Felt jumps into 24″ trails scene

27 02 2009

Add Felt Bikes to the growing list of bike companies to put out a 24″ bike for trails, street and park riding.  The Felt Brink is a good addition to their lineup as it provides an alternative to their pure-race Sector 24.


Unfortunately, despite how stoked I am to see another bike company jump onto the new school 24″ bandwagon I’m little disappointed in how it’s spec’d out. The frame is only main frame cr-mo (top tube and down tube), the bars hi-ten and the price kinda  high. A bike like the Mirraco 20forty is spec’d a whole lot better for nearly the same price.

Hopefully they’re just testing the waters for ’09 and will step things up next year…otherwise why bother  if you’re not going to put out a full cr-mo frame…it doesn’t seem to make sense to have a steel backend for trails, street and park riding…..

Bonus info: if you write into Felt with a question about their product line you have a very good chance of getting a response from Brian Foster’s older brother, Alan. Remember him? One half of Schwinn/Airwalk’s one-two race punch in the 90s.



Every day is like Sunday

22 02 2009

Sunday Bikes has set up a Flickr group…which isn’t that exciting by itself…except in it you’ll find some new photos of the about to be released Model-C.

Like this good shot of the Model-C as Jim C. gets ready for a session. Love the gold components.


Or this one…Jim C. again with a nice toboggan transfer out of a mini.


Fingers crossed that we’ll see more photos of the Model-C being put through its paces.

Orange Y BMX on YouTube

18 02 2009

Messing around on YouTube recently I found a couple of things on the mythical Orange Y BMX track…Back in the day I would read about this track  in BMX magazines, how it was the local track for so many of the big name racers. Well, it’s still going strong today. And you learn all about it in these two videos…albeit in two different (and equally as goofy) ways.

First, the amusing way:

Second, like an instructional video narrated by someone that speaks like he is reciting dialogue from an adult film:

Rally driver backflips Dave Mirra’s cruiser

13 02 2009

BMX cruisers…they’re not just for coffee runs anymore. Dave Mirra recently loaned rally car driver Matt Johnson a cruiser (the one he uses for coffee runs) to ride in his warehouse.  Apparently, Matt is a quick study…stomping a backflip like it was nuthin’.

Mother nature can stop teasing me now…

11 02 2009

We’ve been seeing some unseasonably warm temps in these parts recently and its making me even more antsy for spring. It’s warm enough for riding but with the snow melting and salt on the roads…it’s a sloppy mess. Still, sneaking a few minutes out of the office got me thinking about hot summer days and fun times at the trails.


The warm snap will be short lived though…they’re already calling for snow on the weekend. I console myself by remembering that both the  Toronto International Bicycle Show and the Supercross are just one month away…

*Don’t ask me who the guy in the pic is…stumbled across it on the internet somewhere a while back…nice tuck jump though.

Freestyle BMX in 2012 London Olympics

6 02 2009

What is going on here? Bikebiz.com is reporting that the 2012 Olympics will feature Freestyle BMX! Seeing racing hit the Olympic big time was one thing…but freestyle? That’s pretty incredible. I wonder if  the Olympic powers-that-be will be able to handle the notorious “free-spirited” antics of the average freestyle superstar. We’ll see…

olympic-bmxBMX racing hit the Olympic stage last summer

In a weird coincidence, I stumbled across this today as well:

the beast

the beast

Never mind that the bike will give you whiplash from ’80s nostalgia…look at the numberplate….is it just coincidence that these two items surfaced on the same day? We may be in the end times…

Old school style, new school technology

3 02 2009

Ever since I saw the first couple pics that came out featuring the Knight Proformer 24″ Freestyle BMX Cruiser frame I’ve been anxious to see one built up. Styled after the iconic GT Pro Performer frame, it had the righteous combination of old school looks, new school specs and cruiser sizing.  Well, at long last I have stumbled across some pics of the Proformer built up and I must say, I’m pretty stoked. Someone on OS BMX posted a full-on Eddie Fiola tribute build using the Knight Proformer. This thing is sooo sweet.


I had a GT ProPerformer back in the day and this brings back a lot of memories.  It’s in the intro to RAD for pete’s sake! According to the Knight site, the Proformer was a limited edition run and is already sold out…I’ve got my fingers crossed that more of these frames have gotten into good hands and more cool builds like this will surface.

Almost makes me want to dig out my old copy of the GT Demo Tape…okay maybe not.