Brandon Brown brings it in this race edit

28 03 2013

Ever since the Gundar Osis hot lap race edit came out, I’ve been hoping to see more 24″ racers take up the cause and put out some quality race edits.

Thankfully it looks like Brandon Brown has the same idea with this little gem called Cruisers can Ride Too.

bb style vid capture

Granted, it starts a little slow, but 30 seconds in, you’ve got some smooth race style happening.

Check it.


Skyway surprises with a Black Gold T/A

26 03 2013

I was caught by surprise this weekend when I spotted the teaser photos of the yet-to-be released, limited edition, “BLACK GOLD”¬† 24-inch T/A frame, fork and bar combo.

Black Gold Skyway TA

The parts are powder coated in black with a gold sparkle clear coat.

(Which you can see better in this closeup of the fork below.)

Black Gold Skyway TA fork

The gold sparkle is supposed to give the kit components a cool look in the sun (I guess we’ll have to see more photos to make that call).

Anyway, a pretty interesting departure from a company that counts old-school aficionados as their bread and butter.

I wonder what old-school purists will think about this move by Skyway…heck, I’m still getting my head around the idea of a Skyway T/A frame powder coated black (not to mention, the gold sparkles!).

What do you think?

A balanced breakfast of a different kind

21 03 2013

Balancing on rollers?

Whipping up a tasty omelette?

Doing both at the same time?

That deserves respect.

(Not cruiser news but still kind of fun.)


Whip it good

15 03 2013

A giant-sized tailwhip worthy of his name…SE Bikes’ Big Daddy aboard the 26″ OM Flyer.


Big Daddy Whip on 26in OM Flyer

St. Patrick’s Day session at Ray’s MTB

13 03 2013

I’m heading down to Ray’s MTB in Cleveland this weekend for a St. Patrick’s Day session.

So if you’re in the area on March 17, come on out and let’s go ride!

I may or may not be busting out a green outfit for the occasion but I’m pretty confident that a Shamrock shake (or two) will be consumed over the course of the weekend.

Looking forward to a good session…Ray’s MTB is always a good time!


Not sure who this is but she really seems to enjoy Guinness

(Some people just can’t wait to celebrate St. Paddy’s!)

Eye-catching custom camo Standard 125r

7 03 2013

Stumbled upon this the other night while poking around the internet .

Crazy Al Cayne caught up with Tom Johnson at the New England nationals last year and gets the scoop on his custom camo Standard 125r cruiser.

tom-johnson CAC TV

The surprise that comes out in the bike check is that this isn’t a custom paint job–which I just assumed it was–but a custom sticker job!

Check out the video over on Al Cayne’s site for the rest of the details. (Sorry…won’t let me embed.)

Good times at the Toronto BMX Jam

6 03 2013

It’s been a couple days and I’m still riding the high from another great Toronto BMX Jam.

An annual tradition for me (and many other riders), it’s become amongst other things: a chance to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, shop for deals on parts (it’s partnered with the Toronto International Bicycle Show) and….oh yeah…check out some awesome riding.

Despite local favorite, Drew Bezanson, being unable to ride due to injury sustained earlier in the week riding Joyride 150, there was still a whole field of riders just killing it all week long (as you can see from the video).

Joe Cicman of TwoFourFlat fame was also in the house riding in the flatland comp (on his 20″). We had a chance to chat briefly and it sounds like the next installment of the TwoFourFlat series is going to be one worth waiting for! Can’t wait.

And even though weather was freezing over the weekend, the Toronto BMX Jam also means that spring is just around the corner and that always seems to be the icing on the cake. The weather forecast is already calling for warmer temps by the end of the week.

Good times.