The dirt on the new 24″ S&M Dirt Bike

22 12 2010

The S&M Dirt Bike is growing up.

Last week we learned that S&M was in the prototype stage in the development of the new 24″ version of the classic Dirt Bike.

We now have more dirt on the new frame, thanks to Jay at S&M.

The thinking behind the new Dirt Bike is that it will be a 24″ street/freestyle/all-around frame with a bit of retro style to it (it might even be offered in Chrome).

The geometry is similar to the Fit CR24, with a slightly lower bottom bracket.

Two protoypes are out for testing right now, a black one and red one. Final colors have yet to be decided.

The specs

Keep in mind this a prototype, so there is still some testing and tweaking to be done, and none of these specs are set in stone.

That being said, here’s what the current specs that are on the frames being tested:

  • 21.75” TT
  • 9.75” standover height
  • 74.5 headtube angle
  • 71 seat angle
  • 14.85” chain stay length (slammed)
  • 12.5” BB height

Other features

(Again, these are still subject to change)

  • Dirt Bike dropouts
  • Capped chain & seat stays
  • Mid BB
  • Engraved head tube with removable gyro tabs
  • 1.375 TT straight gauge .035 Supertherm
  • 1.5” butted DT Supertherm
  • 2.25″ tire clearance
  • .75” seat stays
  • .625” seat stay bridge
  • .875” chain stays
  • .75” chain stay bridge
  • Welded brake mounts
  • Built-in seat clamp

Works with either standard drive train or micro-drive.

What do you think?

There’s no release date yet for this puppy, but considering all the buzz that it’s generating, I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be picking one of these frames up when they become available.

What about you?

Now that you have a better idea of the specs and features, what are your thoughts on this frame?




14 responses

22 12 2010

oooo! Bad monkey. Threaten me with a good time. S&M stop it! (Some More).

22 12 2010

What forks are on the prototype in the picture?
I’m guessing XLT lites?

24 12 2010

Good question.
Wonder if there will be updated Pitchforks to go with the new frame?…Will see what I can find out.

22 12 2010

I like em. And the clincher for me is the good top tube length. And it’s a sweet looking frame too. So i’ll definitely be getting one. Great article a brother.

30 12 2010

That tt may be 21.75 but with the lower bb there won’t be much difference with the modelC at 21.25″. Be careful with tt length. I thought the modelC in longer tt would be better but this is not necessarily so. Try them out first if you can. I’m 6’2″ and the shorter tt on the modelC is fine. I found the longer tt, too much of a “stretch” on the back.

23 12 2010

If S&M comes out with a frame and bad ass graphics,its goin to be a war between Sunday and Moeller…which one to pick?

28 12 2010

Go to war with The Mad Dog?!?! You think we are crazy!?! We are pumped on this thing!!! 24″ Dirt Bike is the bee’s knees. A 24″ train through the jumps that has a Dirt Bike AND a Model C…..that is a beautiful thing right there.

27 12 2010

As a tall guy I love this new genre of 24″ trails/park specific bikes. I’d love to see S&M get in the game. We need more fork and bar options, everything now is race specific.

28 12 2010

Very nice,I was hoping S&M would come out with somthing like this.

28 12 2010

And do not forget STANDARD by good ole Moliterno!

25 01 2011
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18 02 2011
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19 02 2011

Sweetness! Gonna get me one. Great timing 🙂

20 02 2011

this would be a very tempting frame if the liquid, with a longer tt, didnt come out eons before this

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