles 2015

The components also got an updating…in two important areas.

The tires get an upgrade to the more modern Arisun XLR8 tires (24 x 1.75) and the rear hub is now cassette.

I’m liking the looks of these two.

Frame Geometry (Elite)

Head Angle 73°

Seat Tube 72°

Top tube: 22”

Chain stay 15.25″

Bottom Bracket: 5mm over axle line, stock it sits around 12.1”

Frame Geometry (Sprinter)

Head Angle: 73°

Seat Tube: 72°

Top tube: 21.75″

Chain stay: 15.25”

Bottom Bracket: 5mm over axle line, stock it sits around 11.8”

Full Specs



Lifer: Alfred “Big Al” Freeman

9 10 2015

If you haven’t checked out the LIFERS video series put out by Hippie Josh yet…you’re missing out.

It’s billed as a video series “featuring riders whose desire and dedication is unrivaled. The Hardest of the Hardcore… Lifers who bleed BMX”.

It definitely lives up to that billing.

One episode that caught my eye recently is the one that showcased Alfred “Big Al” Freeman. An Austin OG, Big Al has a passion for BMX…and racing in particular.

It’s cool to hear about his start in the sport (at a relatively later age than most riders) and how much of riding is mental.

You can really see how much fun he’s having…and how that has influenced his longevity in the sport.

Can’t help but smile after seeing this.

Old Guy Mains from the Canadian Grands

7 10 2015

The Canadian Grands — the big show in Canadian BMX racing — went down this weekend in Chilliwack, BC.

If you missed the live feed, you’re in luck…BMX Fan filmed some of the older cruiser classes and posted the main event action.

Check it out in the video below.

Pretty stoked on the 61 and over class…Still given’r in their 60s!

Finer role models I have never seen.

Flatland flashback: CMC in ATX

2 10 2015

I spotted a couple mentions of 24″ flatland over on BMX Museum and it got me thinking…

Maybe it’s time to re-up this old clip of CMC busting out some flatland action — on a 24″ DK General Lee(!) — back in 2007.

This was one of the first clips of 24″ flatland I saw in the early days of Cruiser Revolution and it definitely got me stoked.

For a more recent flatland flashback, check out what Joe Cicman and Danny Sirkin have been cooking up the past few years in the TwoFourFlat series.