There’s a BMX storm brewing

28 02 2013

This winter has been unrelenting in terms of storms, cold temps and all around crappy conditions.

BMXers in the northeast have been hit particularly hard by this nasty weather and are collectively just about ready to say good riddance to old man winter.

Thankfully, this weekend brings two big events that will put a spring in the step of BMXers of just about every stripe in the northeast.

The first is the annual Toronto BMX Jam.  The unofficial kickoff to the contest season and an excuse for BMXers to get a bit of a BMX party going on, the Toronto BMX Jam is a contest that gets people’s stoke factor to go off the charts. Set up as part of the Toronto International Bicycle show (kind of like a mini-Interbike), it features the Toronto BMX Jam, a flatland contest, indoor racing (mostly MTB these days) and a jumping competition.

The riding is unbelievable, the crowd is loud and chances are that you’ll run into riding buddies you haven’t seen for ages.  So much fun. I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday and if you have the chance I hope you will too…this is one of the most fun BMX events of the year.


Did I mention the riding is unbelievable? Check out this clip from the finals last year.

The second big event is at Ray’s MTB Cleveland.

This coming weekend they will be hosting 3 (really) big names in BMX: Rick Moliterno, Harry Leary and Stu Thomsen.

Rays HOTS_Slide_Thomsen_Leary_Moliterno

That’s almost BMX royalty right there!

If you’re a BMX nerd like me, you know those guys have some stories to tell. Much respect for those dudes.

So if winter has got you down, these events might be the cure for what ails you. Check ’em out if you get a chance.

2B or not 2B: the return of Leigh & Hal B

20 02 2013

If you rode in the 90s, chances are you probably wore a 2B Homecooked, Play or Useless t-shirt.

And a some point, you  probably sported a Play clothing sticker on your bike.

And if you went to contests, you probably made it out to at least one Play contest.

In my case, I’m guilty of all three.

2B Play

Play (and its predecessor 2B Homecooked) along with Useless, represented a more carefree time in BMX…before all the Dew Tours and X-Games madness took hold.

When Hal Brindley and Leigh Ramsdell decided to pursue other things, a little bit of that era went with them.

Check them out back in the 1998 in this classic ad for Props:

A couple of goofballs to be sure, but it was so fun you couldn’t help but be stoked on it.

Now,  it looks like Hal and Leigh are “getting the band back together”  to start printing some of those iconic t-shirts again.

They’re setting up shop under the oldscool banner but it looks like all the old favorites are coming back.

Looking forward to replacing my long-gone, but dearly missed, “I love sweet corn” tee.

For more information on what Hal and Leigh are up to, check out

SF Cruiser Ride highlights

18 02 2013

The San Francisco Cruiser Ride went down last weekend and it looks a good time was had by all.

Check out this turnout:

SF Cruiser Ride

…and the action captured by in this video clip:

Looks like a line has been drawn in the sand…Cruisers did really rule San Francisco this past Sunday.

SF Cruiser Ride sand

Really looking forward to seeing what else Trent Brocker and his crew have up their sleeve for the next one. I’ve a got a feeling that this ride is gonna get big!

Travis Barker rolls on a SE Big Ripper

11 02 2013 just posted a behind-the-scenes article about how Travis Barker prepped for his Grammy’s performance last night.

Part of that prep involved going for a bike ride with his kids aboard his SE Big Ripper!

His kids are also budding BMXers…if you squint you can see a PK Ripper and Bronco in the background.

Travis Barker & the Big Ripper on

Word on the street is that Travis used to race BMX (back in the day) and has always had a soft spot for the PK Ripper.

Is Vegas getting an indoor bike park?

8 02 2013

It’s looks like Sin City might just be getting itself it’s very own indoor bike park.

According to the Hub Bike Park Facebook page, the indoor park will open in Fall 2013 and feature:

100,000 square feet of dirt pump track, dirt jump lines and foam pit. All inside a climate-controlled building.

Here’s artist’s rendering/promotional illustration of what it might look like.

The Hub Bike ParkThis is pretty interesting development in a certain sense…while most bike parks have sprung up as a rider’s response to dealing with the cold (and snow, ice, etc.)…I’m guessing a certain part of the appeal to this park in Las Vegas will be beating the heat (hence the climate-controlled angle), especially in the summer.

Cruisers rule San Francisco this Sunday

6 02 2013

If you’re in the San Francisco this Sunday, you better be making your way to the Clocktower  ’cause Trent Brocker and his crew are putting together a Cruiser Ride that should not be missed.

Joe Moody and Mattyjo Shelley are already confirmed so you know you’ll be rolling with good peeps.

24 or 26″, whatever you got, it don’t matter;  just get out your big wheels and ride!

Check out all the details on the Cruiser Ride Facebook page.