Is tubeless the next big thing in BMX?

29 06 2012

Alienation, taking a cue from the MTB world, is bringing a tubeless tire system to BMX later this year.

Called the Tubeless Compatible System (TCS) Tire and Rim system, this looks like it could be a game-changer if it lives up to the hype it’s starting to generate.

The benefits? A drastic reduction in flats and…according to Alienation…a quick way to drop a pound off your bike.

For some proof of how flats could be a thing of the past with the setup, check out this video:

It looks like the icepick doesn’t stand a chance of causing a flat with the sealant doing its job in the TCS system.

In terms of weight-savings,  Zach Taylor of Alienation broke it down in a recent Vintage BMX thread with the following example:

…you’re not only cutting weight in the tubes, but the rims as well. Our Runaway rim is roughly 425 grams whereas the Malice TCS rim is 325 grams. An average tube is 115 to 120 grams. That is 100g + 100g + 115g + 115g = 430 grams (454 grams to a pound) savings. Our 20 x 1.85 TCS Graffiti tire which is as wide as a popular 20×1.95 is only 430 grams. That is another 70 grams savings x 2. We can pull a pound off most if not all bikes with our system.

Sounds like they may really have something here.

No word yet if a 24 inch versions will be made available but if this tire and rim system starts getting traction, I’m sure we’ll see one (or more) in very short order.

For more details on the Alienation TCS system, check out the TCS page on the Alienation site or the writeup/podcast on BMXNews.


Cool pics from Mongoose…just be KOS

27 06 2012

Mongoose posted some cool cruiser-related pics on their Facebook feed today including this one by Mongoose rider Chris Akrigg letting loose on his KOS Kruiser.

Classic style on a classic bike.

Chris is well known in the MTB world for his big, creative moves. Kinda makes you wonder why Mongoose hasn’t set him up with one of the Mongoose Thrive 24s (previously discussed on CR last year).  I think you’d really see Chris go off on one of those bikes…

Mongoose also posted this great vintage ad for the Mongoose Two/Four, with the caption, “The original Kos Kruiser. Did you miss it?

So cool.

Probably the coolest pic of the day though is the one featuring the custom Kos Kruiser they built for Jeff ‘Kos’ Kosmala’s wife, Vicky. It’s painted pink  in recognition of Vicky’s battle with breast cancer and her successful recovery.

So stoked on this. Nice work Mongoose.

A piece of your action

20 06 2012

Just when you start thinking, “Where’s a good action shot when you need one?”

Pat Joubert comes through with two great shots of him tearing things up on his Liquid.

Check out this great shot (taken a secret location) by Mike Lawless.

Or this one by Pat’s friend Jeff.  Serious air time at the public Greenlake trails in Seattle.

So rad.

(By the way, the whole time I was typing this I had Piece of your Action by Motley Crue playing in my head.)

Is a Slurpee a performance enhancer?

15 06 2012

Who would’ve thunk it…the humble Slurpee might just be the edge you need if you find yourself racing this summer on an especially hot day.

In a study that was reported on first in the New York Times,  researchers found:

young male recreational athletes who drank a syrup-flavored ice slurry [like a slurpee] just before running on a treadmill in hot room could keep going for an average of 50 minutes before they had to stop. When they drank only syrup-flavored cold water, they could run for an average of 40 minutes.

The senior investigator, Paul Laursen, said the effect is short-lived.  According to Laursen:

It would not even begin to last long enough to run a marathon or do a century (100-mile) bike ride, for example. But it would be perfect for a sport like tennis or for a 5- or 10-kilometer race.

Could it be effective then for a BMX racing then?

I think it might.

While not part of the study, the nature of BMX racing with it’s need for short-bursts of energy, recovery and then some more short-bursts of energy seems to make it a good fit for the kind of sport where the type of cooling provided by a Slurpee might pay off in increased performance.

Laursen found ice slurries were beneficial because  it lowered brain temperature more effectively than cold water. He also reasoned that:

 slurries might also effectively cool the body before exercise. The advantage… is that they are even colder than ice — 30 degrees Fahrenheit — an effect that occurs when sugary water is swirled with crushed ice.

Very interesting!

I’d love to test this out…if only there was a 7-11 close to my local track! Maybe I’ll throw a Freezie or two in the cooler and see if it has a similar effect.

Anybody racing this weekend with a 7-11 nearby?

I would love to hear whether or not it had an effect on your performance. And if anybody gives you  a hard time for gulping a Slurpee…tell ’em you’re doing it for science!

Peep the 2013 Sunday Model-C AM

8 06 2012

In case you missed it, Sunday Bikes debuted their 2013 lineup of completes yesterday on Defgrip.

Tucked in the middle of their lineup, surrounded by signature bikes for their team riders, was  the 2013 Model-C AM (their 24″ complete).

No further details were released in terms of price or specs (hopefully we’ll get that soon).

Watch for the Model-C AM and the rest of the 2013 Sunday lineup to be available some time in July.

Sometimes you have to get a little crazy

7 06 2012

What do you get when you combine the manic energy of Bobcat Goldthwait, the over-the-top delivery of Ric Flair  and an over-caffeinated Monster Truck Rally announcer?

You get this guy.

Archie Dann.

Check out this video of Archie promoting opening day at Virginia Motorsports Park BMX.

I bet you’ve never heard a BMX track described as:

It’s fast…it’s crazy…like a bullet train covered with Vaseline going down…the belly…of a whale (1:10)

Fast forward to about 1:45 where his manic delivery starts to go supernova.

Be there





and from there it just keeps on building…to the point I think Archie’s head might  just explode right there in the video.

Check it out.

Tuesday Tribute Bike Tailtap

5 06 2012

Wayne Keller throws down an x-up tailtap so sweet it might just make Ron Wilkerson cry.

Style for miles.

Everything old is new again

2 06 2012

Got the latest issue of Pull magazine  from USA BMX today.

Pull magazine covers are typically yawners but this month they did something interesting.

Working with Team Redman, they piled the Redman team into the company car to recreate an iconic 1978 Bicycle Motocross Action magazine cover.

If you’re old school and/or a BMX nerd, seeing this cover probably brought back memories of this cover, shot by none other than icon-in-his-own-right Bob “Oz” Osborn.

Actually, the whole “flashback” feel seems to (unintentionally…I think) run throughout the rest of the magazine as well.

Flip to the center-spread and you’ll find a two-page ad for chromoly forks…. It’s like 1987 all over again!  With month after month of ads featuring the latest and greatest carbon-fiber wonder fork, seeing an ad — a two-page one at that — for a chromoly fork seems quite out of the ordinary (but in my mind, definitely a refreshing change).

Then check out the back cover.

A Crupi ad featuring cruiser speed demon David Archibald promoting their cruiser lineup.

Seems like it was just yesterday that BMX Plus! ran an article talking about “The Death of the 24”. Now here we are, just a couple of years later and a major race company is buying up prime ad space to promote “the largest selection of cruiser frames and parts anywhere.”  Seems like the rumors of the 24’s demise were greatly exaggerated…and the popularity of cruisers are just as strong as they ever were.

The longer I stay in this BMX game, the more I see things come and go…and then come back again. Anybody else have the same experience?