Sunday Model-C complete at interbike

25 09 2009

I’ve been geeking out for the past day or so over all the BMX coverage from interbike.  There’s way too much to cover in a single post but suffice it to say there is a lot of stuff to check out (check out Vital BMX or bmxfeed for the full scoop).

Some notables: Sunday debuted their new Model-C complete bike that will be available in the spring. And Odyssey has a bunch of new parts, including some cool-looking red, white and black HGS 24″ spokes to trick out your wheels.

interbike-2009-sunday-model-c complete

Another interesting thing to come out of interbike…Macneil is switching to 7/8″ (22.2 mm) seat tubes on their bikes. For those of you that started riding after the mid 90s, that means a change back to the size that used to be standard on most BMX bikes.  I guess that sort of thing is inevitable with more and more companies going to smaller tubing and so many people running their seats slammed. As someone that still runs a bit of seatpost I’m not sure if I’m all that stoked on this latest development. Of course, Russ at SPRFLS has a lot more to say on this.


Same trick, two different eras

22 09 2009

Some tricks are timeless. The bikes and location may change but the feeling never does. Jim Bauer with classic style that spans two different eras of BMX. (Check out Bauer’s photostream on flickr for more.)

no-hander bauer cruiser

Fit CR24 gets an update for 2010

16 09 2009

Fit bikes just released their 2010 catalogue and it looks like the CR24 has been updated for the new year.  Available in chrome (pictured) and black it looks like Fit has followed the lead of Sunday bikes and gone with a higher bottom bracket. We the People also went with a higher BB on their 2010 24″ Avenue. (I guess there’s no better vindication of Sunday’s pioneering move to update 24″ bike geometry than to have other big-name companies use it on their own models.)

I’m a bit suprised that the top tube length is now shorter…down to 21.25″. While not a significant difference, a large number of 24″ riders are the big side so making the rider area smaller seems to be a strange move.

Also, would it kill them to put some gold components on the black version? They’ve done it on some of their 20″ models and it really makes the bike look sharp.

I do like the chrome version though. It’s got that sweet, old school 80s vibe to it.

Fit CR24 2010

Carbon’s footprint

8 09 2009

The guy behind this number plate has BMX in his blood. He’s just as likely to sell you a cool t-shirt, crack a joke or go spend his vacation helping a community build a BMX track. If you spend any time racing  in Southern Ontario you know who this plate belongs to. One of the good guys in BMX, Carbon’s footprint in Ontario’s race scene is huge.

port elgin 075

Carbon’s also got a real flair for sticker placement.

Sweet custom SE Quadangle cruiser

2 09 2009

Every once in a while you come across something that makes you grin from ear to ear…this is one of those finds. Surfing the web one day, I came across this sweet custom SE Quadangle cruiser in one of Vintage BMX’s forums. Talk about retro-cool!

24in custom quadangle

The owner, who goes by the handle, “rockabillyjay” describes his modifications as follows:

I added 990 mounts, cable stops, turned the forks into “Standing Gear,” clearanced the bottoms for some big pegs  ( I wear a size 13) , made the top tube platform, and of course..a coaster brake tab. I didn’t do the rear frame standers since they always got in my way…and this was a looptail anyway.

To say rockabillyjay did a great job customizing his 24″ Quadangle is such an understatement. I think he may have set the bar for a lot of the new retro-cool builds popping up.

And every time I look at this I get a flashback to that old Freestylin’ cover from the ’80s with Todd Anderson jumping the car full of SE dudes.  Awesome!

todd anderson se

Check out for more flashback fodder from the 80s.