PBR & SE team up for exclusive collab

31 07 2015

It’s been said more than once: cruisers and beer, they’re a match made in heaven.

And we’ve seen some attempts in the past to bring the two together.

The most recent example was Cult Bikes’ one-off Duffman Cruiser.  Granted, Duff beer is/was a fictional beer (word on the street is that there is now a licensed version of Duff Beer available in Chile).

Prior to that, Greg Mundy of Fireman’s Texas Cruzers teamed up with Brad Farbstein at Real Ale Brewing to create Fireman’s #4 Blonde.  And as a form of cross-promotion, Greg and Fireman then offered the Brewery Bike inspired by the beer.

Now it looks like this pairing of Beer and Cruisers is hitting the mainstream. National brand, Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) is partnering with SE Bikes for The PBR x OM Flyer.

PBR SE collab

Pabst approached SE to create a bike in their colorway (white, red, and blue)…however, they wanted it yesterday…so with a couple tweaks to the existing  2015 OM Flyer (new decals and pads) the PBR X OM Flyer was conceived.

The catch?

These won’t be available to the public.

Only 83 of these bikes were created, and will be used exclusively by the Pabst Blue Ribbon marketing team. They will  be riding them at sports events and other promo activities.


But wait….

I noticed on the pbr_miami instagram feed…where they also have the bike featured…they say in the caption that “One lucky person will win this bad boy…stay tuned for info“….Sounds like keeping a watch on their insta feed might be a good idea…snagging one of these would be quite the catch!


Now, I don’t know about you…but I need a cold one.

Cheers everybody…it’s the weekend.


Tested: Odyssey Chase Hawk Tire 24″

30 07 2015

Since we learned about the introduction of the 24″ Chase Hawk tire from Odyssey, the anticipation surrounding them seemed to be sky high. We endured  teaser pictures on the OTX social media accounts, and waited patiently for them to arrive. Thankfully,the 24″ Chase Hawk tires are now out and available.

The question is…do the 24″ Chase Hawk tires live up to the hype?

Buddy Sardenga in Austin, Texas picked up a set to see.

chase hawk tires buddy test

What did he think?

Let’s find out.

Well, the first thing that I noticed about the tires are how quiet, fast, and grippy they are. I did like the Stolen Joint tires* but l could not run my front brake through the fork, they hit the cable.

*Buddy’s currently riding a chrome Stolen Saint XLT.

I ran [Tioga] Powerblocks for a bit since they came in 2.1 and were very cheap at 17 bucks…but they are very slow on concrete.

The Chase tires are a 2.2  [yet still] about the same size as the Powerblocks… but super fast and grip way better.


So, how do they measure up riding street, park and dirt?

The tire is more of a slick for park and street and I was concerned about dirt riding with them.

I guess they did their research on that because I had no issues on the dirt.

Those little groves that come from the side provide very good traction even if things are not very well groomed.

Looks like the 24″ Chase Hawk tires do live up to the hype.  I think Buddy’s final thought on the tires sums it up best.

If you ride a 24, check them out for sure.

It appears Odyssey’s got a winner on their hands with the 24″ Chase Hawk tires.

Just another Movie Monday

27 07 2015

Maybe it’s not just the summer of BMX movies…maybe it’s the summer of bicycle movies, full stop.

Case in point, the recent Toronto showing of Marinoni: The Fire in the Frame.


Granted, not a BMX movie by any stretch of the definition, it certainly was one of the most entertaining — and inspiring — documentaries I have seen in a long time.

The movie features 75-year-old Giuseppe Marinoni, a former champion road racer that transitioned to become a legendary frame maker who decides he is going to “attempt the world hour record for his age group, all on a bike he built with his own hands almost 40 years ago.”

At times a cranky sourpuss, other times an affable older gentleman…there is no mistaking Marinoni’s passion. When it’s revealed that he will be riding a frame he welded for Canadian cycling legend Jocelyn Lovell in the late 70s — a rider who’s career was cut tragically short when he was hit in an automobile accident — it’s hard not to get teary-eyed.

If you’re a rider, into bikes in general, or simply want to see someone who has kept his fire alive well into his 70s…this is a movie you should check out if you get the opportunity.

You will be stoked.

Sneak Peek: 2016 SE Bikes OM Flyer

24 07 2015

Scot “The OM” Breithaupt’s signature bike is set to take up its rightful place again in the SE Bikes 2016 lineup.

Featuring an eye-popping yellow looptail frame, retro cruiser bars and old-school checkered pads this bike looks as “back in the day” as its classic Mushroom grips.

Given the OM’s tragic passing, it’s good to see the OM Flyer refreshed and ready to go for another year. I’m sure the OM’s smiling somewhere, thinking about the good times riders are going to have on the bike that still bears his name…so many years after the start of it all.

And with the current nostalgia for old school SE products and OM-related gear, this will no doubt be a hot seller.  Don’t sleep on this one.



Spy photos of more 2016 SE Cruisers

21 07 2015

As mentioned in the previous post, Sneak Peek: select 2016 SE Cruisers, the new lineup of 2016 SE cruisers is being revealed in bits and pieces to generate excitement for the new line.

It seems to be working.

The BMX Museum thread on the topic has reached 12 pages already and I see no signs of that stopping any time soon.

I’ve been peeking at it now and again and that’s where I saw the following teaser shots of even more 2016 cruisers.

Let’s have a look.

First off, the Floval Flyer.

If you remember the CR test on the Floval Flyer (from a few years back) you know how much of a fan I am of this bike. Again, SE upped the ante with even more polished aluminum/chrome to make this bike as shiny as it is fast.

Next up, the 24″ Quadangle Freestyle.

Jumping off from last year’s version, SE has adopted a new white and blue colorway which is actually more evocative of the freestyle-y SEs of the 80s.

Think back to that iconic Freestylin’ cover of Todd Anderson jumping over a car of SE dudes or even Rockabilly Jay’s sweet custom Quadangle cruiser…this colorway is on point.


Finally, the Big Ripper.

This year, it bumps up the old school factor with a checkered padset and a generous helping of chrome and gold anno accents. If you were around during “the golden days of BMX”, you know this big boy hits all the right notes.

I’m definitely digging the updates and new colorways of the SE lineup.

Tip of the hat to Todd Lyons and the SE folks for the great work, especially for the retro line!

Sneak Peek: 2016 Subrosa Malum 26″

20 07 2015

Subrosa has updated the 26″ Malum for 2016 with a cool new look.

Originally introduced last year for their 2015 lineup, this year’s version has a unique look with a “salvaged rat rod rust paint” finish (that’s smooth to the touch) and colorful Baja seat.

In terms of the bike itself, it features a full Cromoly frame, fork and handlebar. (Which is always welcome to hear!)

2016 Subrosa Malum 26inch

It’s not to shabby in the parts department either.   The 26″ Malum comes complete with sealed female hubs, double-wall rims and a Shadow Interlock V2 chain.

Subrosa also recently dropped a video that highlights the specs of the new 26″ Malum.

Peep the list below for the rest of the specs:

  • Frame – 100% Seamless Chromoly w/ Ovalized DT – 72° HT / 73° ST / 22″ TT / 16.5″ CS / 14.75″ standover,  removable brake mounts
  • Fork – 100% Chromoly, Tapered Legs
  • Handlebars – 100% Cromoly 7″ rise / 12° backsweep / 1° upsweep / 29″ wide
  • Headset – Rant Sealed Integrated
  • Stem – Shadow Ravager Top Load
  • Front & Rear Rim – Rant 36H Double Wall Alloy
  • Front Hub – Rant 3/8″ Alloy Sealed Female Axle
  • Rear Hub – Rant 14mm Alloy Sealed female Cassette
  • Tires – Rant 2.20″
  • Cranks – Rant Chromoly 8 Spline 3-piece.
  • Bottom Bracket – Sealed Mid
  • Sprocket – Subrosa Shred alloy
  • Gearing – 25-11 Micro Gearing
  • Chain – Shadow Interlock v2
  • Pedals – Shadow Ravager Plastic
  • Brakes – Rant Alloy U-brakes
  • Seat/Post – Subrosa Baja mid pivotal

The complete bike weighs in at 30.5 lbs…not a featherweight for sure but definitely a ride that will stand up to any abuse you might throw at it.

Go bug your Subrosa dealer for availability and pricing.

Is this the summer of the BMX movie?

15 07 2015

It’s starting to feel like the 80s all over again.

Remember when Rad and BMX Bandits were on the big screen? Those were heady times…filled with so much promise. It seemed like BMX had made it…at least to the big screen. (Heck, even Nicole Kidman appeared in BMX Bandits!)

Little did we know how long the drought between BMX movies would prove to be.

However, this summer seems to be where things really start to change.

The long anticipated Heroes of Dirt — with a whole slew of BMX cameos — is now making its way around the US, getting hype and generating positive reviews.

Following that we have instances where BMX plays a prominent role in more mainstream movies.

The Strongest Man comes to mind. A little off-beat in the storyline department, to be sure, but still pretty interesting nonetheless.

Then we have Turbo Kid.

Sort of a mashup between Mad Max and BMX Bandits from the look of it.

This one almost feels like it should be on VHS in a dusty remainder bin in an old movie rental place…and I mean that in the best possible sense. This has a retro vibe that I kinda dig.

All this leads me to believe that we are at the beginning stages of an honest-to-goodness wave of BMX movies…and I couldn’t be more stoked about it!

Sneak Peek: 2016 Sunday Model C

10 07 2015

Sunday Bikes just dropped a preview of their 2016 Bikes.

The 24″ Model C is still in the lineup and it looks like they have souped it up a little for the new model year.

The first thing that catches your eye is the frame…a rawed out, clear coat version of their flagship 24″ complete.

Also notable on this complete?

The much buzzed about 24″ Chase Hawk tires.

Yes, my friends they come standard on the 2016 Model C!


According to Sunday, “updated and detailed bike pages [will be] up soon”…so watch for details on the complete spec breakdown in the next week or so.

Sunday dealers will also have the new lineup in stores in the next couple weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

(Pic credit: Sunday Bikes)

Scot Breithaupt made it happen

7 07 2015

Like many in the BMX world, the news of Scot Breithaupt’s passing on the weekend came as a shock to me.

It didn’t seem real.

And while there has been an outpouring of positive messages from the BMX community celebrating Scot’s achievements…he basically wrote the template for BMX back in the day…it still hurts.

I’ve been in a funk ever since I heard.

And going back and forth in my head of what to write about the topic.

What more can you say about this guy?

We owe so much to Scot. As a race organizer, promoter, businessman, a showman and as a fierce competitor.

Scot OM poster

The SE roadtrips back in the day are the stuff of legend. He packed a bunch of crazy BMXers in a bus (or van) and traveled across the US with them.  In the process creating experiences and stories that will last several lifetimes.

This, like so many things Scot pioneered, lives on today…How many BMX memories have been made during BMX roadtrips? Too many to count.


SE Bikes, the legendary bike company he founded, has the slogan “We make it happen.” That was just as (or even more so) fitting to describe Scott. He “made it happen” in so many ways when it came to BMX. He gave us the template to make it happen.

SE-Bike-BoxIt’s up to us now to continue to make it happen…whether that’s holding a jam, piling into a car with friends for a BMX roadtrip or just getting out on a bike for some fun…we have to continue to make it happen. This is his legacy.

C-Ya on the other side Scot.

scot wing thing(The Youtube video above was produced by Diana Frerick, a friend and business associate of Scot, for his 57th birthday last year.)

Sneak Peek: select 2016 SE Bikes

2 07 2015

Todd Lyons (of SE Bikes) is slowly lifting the veil on the 2016 lineup of SE cruisers.

For the last week or so, he’s been showing bits and pieces of some of the bikes. But just a couple days ago he showed what at least two of the cruisers in the lineup would look like.

First up, the 24″ So Cal Flyer. Sporting an old school look, it features a retro stem, Flyer seat, and a classic SE Racing padset. Some gold graphics round out the retro vibe on this one.

SE So Cal Flyer 2016

Next up, the 26” Quadangle Looptail.

If you’re old school, this will definitely be your cup of tea. It features the unique double downtube frame that the Quadangle made famous so many years ago, along with a looptail rear end.  The black, gold, and chrome colorway (and checkered pads!) make this look like it came out of a time machine from early days of BMX.

SE 26in Quadangle 2016

Lyons has been dropping hints of the new lineup on the regular, so stay tuned for more updates. I’ll be sharing them on the Facebook page whenever they pop up. From the hints he’s been sharing so far, I think we’re in store for a lot more cool stuff.