Gundars Osis takes a hot lap

9 11 2012

Good race edits are few and far between…especially ones that feature 24″ riders.

However, that might be starting to change if this Gundars Osis edit is any indication.

Filmed at a fairly technical track in Latvia by Kaspars Garda, it’s tightly edited and does what any good video should do…makes you want to go ride. (In this case, at a race track!)

Hope to see more clips like this.


Gundars Osis – BMX Race from Kaspars Garda on Vimeo.




6 responses

9 11 2012

One of the best BMX Racing videos I’ve seen in a while. Great stuff…

12 11 2012

remember him since he was one of the best mid 90’s riders here in Europe. Great to know he’s back in BMX again …

12 11 2012

Awesome video pumps me up def makes me want to shred it up today!

31 12 2012
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