Freecoaster on a 24 inch? Now you’re talking…

19 12 2008

Tooling around the internet the other day, I ran across something interesting on the KHE website…their 24″ Pygymy PRO comes complete with a freecoaster.  Sweet! I think this is the first manufacturer (correct me if I’m wrong) to really step it up and offer a complete 24″ with a freecoaster.

pygmy_pro1 cruiser revolution

I can’t wait to see a web vid of someone seriously rocking a freecoaster-equipped 24″…and if there is one already one out there, please post the link in the comments. Till then I’ll have to content myself with this Bruce Crisman vid showing what’s possible with a freecoaster…


pinky squeaks on a 24″ bike?

8 12 2008

Flatland freestyle on a 24″ cruiser…yes, it can be done. Flatland purists may argue that the video below isn’t the latest in modern-day flippity poppity tricks…but really..who cares….this myspace vid is great…who expects a guy on a cruiser to uncork some pinky squeaks or a fire hydrant?… just another example of how the  cruiser revolution is hitting all aspects of BMX.