Gary Turner unveils 29″ cruiser

30 06 2016

Gary Turner has caught our attention yet again with another new project.

This time it’s a limited-edition 29″ cruiser.

Hand built out of 4130 chromoly and chrome plated by Bush polishing (the way Gary has done it since the 70s) this is a nice looking frame & fork.

Gary Turner 29er sideThe limited edition series are numbered 29-01 up to 29-100 as Gary did with their retro 26″ cruiser (which is now sold out).

Gary Turner 29er forkNice attention to detail throughout.

Gary Turner 29er rear viewGary mentioned in a Facebook post that several people had asked him about a 29″ cruiser which ultimately prompted him to do the limited run.

It got me to wondering, now that 26″ cruisers have a experienced a recent surge in popularity…is a renaissance in 29″ cruisers next?

There are number of signs this might already be happening.

FBM has wheeled out a custom 29″ cruiser (A 29″ FBM cruiser…who would’ve thunk it?)

Todd Lyons has shown you can get rad in the dirt on a 29er.

Peter “Pdog” Ulbrich has taken his 29er to the street, the track, the skatepark and just about everywhere else in an edit from a couple years back.

Heck, Pdog has even released an edit that is almost exclusively bowlriding on a 29″ SE Big Ripper.

Maybe 29″ cruisers are about to have their moment too.

It’s funny to think that this “retro” cruiser might just be on the front end of a new trend in the cruiser scene.

I’m going to keep my eye out to see if more 29″ cruisers start popping up from other companies…

(All pics: Gary Turner BMX)


26″ Morales flatland frame in chrome

24 06 2016

You might remember earlier this month we checked out a unique custom frame that I spotted on BMX Museum.

You might also recall that I prefaced it with “I kid you not”…that’s because it was a 26″ Morales Flatland frame!

Yes, a frame just like 90s flatland icon Jesse Puente used to ride…only much, much bigger.

Well, I just got word from the owner that he’s got it back from being chromed and it is looking great.

Check out these pics.

Chrome Morales Cruiser Frame and ForkPeep the detail on the top tube.

Chrome Morales Cruiser Frame top tubeAnd the 26″ Kore-style zero offset forks.

Chrome Morales Cruiser ForkI seriously can’t wait to see this all built up!

So cool.


Sneak Peek: 2017 Sunday Model C

23 06 2016

Sunday dropped the details of their 2017 complete bikes yesterday and the bike near and dear to our hearts, the  Model C, is still making its presence felt in the lineup.

New for this year is a chrome(!) frame to add a little shine to the proceedings.

2017 Sunday Model C

Other highlights include:

  • Sunday Lightning rims
  • Sunday sealed hubs
  • Odyssey Springfield brakes
  • Odyssey Twisted PC pedals
  • Sunday Tripod Seat
  • Sunday Freeze stem
  • Sunday OEM Pursuit tires*

*Which appear to be the new version of the tire formerly known as the “Chase Hawk tire”.

The frame is not full chromoly (chromoly downtube and headtube only)….but if previous model years are any indication, this bike is still very durable. And at a $429 US pricepoint, a great deal.

Peep all the rest of the particulars over at the Sunday site.

(Pic: Sunday Bikes)

First look: 2017 SE So Cal Flyer

17 06 2016

SE Bikes just dropped some “first look” pics of the 2017 So Cal Flyer…and they’re looking good!

A perennial favorite in the SE lineup, the 24″ 2017 So Cal Flyer is available in two colorways:


SE 2017 SoCal Flyer Polished Blue


Metallic Red

SE 2017 SoCal Flyer Metallic Red

Definitely some nice looking completes for a great price (only $429 US)

Watch for these to start hitting SE dealers in the next couple months.

Real talk with Greg Hill & Donny Robinson

16 06 2016

Last month, BMX legend Greg Hill set off a firestorm of discussion with a Facebook message he had posted in response to the news of Derby BMX (an iconic track in its own right) closing down for the 2016 season…to build a Supercross track.


If you missed the post, have a look below:

If I see 1 more post about a track that’s building a UCI SX track I am gonna lose it!

Why the hell are people buying into this BS?

Spending a ton of cash for a SX track that caters to 1% of the sport. Why not spend money on the 99% and grow this thing? Tracks are going bye bye, membership is on decline, National attendance is slowly declining and we’re building SX tracks, WTF

If you disagree on any of this you DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING with our sport period!

Little Johnny, the newbs and the average enthusiast are who pays the bills not the few elite.

This is stupid at the highest level, people need to speak up!

-Greg Hill on Facebook, May 12, 2016 (top line bolded by editor)

Hundreds of likes, shares and comments latter and it was obvious to see he had struck a nerve.

Mike Carruth, over at BMX News, being the intrepid reporter that he is, brought Greg Hill and fellow icon, Donny Robinson on the BMX News Announcer’s Tower podcast to discuss that post, his thoughts behind it and the grassroots of BMX, along with ways we should be changing things up to grow the sport of BMX racing.

DRThe podcast is a great listen…filled with Real Talk about BMX racing, its current challenges and opportunities, and where we need to go in the future.

If you’re into BMX racing, do yourself a favor and check out the podcast.

You can find it here:

Fresno Flashback

10 06 2016

Trent Brocker with some wallride action at park in Fresno…some time back in 2011.

Fresno Trent Brocker

(Pic poached from one of Trent Brocker’s social media feeds from the other day.)

T-1 memories: big air on a cruiser

8 06 2016

Dig BMX has been posting up interviews with some of the legendary riders that have shredded the T-1 ramp over the years.

The latest installment in the series is the master of flow, Ruben Alcantara.

Being a close friend of Joe Rich meant Ruben — on his annual trips from Malaga to Austin — had unlimited access to the ramp while he was in town.

When Dig asked him,

What were some of the craziest riding sessions over the years?”

I was surprised to see this being his answer:

So many. I remember one that was super fun. Joe was riding a 26” cruiser and was going so high. It was such a good day.


Now, I don’t have to tell you how much radness Ruben has seen (or been responsible for) over his riding career.

It’s pretty awesome to learn –from a cruiser rider’s perspective — that one of the most fun sessions, with two of the most legendary riders you can think of, on one of the most legendary riding spots, in one of the best BMX cities in the US…went down on a 26″ cruiser.

Who woulda thunk it.

SE and Public Enemy bring the noise

4 06 2016

The teasers were coming fast and furious over the past few days…but now it’s all been revealed!

SE and Public Enemy have gotten together and collaborated on something special: The Public Enemy Big Ripper!

Built around the classic Big Ripper frame with its iconic floval tubing and looptail rear end, this collab bike is packed with tons of good stuff.

The Public Enemy Big Ripper sports the following:

  • Public Enemy (PE) logos throughout
  • Embroidered target logo on the seat
  • PE numberplate
  • PE padset featuring the groups’ greatest hits
  • PE x SE Bikes sticker sheet

I think SE and Public Enemy may have set the standard for collab bikes with this one!

SE x PE Big Ripper

Watch for these at SE dealers some in July (MSRP is $749 US)


26″ Morales flatland frame…I kid you not

2 06 2016

Well, this seems like one from left field…

A 26″ Morales flatland frame.

Yes, you read that right.

A frame just like the one Jesse Puente is riding on this 90s-era cover of Ride magazinebut in a 26″ model!


A BMX Museum member named GTeaser posted it up yesterday on one of the Museum’s forums.

Morales26frame side

According to GTeaser,

This frame was custom built by Craig Turner of Gary Turner BMX (GT Bicycles) and I must say, they did a flawless job. Craig is also currently constructing a 26″ Kore replica, zero offset, flatland fork to complete the frameset. I even had an ORIGINAL Morales cable hanger welded in that came from Bob’s warehouse. The frame/fork are 100% 4130 Chro-mo.

If the next thought you have after reading the above paragraph is,

“I wonder what Bob Morales thinks about this?”

Well, then my friend we are on the same wavelength.

But not to worry — at least according to GTeaser — Bob has given his blessing:

The project has had the full support of Bob Morales himself. I have been in contact with him during the entirety of the project and he expressly warranted me permission to use the Morales name. To the best of my knowledge this is the only 26″ Morales out there. This is a cruiser with cruiser geometry and is obviously not a purpose built flatland frame.

Pretty interesting.

Would love to see someone like Joe Cicman trying some modern-day flatland moves on this thing.


Looking forward to seeing this once it’s back from the chrome shop and all built up.