More cruiser highlights from Interbike

28 09 2012

The grand poohbah of 24″ race completes, the Redline Flight Pro 24, looks as dialed as ever for 2013. For many people, this is considered the “most complete” complete on the market. But for all that quality, be prepared to open your pocketbook. The MSRP is north of $1000 US.

Haro’s 2013 race 24, also looks like it’s ready to perform on the track.  Looks well put together, along with cool blue anodized accents to give it a bit of custom-build look.

The SE Floval Flyer Looptail was a show stopper…in that it had the tendency of stopping you in your tracks to take a closer look when you walked by during the tradeshow. Featuring an awesome old school look, it’s been souped up with modern-day build quality and geometry. Sporting exclusive-to-SE  Skyway Tuffwheels with red anodized hubs(!), this is a bike that’s hard not to dig if you have any roots in the sport.


DK Elite Series Cruiser did not disappoint

26 09 2012

One of the bikes that I was eager to check out at Interbike was the new DK Elite Series Cruiser.

Let me tell you it did not disappoint.

Based on the 7000 series aluminum 24″ Professional frame introduced last year, it’s now been reborn as an upper-end complete with a head-turning gloss green finish. (These pictures don’t do it justice.)

The bike’s good looks are complemented by solid geometry.

Featuring a roomy 22″ top tube, a 73 degree head angle, 72 degree seat tube angle and 15.24″ chain stay (somewhere around 14.75-ish when slammed if memory serves) this might just be what the doctor ordered for my lanky build. The bottom bracket height is also about 12.5″ inches which is bit higher than most race 24s.

Component-wise, it just keeps on getting better.

180mm forged alloy 2pc cranks with an external bottom bracket, Sealed DK hubs on Sun Envy rims, lock-on grips, DTH tires…the list goes on.

About the only thing I would change would be the handlebars…I like a slightly taller handlebar and the stock bars on the Elite Series have a 6 inch rise.  A pretty typical change/upgrade and not something that I would consider a strike against this bike by any means.

Weighing in at a very respectable 21.75 lbs, this is certainly a lean, green race machine.

Expected availability is still a few months out but this complete should definitely be on your radar if you are planning on getting a new race complete in 2013.

Stolen Bikes debuts Saint XLT at Interbike

25 09 2012

Stolen Bikes got our attention last year when they introduced the Stolen Saint 24 at Interbike.

The Stolen Saint was a solid first effort:  modern freestyle geometry, tough components (for a mid-level bike) and a tri-moly frame (which is common at this price point).

For 2013, Stolen has upped the ante a bit with the Saint XLT. On display at this year’s Interbike tradeshow, the Saint XLT showed that Stolen might just be serious about this 24″ game.

Sharing the same geometry as last year’s Saint model, the Stolen gang have made this version’s frame and fork 100% cro-mo. And with a nod to the way that many people are running their bars today, Stolen has also outfitted the XLT with 8.25″ handlebars.

I believe the headset and bottom bracket have also been updated to new sealed versions as well (but don’t quote me on that).

Nice to see Stolen taking a great new 24″ option and making it even better!

Should be in stores in the next month or so. Available in Black with Chrome (as shown above) and Matte Copper with Silver.

Check it out if you get the chance.

Vegas baby…I mean…it’s Interbike time!

19 09 2012

I’m in Vegas, it’s September, it can only mean one thing….Interbike.

Like last year, it’s going to be a bit of whirlwind.

On the agenda: checking out the new stuff for 2013, catching up with people and doing some things that will (hopefully) stay in Vegas.

And while I would love to be “reporting live”, it’s not going to happen. Rather than be bent over a laptop and missing something good, I’m going to concentrate on gathering as much cool stuff as possible and give you a recap next week.

That being said, I’ll try my best to put some stuff on the Facebook page to let you know a few tidbits of what I see as I cruise the booths of Interbike.

Build the ultimate cruiser, win a Skyway 24

17 09 2012

Porkchop BMX, Bullseye Cycle and are sponsoring a cruiser-only build off starting tomorrow, September 18.

The best part of this build off is (besides checking out all the awesome builds) is that Porkchop is giving away a fully built up Skyway 24 XL in a random drawing out of all the people that submit a completed bike.

Sounds pretty good to me.

Heck, I may build something myself!

 The deets (direct from Justin at Porkchop):, Bullseye Cycle & have come together to sponsor a BMX cruiser build off running from Sept 18th to Dec 9th, 2012.

Any year 24″, 26″ or 29″ BMX cruiser is allowed to enter and each member can enter up to 3 bikes (one of each size). It is free to join and free to enter the build off.

Bikes will be built from Sept 18th to Nov 17th and “before” pictures of at least the frame and fork must be submitted before Nov 17th. Completed bikes will be submitted from Nov 18th to Dec 2nd. Voting for the top 3 favorites will be held Dec 3rd to 9th – any Vintage BMX member can vote.

Prizes for 1st through 3rd (based on number of votes received) will win both cash and merchandise. Every completed bike entered will get one chance to win (by random drawing) a complete 2012 Skyway 24 XL built with Porkchop BMX and Bullseye Cycle parts. Anyone who enters a Skyway cruiser gets 2 chances to win the giveaway bike. There is approx. $4000 total in cash and prizes being given away for this build off!

Click on over to Vintage BMX for more  on the contest.

Complete Skyway 24… not exactly as shown. (Eva Gabrielle also not included.)

Who’s in?

Looking forward to seeing the builds!

To live and ride in L.A.

14 09 2012

I’m in the L.A. area this weekend for a little R&R before hitting Interbike next week.

And while I won’t be hitting a 4130 Series Ride, I am going to try to get a bit of a BMX fix in anyway.

Planning to hit The Bicycle Source and Fullerton Bikes on Saturday.

If you’re near those two shops, maybe I’ll run into you..I’ll be the lanky guy in the Cruiser Revolution Rocker Tee (like the one on the right).

4130 Subway Series Documentary from ProtagonistBMX on Vimeo.

Skyway frames out now…for a lucky few

10 09 2012

Planet BMX/Colored Tuffs announced last week that the long-anticipated 24″ Skyway T/A frames were about to be shipped out.

This modern-day adaptation of a classic cruiser frame (only made in small quantities in the original incarnation for the company’s factory riders, not the general public) understandably sold out quickly.

Will another run of these frames be made?

Not sure.

What I am sure of is that I’m dying to see some of these bad boys built up (the chrome ones with black Tuffs and skinwall tires are my kryptonite).

Oh look…maybe the white frames are OK too.

Eva Gabrielle on one of the original Skyway cruisers.

For more background on the Skyway frame check out this early post: Does the  T/A stand for totally awesome?

USA BMX not showing 22s any class

5 09 2012

Responding to the growing interest in 22′ bikes, I’ve heard that USA BMX/BMX Canada will now allow 22″ bikes on the racetrack for the 2013 season.

But only under strict parameters.

Namely, that they can only be used in the cruiser class.

Seems like an odd decision.

I can’t remember the exact rationale…probably because it didn’t make much sense to me…but it seemed to boil down to the importance of maintain the integrity or sanctity of the 20″ class.

But why the rigid adherence to wheel size in the “20 inch class”?

In cruiser, we already have 24s, 26s, BMX cruisers, mountain bikes…you name it.

Why not a slightly bigger wheel size for your “class” bike?

BMX RACING: 22″ wheel BMX first race win in 20″ class Faction Bike Co. from Faction BMX on Vimeo.

I would bet that most people considering (or already buying) a 22″ bike are doing so to replace their 20″ and not their 24″.

In an era where everything on a modern-day BMX race bike has changed spec-wise…handlebar size, top tube length, materials… there still seems to be a slavish devotion to wheel size.

Maybe that’s where the problem lies.

Maybe from here on in, race bikes should just be referred to “class” and “cruiser”…with 22s being part of the “class” segment.

What do you think?

Have your say.