Top ten of 2015

31 12 2015

So, we find ourselves here again…the end of the year.

As always, I like to take a look back at some of the top cruiser news on this, the final day of the year. (Granted, the list took a hiatus last year while I was away traveling…but it’s back now.)

So without further ado, the top ten.

10. The  refrain, “What’s old, is new again” is something that I found myself saying throughout the year. Case in point, Gary Turner’s return to the BMX world with a line of cro-mo frames…kicked off by the intro of a nice 26″cruiser frame.

9.  Redline came out with their “nod to the past” PL-26 cruiser. Aping the style of it’s iconic PL-24 cruiser, Redline capitalized on the current interest in 26″ cruisers and introduced a 26″ version.

8. As alluded to above, 26″ cruisers continued to enjoy their moment in the sun. Interbike had 26″ cruisers on display around every corner it seemed. Heck, Skyway even announced a 26″ T/A for 2016, so this trend seems like it will continue.

7. Colony surprised us with a well-spec’d new school 24″ cruiser. Nice to see another core company offering a big wheel option to riders.

6.  Summer 2015 might well go down as the Summer of the BMX movie. A surprising number of entertaining flicks were available to choose from. I caught Turbo Kid in the theater and was grinning from ear to ear the whole time.

5. After months of teasing, anticipation and finally the introduction of the 24″ Chase Hawk tire…people were stoked on this high-performance tire option. However, its swan song seemed to come way too fast (with the announcement that Odyssey was dropping Chase from its team). Whether Odyssey will continue to offer it under a different name remains to be seen.

4. Encore Bikes, an outfit out of Canada, introduced both a new school 24 and 22-inch complete to their lineup. Nice to see these models, right out of the gate, from the new face in the market.

3. BMX Plus!, the longest-running BMX magazine, announced it was shutting down. A blow for sure, especially in a year with so much focus on the old school and bikes like back in the day.

2. Stolen Bikes continued to do the big wheels right. Dialed completes, limited edition tan tires and solid components. It’s easy to see why so many folks are rollin’ on Stolen.

1.  The passing of Scot “The OM” Breithaupt shook the BMX world hard. The man who essentially wrote the template for BMX back in the day (and founded SE Bikes) was gone. News spread quickly, it trended on social media, and it had everyone reflecting on the man and his legacy. In the end, however, it seemed to remind us of how special BMX is, and what an important part Scot played in “making it happen.”

As I said in my post about Scot,

It’s up to us now to continue to make it happen…whether that’s holding a jam, piling into a car with friends for a BMX roadtrip or just getting out on a bike for some fun…we have to continue to make it happen.

BMX has done a lot of looking back this year…but on the eve of 2016, let’s look ahead to see what’s next…to that next turn, that next jump, that next pedal.

Cheers everyone…and Happy New Year!



An uncommon approach to the 24

30 12 2015

Commonground Bikes has taken a decidedly uncommon approach to spec’ing their flagship 24″ bike.

While many companies have followed the path (made famous by Sunday with the Model C) of building scaled up versions of their popular 20″ bikes.

Commonground opted to take the dimensions of a 26″ dirtjumper frame and scale it down to a 24″ package.


Along with that thinking comes a quite different handling bike.

Instead of a steep head angle and a high bottom bracket, you’ll find a slack head angle and a low bottom bracket.

24 cruiser vs commonground comparison

We’re talking a 69 degree head angle here…which is very slack by cruiser standards. Even race cruisers stay above the 72 degree threshold (Mike Wong’s Dialled cruiser excepted).

commonground 26-24

With spec’s like this, it seems like this would be right at home in the dirt (which is what PlusSizeBMX seems to have found when they took it for a spin).

Heck, I can see how these might gain some traction (pardon the pun) in some of the older cruiser classes…given its more predictable steering and lower, more stable stance.

Not sure how it would fare for more technical street/park type riding though.

An interesting concept for sure…and with FBM manufacturing the frames and S&M helping out with the bars and forks you know these babies are built to last.

What do you think?

(All pics/images: Commonground)

Merry Christmas!

23 12 2015

Just wanted to take a moment to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

I’m winding things down for a couple days at Cruiser Revolution HQ and taking some time to celebrate the festive season with family and friends.

I hope you have the chance to do the same.

bike tree

If you’re anything like me…that means breaking out the Christmas sweater and grabbing a mug of holiday cheer.

Fingers crossed, at least a few of us will see some bike-related goodies under the tree!


Bart Simpson gets a BMX bike

21 12 2015

It’s been a couple years since The Simpsons/Duffman Cruiser collaboration but it looks like the connection between The Simpsons (and Bart in particular) is only getting deeper.

About a week ago, Bart Simpson got himself a BMX bike on the show.

Bart bike zap1(Wait….are those Zap Pads?)

Radness ensues…

Bart ridingAlong with a freestyle contest…

Springfield BMX championshipThere’s even a nod (I’m guessing) to the USA BMX Golden Crank Award…however, in this case it becomes The Golden Crutch Award.

Golden Crutch awardAnd what’s that on the wall?  A Quadangle, perhaps?

(And is that supposed to be Neil Stauss behind the mic? That’s a bit random.)

It’s pretty cool to see BMX popping up on The Simpsons after all these years.

Granted, American Dad did beat them to it with their kooky send-up of RAD. But given that Bart has always had any affinity for getting rad on his skateboard…we can’t really hold a grudge.

Still cool to see him on a BMX though!

(Pics from this BMXMuseum thread)

The swan song for 24″ Chase Hawk tires?

18 12 2015

After so much teasing, buildup and finally, the introduction of a 24″ Chase Hawk tire…it seems like its days might be numbered.

In a dramatic sponsorship change, almost on par with Primo dropping the Blue Falcon years ago, Odyssey has dropped Chase Hawk from their team.

Understandably, the internets have been going crazy over the last 48 hours with the news.

With Chase off the team, it probably means his signature products are probably on their way out too.

So, if you’ve been on the fence about picking up a pair, you might want to jump on it sooner rather than later.

Sad news all around…although I think Chase is probably going to have no problem finding himself a new co-sponsor (He’s still reppin’ Cult, naturally.)

Maybe Odyssey will consider a 24″ Duggan tire to replace the Hawk tire?

It’s the least they could do in this situation.

Gearing up for a winter street session

11 12 2015

Even though we’ve been blessed with warm fall weather (in most parts of North America at least)  it’s just a matter of time before the really cold stuff starts to take hold.

And while the old standbys of indoor bike parks and heated parked garages are always good options during the winter…sometimes you’ve just got to keep it raw and have yourself a good ol’ fashioned street session.

But before you do that, you have to be prepared.

A big part of that preparation is…dressing in layers.

What layers you say?

Ant Bloch of Harvester Bikes has put together a video to highlight the essentials for winter street riding.

As Ant explains, you’ll want to make sure you have the following:

  • Gloves
  • Long-sleeve shirt
  • Hoodie
  • Dickies or Carhartt-style insulated jacket
  • High-top shoes
  • Jeans
  • Toque/Beanie

A solid list for sure…and given that Ant rides in Canadian winters…he’s got some real-world experience riding in the cold.

winter riding

I can’t disagree with any of his suggestions but I would add one more item to the list: a moisture-wicking shirt.

Use it under (or as a replacement for) the long-sleeve shirt he mentioned to keep you less sweaty once the session really gets going. (I’ve started adding this to my cold weather-riding gear and it has really made a difference.)

So now that you’ve got your cold weather-riding gear sorted…don’t let a winter forecast get you down…get out there and get riding!


Race Inc. returns

2 12 2015

Race Inc., an iconic BMX brand, was a mainstay in the BMX world back in the late 70s to the early 80s.

Now, some 40 years later, Race Inc. is back with new modern race frames…all sporting the iconic Race Inc. logo of the past.

Race Inc logoIf you were at the Grands (or caught coverage of the Grands) you might have spotted some of the new Race Inc. frames on display during the race.

race inc frames grands

This has created a bit of buzz in certain circles…no doubt driven in part by old schoolers nostalgia for the brand.

Currently, the company is racing (see what I did there?) to update their website.

What we do know is that the frames will come in a range of sizes, including Cruiser.

In the mean time, they have posted the following update to their Facebook page:

We currently have a limited number of frames in various sizes, but have planned for an additional order that should arrive in February 2016. The cost will be $495.00, plus $20.00 shipping. They will come in red, silver, blue, black and gold anodized finish. Raw frames can also be requested.

24″ frames will come in following sizes: Pro, Cruiser, Pro XL Cruiser and Pro XXL Cruiser. Specific frame specifications will be on our website update.

I’m definitely looking forward to learning more about the new frames…and their specs/geometry.

race inc head tube badge

One more thing, take a look at these new head tube badges. Sweetness!