Bobby Parker big bike rampin’

24 07 2013

Bobby Parker can shred pretty much anything…dirt, street, park, whatever…on both 20 and 24″ bikes.

Of course, when pics get posted of him shredding on his 24″ Wave-C…they immediately get our attention.

Bobby Parker ramping the big bike

Nosepick of the Canadian variety?


And check that headtube…Bobby supporting Cruiser Revolution by flying the colors!

Bobby Parker supports Cruiser Revolution



Summer’s here and the time is right

19 07 2013

It’s hard to believe but summer is almost half over.

With such a rainy spring, it’s a bit of wakeup call to think that the lazy, hazy days of summer are gonna be gone before we know it.

Got to take advantage of it, while we can.

OS BMX on the roadOne of the best ways to do that is to hit the road for a couple days to see what trouble…I mean…fun…you can find.

Mix things up a bit.

Whether it’s a new trophy, finding a cool new spot or a having a new story to tell about the wild night after….sometimes you have to see where the road takes you.

(Old schoolers…remember this pic?)

A nice backdrop makes all the difference

17 07 2013

Most dirt jumping pictures have similar backdrops…trees, mounds of dirt…in Henderson, Nevada the backdrop is a little different.

This local spot, the Monkey Face jump, kinda has an ugly name, but it sure makes up for it with its beautiful scenery.

Mike Leonard Monkey Face JumpTribute Bikes rider, Mike Leonard blasts one out at the Monkey Face for your viewing pleasure. Sal Alvarado, behind the lens, captures the moment for posterity.

Mike Day tries out some bigger wheels

10 07 2013

The August edition of BMX Plus! has an interesting column written by Mike Day about his new prototype Speed Series bike.

In the article, Mike talks about his desire to put together “the biggest-wheeled bike that was allowed to race” in the 20- inch class.

(Note: the bike in the video is not the prototype Speed Series…the video just highlights how smooth Mike is)

According to the UCI rule book that meant the diameter of the wheels, including the inflated tires, could not exceed 22 1/2 inches (57 cm).

Once he determined the parameters, Mike worked with GT and Tioga, to design a bike that featured a larger-diameter rim and low profile tire.

The result? A combined diameter just a 1/8 inch smaller than the maximum size allowed by USA BMX and UCI.

Pretty interesting stuff….especially given USA BMX stance that 22″ bikes belong in the cruiser class.

Wonder if this will prompt USA BMX or the UCI to make an announcement about this sort of thing…especially if the rumors are true regarding other companies working on their own versions of this.

Check out the BMX Plus article for more details.


Sneak Peek: 2014 SE Floval Flyer Elite

2 07 2013

SE dropped a couple of sneak peek photos of their 2014 Floval Flyer Elite complete bike yesterday that caught our attention.

As you can see, it’s received an eye-catching makeover in the looks department and, according to the teaser info released with the photos, the frame and parts assortment received a few upgrades as well.

2014 SE Floval Flyer Elite

The frame now has a new stiffer bi-oval downtube. In terms of components, the Floval Flyer Elite now comes complete with Alienation rims, Promax brakes and levers, and a lightweight Pivotal seat and seatpost to round out the upgrades. These changes are said to have shaved another 1/2 pound off of this already light bike…for a final weight of 22.2 lbs!

2014 SE Floval Flyer Elite sneak peakCan’t wait to see this bike up close!