Is brakeless better?

25 03 2010

Brakeless riding is prevalent in just about every area of freestyle bmx these days….especially street riding. While definitely not as widespread in the 24″ scene, it is starting to creep in.

High-profile guys like Jim Bauer have been riding their 24s brakeless for a while now and more and more cruiser builds are showing up without brakes.

Brakeless advocates argue that going without brakes makes them better riders: smoother and more committed to making the trick rather than braking at the last minute.

Do you agree?

Is brakeless better for 24″ freestyle riding?

Is riding brakeless the secret to Jim Bauer‘s style?

Jay Miron walks away from BMX

23 03 2010

In case you missed the big news this weekend, Jay Miron has sold Macneil Bikes and Ten Pack Distribution to his business partners, Darcy Saccucci and Jamie Macintosh. He’s also shut down the Metro Jam events. He’s walking away from BMX.

What can you say in a situation like this?

It seems too soon but you can’t knock the guy…he’s accomplished so many things and done so much for the BMX community.

Jay, thanks for the memories…and the 540 whips.

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BMX superheroes at Woodward West

17 03 2010

Looks like Steve Swope is once again gathering the Superfriends (Old school BMX stars) at the Justice League (Woodward West)  to fight the forces of evil (for the Old School BMX Reunion).

The invite list features a “who’s who” of 80s BMX legends. Just check out the list of invitees for an instant Freestylin’ magazine flashback. Should be an awesome weekend…I’m really looking forward to checking out the photos and video from the event.

Former Plywood Hood, Brett Downs was there last year and clicked this sweet turndown on his Model-C to commemorate things.

Turndowns are just timeless, aren’t they?

It’s all going down Friday, April 2 – Sunday, April 4. Check out Kickstand BMX for all the details.

For more pictures from last year’s event, check out b dubbs photostream on flickr.

For the theme music I imagine them playing when they enter the building, click here.

Limited edition Redline Cup frames

14 03 2010

Well, here’s an awesome incentive to race the Redline Cup series this year:

The chance to win one of 70 one-of-a-kind limited edition frames from Redline!

According to Redline:

While it is up to each track operator’s discretion on how they will be given away, the custom black & gold Flight frames will likely be raffled off to one lucky winner during the RL Cup race – with proceeds being used to fund improvements for each BMX track.

The colors are inspired by both the 1966 Shelby Hertz Mustang Fastback and the Gold Cup series of the ’80s. They come in two sizes: Expert XL and Pro Cruiser (pictured).

In addition to the custom black and gold colors, you also get the 2010 Redline Cup logo clear-coated on each side of the top tube.

These cool frames are going to be collectors items, so good luck to everyone following the Redline Cup series. If you’re lucky/fast enough to score one you’ll definitely have one of the coolest looking rides at the track.

KHE Mac 2s: light but do they last?

12 03 2010

These days it seems like everyone has a little bit of a “weight-weenie” in them.  It’s a far cry from the mid 90s when it seemed that all that mattered was strength (at least in the freestyle world), weight be damned.

For me, as long as things aren’t taken too far–like obsessively drilling out parts or sacrificing durability for a few grams–I’m all for saving weight wherever you can.  When looking to save weight, conventional wisdom says that reducing rotating weight is most important as it makes the most impact on performance…think wheels, tires, cranks, etc.

This stuff has been on my mind lately because I’ve seen a few cruiser builds recently with foldable KHE Mac 2s on them.

From what I’ve read about them they do make a big difference weight-wise: shaving a minimum of 200 grams per tire (in some cases a lot more) making a noticeable impact on how a bike rides. The tread is supposed to be nice too for park and other freestyle applications.

The downsides?

Cost for one. These babies are pricey. Depending on where you buy, they can be double the price of  a regular tire.

Another is durability. Some reviews suggest that these tires are more prone to punctures and the sidewalls don’t hold up. Other reviews say these concerns are overblown (pardon the pun) and that they hold up just fine as long as they are inflated to the recommend PSI.

Are they worth it?

I’m undecided.

But I would love to hear from anyone that has used these tires before. Are they worth the price?

It takes a big man…

10 03 2010

…to make a big bike look small.

Check out this picture that I borrowed from S&M’s Facebook feed.  A custom 23.5″ TT 38 Special made for a guy named Tiny.

He’s so big, his whip looks like it could be a 16″ pit bike standing next to him.

Toronto BMX Jam Drew Thousand Ten

9 03 2010

It was loud, crazy and over the top.

This weekend’s Toronto BMX Jam was one for the record books. Qualifying was crazy and had many shaking their heads wondering what the next day’s Finals would bring.

A couple of serious crashes started the Pro Finals and threatened to put a damper on the whole day. Thankfully, after a short break in the action the momentum of the contest picked up again. Then it was one banger after another. The crowd got back into it and things got insane.

Riders were going off but none more so then Drew Bezanson. Dedicating his final trick to his injured friends, he blew the lid of the Better Living Centre in Toronto with a crazy icepick/feeble stall. Just nuts!

Check out the video.

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