Grump Double Barrel Cruiser: 2X the fun?

25 10 2016

Maybe I’m showing my age…’cause right after coming across pictures of Grump Racing Cycles new Double Barrel Cruiser on the weekend…I immediately started humming that old “Double your pleasure” Doublemint Gum jingle.

Which is a little sad really, considering how cool this bike is…and how lame those commercials were.

grump-backLoving that double-top tube.

Seriously, when is the last time you’ve seen a double-top tube race cruiser?

grump-double-top-tubeNo word yet on specs or pricing (Grump is based out of Australia so keep that in mind)…but based on these pictures, I have feeling there’s gonna be a lot of folks interested in these.

grump-seat-stayIt’s gonna turn a lot of heads at the race track, that’s for sure!


A closer look at the Cult Devotion 26

14 10 2016

The Cult Devotion 26 caught our eye at Interbike last month.

It was a bit of a departure from the 24″ cruisers Cult had put out in the past.

At the time, we didn’t have too many details …besides learning that it was full cro-mo (frame, fork and handlebars) and that it was kitted out with the new 26″ Vans tires.


Since then we’ve found out more about the Cult Devotion 26.

Geometry-wise, the 26″ Devotion’s numbers stacks up as follows:

  • Head angle: 72 degrees
  • Seat angle 72 degrees
  • Top tube: 22″
  • Chain stay: 16″
  • Bottom Bracket: 12.2″

Wheel-wise, you’re looking at a single-wall front rim and a double-wall rear rim, both paired up with sealed hubs (female axle on the front).


And as mentioned above, the wheels are sporting the fab new 26″ Vans tires (which are 2.30 width).

All in all, a pretty cool 26er from the folks at Cult.

(If you’re in the market for the Vans tires though, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer…ETA is January 2017.)

Ice Ice Baby

5 10 2016

Pictures of Ice-Element‘s new cruiser made the rounds on social media earlier this week and it’s easy to see why.

Sporting an almost MTB Dirt Jumper-like appearance and kitted out with hydraulic disc brakes…this bike is a real headturner.


And even though I’m more of traditionalist when it comes to frames, this is setup is — at least to me — so over-the-top techie looking that I think I kind of dig it.

It seems like the sort of bike George Jetson might race on.

george-jetsonWhat do you think?

(You can check out all the frame specs here.)