Just be Kos: Jeff Kosmala

28 02 2014

Back in the early days of cruiser racing and riding, one guy put his stamp on big wheeled BMX like no other: Jeff “The Kos” Kosmala.

Whether it was racing:

Getting cover shots in the BMX mags:

Kos Action Now

Or busting out a huge lake jump with R.L. Osborn for this iconic Bob “Oz” Osborn photo:

Kos & RL Lake jump

The Kos put his mark on cruiser riding.



Another convert to #TwoFourTuesday

25 02 2014

Bobby Parker’s promotion of the hashtag #TwoFourTuesday is starting to gain some momentum, at least among his colleagues over at Full Factory distribution.

Old Tall Mike puts out a nifty BMX blog called regressionprocess, when he’s not out riding or punching the clock over at Full Factory distribution. Recently, Mike wrote a post  about #TwoFourTuesday, his own personal ride and his “conversion” to the 24″ way of life.

Old Tall Mike wavecAccording to Old Tall Mike:

Two-four. Twenty-four. Deuce-quattro. I’m sold. It didn’t take much, really. A few laps around, a little flow and jib sesh as the kids (no-one) say. I have my Flat bike…I have my Street Bike…And I have my Bike.

This is really the one for me. Hands down, the bike that feels like I belong on it.

Amen to that.

He goes on to say:

…the feel is that of younger days…On a bike that fit like it was built for me, I can ride it all day every day and not feel beaten by it. I feel like learning tricks is fresh again.

His experience echoes what I have heard from a lot of people that have started to ride new school 24s…that you feel like a kid again, it’s feels fresh and you get stoked on riding all over again. For more on Old Tall Mike and his thoughts on rolling 24, check out his post on #TwoFourTuesday

Liquid Bikes gets a mention in BMX Plus

22 02 2014

In most months, you would be hard pressed to find any sort of  24″ BMX coverage in the major BMX magazines. For them, 20″ coverage is where it’s at. And who can fault them? That’s probably what the bulk of their ridership is rolling on.

But every once and while, the BMX mags throw us a bone and feature something for the big-wheeled brethren.  Which is what happened in the April edition of BMX Plus! in the “Trick Stuff” section.  Liquid Bikes gets some good coverage of their Feedback V2 frame.

liquid bikes in April BMX PlusNice to see.

Hopefully we’ll see more of this.

Speaking of which, I have my fingers crossed that we’ll see a new edit from Liquid Bikes soon…for now let’s take another peek of this old footage of the Feedback prototype being ridden at the Koala trails.




Something sweet from Skyway

13 02 2014

Planet BMX has been on a bit of a roll lately, partnering with Haro on the introduction of the retro Haro cruisers most recently, and bringing back the legendary Skyway T/A (with modern touches) prior to that.

As further evidence that they won’t be slowing their roll any time soon, they have released pictures of the new candy-chrome Skyway T/As they will be stocking soon in both 20 and 24″ versions. (To get this look they put a translucent powdercoat finish over chrome plating.)

Candy Chrome Skyway Frame and ForkThe candy chrome name is fitting because these frames, forks and handlebars look sweet!

For now, the red and blue candy chrome version will be the only colors available. However, plans are already underway for other colors. They’re currently waiting on samples of gold, green, and purple. The outlook is to do 20 sets (each) in red and blue, and limited quantities (like five or so) of each of the other colors. You could have a very unique ride if you’re quick or lucky enough to nab one of these small run unique colors!

Digression: I can’t read the words “candy chrome” without thinking about this song.

Check the Planet BMX Facebook page for the latest on these new frames, forks and handlebars.  For now, have another look at that sweet red candy chrome.

Candy Chrome Skyway headtube

Haro goes retro in a big way

11 02 2014

Planet BMX dropped the news today that Haro Bikes is coming out with a 24″ Retro Freestyler MASTER.

Two version will be available: a spoked wheel version or a version with limited-edition 50th Anniversary Skyway Tuff Wheels

The Tuffs definitely up the cool factor…that’s for sure.

Haro retro 24in Master mag wheels

Set for release in the May / June period  I bet these bad boys are going to go quick.

But Haro didn’t stop there…they’re also releasing a 26″ version.

Yup, you read that right.

Haro retro 26in Master spoked wheels

Framesets will be available too

Don’t have the coin to drop on a complete? Or maybe just want to customize your own retro Master? They’ve got you covered too…framesets of the new retro Master will also be available (on the 24″ at least…not 100% sure on the 26).

Quite the cool offering by one of the oldest brands in the sport.

Spring Brake Ride Las Vegas

7 02 2014

Like something out of the cult movie, The Warriors, two of America’s biggest BMX “gangs” are getting together this April for what promises to be an epic ride.

The L.A.-based 4130 Subway Series crew are making their way up to Las Vegas to meet up with their brothers in pedal arms, The 4130 Sin Series crew.

It all goes down last weekend of April and the Las Vegas Strip is going to be chock-a-block in BMXers.

Check out this video of the first time the Subway Series made their way up to Vegas in 2011. I was lucky enough to join in on that ride and let me tell you it was awesome!

If you’re in the area, you don’t want to miss this.



26 inch Stolen Zeke lands this March

4 02 2014

Ever since the debut of the prototype 26″ Zeke freestyle cruiser from Stolen Bikes (back in September) we’ve been waiting on news of its release.

Well, we just got word the other day that the Zeke is landing in March!

Details on final specs and geometry are still under wraps but I expect that stuff should be available pretty soon (hopefully along with some sneak peeks).

(Above: the prototype Zeke at Interbike)

And, as an added bonus if you’re a 26″ aficionado, Stolen will also be releasing a 26″ version of its 2.2 Joint tires to the public at the same time.

MTB badass Carter Holland is currently sporting a set on his bike and if they’ll stand up to his hardcore riding I think they might just stand up to anything.

26 in Joint tires

Watch for more updates as the month progresses.