Are my handlebars big enough?

26 06 2009

Like most men, I wonder if my handlebars are big enough…are they wide enough to provide maximum riding pleasure? Are they tall enough to attract attention from the ladies? It’s been something I’ve been struggling with a lot lately…I thought these might be the answer but I wasn’t sure. Now I see that even those might not be enough. Paul de Groot’s recent Sunday Model-C bike check is making me realize what I thought was big…really isn’t that big at all. Paul has gone ahead and slapped some Solid Roseanne Bars on his bike…we’re talking a 9″ rise and 32″ wide. I try to console myself and say that handlebar size doesn’t matter…but late at night…I wonder if that’s really true.

Paul de Groot's Model-C

Paul de Groot's Model-C


Something about these number plates…

20 06 2009

There’s something about these two number plates that I really like…but I just can’t put my finger on it.

Vegas 2009 365

Vegas 2009 369

Hmm…Don’t worry, it’ll come to me.

When in Vegas…stop in at City of Bicycles

16 06 2009

If you’re ever in Vegas, make a point of stopping in to City of Bicycles, which is right around the corner from the Rio Hotel. When you get there, chances are you’ll find yourself talking with ABA Hall of Famer and former No. 1 Cruiser rider, Turnell Henry. Turnell’s shop caters to the local BMX scene, with a big focus on racing.

Turnell Henry with his 1981 #1 cruiser award

Turnell Henry with his 1981 #1 cruiser award

When I visited the shop recently he told me how he had been working in other fields (outside of BMX) but then realized if he was going to be working so hard it was going to be for what he loved…and that was BMX.

But he’s not just back into BMX from a business perspective,  he’s taken some of the local racers under his wing and started training them….and he has also got back into the mix himself in the King of Las Vegas race series. He’s racing guys 20 years his junior and more than holding his own.

Definitely take the time to visit Turnell and City of Bicycles next time you’re in Vegas…if you’re like me, you’ll come away just as stoked (scratch that…more stoked) on your conversation with one of the legends of the sport as you are on the great selection of BMX parts and bikes in the shop.

Cruising around TO on a Macneil cruiser

13 06 2009

Jay Miron and the Macneil gang were in Toronto last weekend for a  street jam as part of the Macneil Eastern Canada tour. Word has it there were almost 200 riders taking it all in/participating.  Miron took part in the whole thing onboard one those 26″ beach-style Macneil cruisers. Will Macneil step up and put out a street-worthy 24″ next year? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


You never know what you’ll see in Vegas

8 06 2009

Just came back from a well-deserved vacation in Vegas (if anybody’s been wondering about the lack of updates recently). Bunch of stuff to talk about, so stay tuned for updates.

For now, check out this sign I passed on the way to the awesome Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. Too funny.

cruiser drive-thru