Transition Klunker: extra old school

24 10 2012

In a world that gets more and more complicated, Transition Bikes has decided to make a bike that’s decidedly simple. Big on the fun factor and low on newfangled tech features.

The Transition Klunker features a 4130 cro-mo frame, moto-style handlebars, big knobby tires and…wait for it… a coaster brake!

And yes, this is the second time in two weeks that we have looked at a MTB company crossing over to make a BMX cruiser…I think that we may have the beginnings of a bit of a trend here.

But back to the bike.

Two color options are available, Klunking Isn’t Free Eagle White and Party in the Woods Matte Black (both with checkerboard top tube and crossbar pads).

I can totally imagine Scott Breithaupt ripping up an old B.U.M.S track on one of these bikes.

Actually, if you squint hard enough at this pic of Lars Sternberg you might think it was Scott throwing a flattie back in the day. Classic.

Living in a world of pimped out rides isn’t always easy…but having a beer with your bros then getting sideways on the trails aboard a Klunker?* That’s as easy as it gets.

Check out Klunking 2 for more on the Klunking phenomenon.

*not necessarily in that order.

(Special thanks to Will Weisman for the heads up on the Klunker.)




8 responses

24 10 2012

gotta find Klunker Action!
Dirt jumping with a coaster brake? It’ll catch on.

24 10 2012

That is an awesome video and bike.

24 10 2012

Have you seen this years WTP cruiser?
It’s a repeat of last years 26″ but in red.
For me this is a bmx company heading towards MTB.
Not complaining at all, just noting this middle ground trend.

24 10 2012

I have seen it. There seems to be an interesting convergence going on…

24 10 2012


26 10 2012

Great video. Those bars look crazy wide! Glad no one hit those dogs!

31 12 2012
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