S&M Dirt Bike grows up

11 12 2010

Holy Moeller!

S&M released a picture today (on their Facebook feed) of their new Dirt Bike cruiser.

And I have to say, it’s making me a little giddy…and super anxious to get the (ahem) dirt on the new 24, in terms of specs and geometry.

But along with my excitement, I also have a bunch of questions:

Is this a new and improved version of the Fit CR24 frame (RIP)?

Was the decision to make a 24 influenced by Rockabilly Jay’s Dirt Bike-inspired cruiser?

When, oh when, will this go into  production?




9 responses

11 12 2010

well of course my only question is what is the TT length?

16 12 2010

Jay from S&M sent a note: the prototype has a 21.75″ TT.

11 12 2010

Is this goin to be the S&M Model C?If so,its goin to be tough to pick up the next frame….

11 12 2010

One could only hope they have the custom frame build options like the .38 Special. Oooo! threaten me with a good time.

11 12 2010

Can’t wait to see the specs.

13 12 2010

Would like to know exactly what the differences are from the 38 Special…

14 12 2010
oliver stains

i wonder if they will follow sundays lead with 20in inspired specs or just use the 38 special geometry. looks sick….

16 12 2010

Word is that geometry it is similar to the FIT, but with a slightly lower BB.

Hoping to have a followup post with more details soon.

25 01 2011
More inside dirt on the 24″ S&M Dirt Bike « cruiser revolution

[…] S&M Dirt Bike grows up […]

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