Does the T/A stand for totally awesome?

13 01 2012

If you were on the Cruiser Revolution Facebook page over the Christmas holidays, you’re already in the loop on this.

If you weren’t, let me give you the scoop.

Back in 1982, Skyway came out with the  T/A frame. T/A stood for “Totally Aerodynamic” and featured teardrop-shaped tubing that made it an instant classic.

It was widely available as a 20″ and Skyway was said to have produced thousands over the years that it was available.

However, despite the 20’s popularity, Skyway decided to only produce a 24″ version in limited quantities. You pretty much had to be a factory rider like Richie “The Avalanche” Anderson to get a hold of one of these puppies.

This kind of exclusivity has made them a much sought-after item for collectors. You either had to be extremely lucky or have deep pockets to get a hold of one of the 24″ Skyway T/As.  (Being as hot as Eva Gabrielle didn’t hurt either.)

But now PlanetBMX and Skyway are working together to bring a 24″ Skyway to the masses.  It’s going to stay true to the original classic design but have a few modern elements thrown into the mix.

Check out the specs:

  • 22″ top tube
  • Euro BB
  • 1-1/8″ threadless headtube
  • V-brake mounts
  • Headtube angle- 73.5 degrees
  • Seat Tube angle- 73 degrees
  • Chainstay length- 15.4″ to 16.75″
  • BB Height- 12.3″

I just love the look of these frames…especially the chrome ones. Throw on some black Tuffs and some skinwall tires and you’ve got a serious looking machine on your hands.




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13 01 2012
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18 01 2012

Yep, much more than just a pretty face!

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