For those that rock the sticker

30 12 2009

For those that rocked the cruiser revolution sticker in 2009, I salute you!

Thanks for supporting the cause and keep shreddin’ in the new year.

Trent in Hayward, California

Bam in Denver, North Carolina

Gary in Brampton, Ontario

Jon in San Marcos, California

Angus Young, Australia*

*Angus doesn’t really rock a cruiser revolution sticker…not yet anyway…


Now this is a Christmas card…

24 12 2009

Freestyle legend, artist, entrepreneur…Bob Haro is known (and respected) for his achievements in so many areas. One thing that I think a lot of people may forget though, are the iconic cartoon drawings he used to do (mostly for BMX Action magazine). They were so distinctive and really captured the vibe and feeling of BMX at the time. I can’t help but smile when I see one.

That’s why I’m so stoked  to see this image that Bob recently posted of a drawing he did for (former sponsor) Oakley back in the ’80s for their Christmas card.

Here’s Bob’s story behind it:

In the spirit of the season – here’s a drawing I found from 1981 that I did for a little company back then called Oakley. Founder and sponsor of mine Jim Jannard asked me to make their company Christmas card and this is what I came up with. Unfortunately this design was rejected since Santa had a pipe in hand – the next iteration he held an Oakley grip.

Who knew that things would be so politically correct even back then?

Anyways, a great picture and a funny story….but also a perfect way to segue into the real point of this post…that is, to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hope Santa is good to you!

Jon Faure takes on Woodward West

23 12 2009

Jon Faure just sent an email with some great riding pics he took recently at Woodward West. You may remember Jon from a post awhile back called Is this going to be you at 45? or his interview on the Sunday bikes site.

Jon is still tearing it up on his Sunday Model-C and hopes to inspire a few more “older” riders to take the plunge and start riding a modern 24″ bike. Here’s what Jon had to say:

At 45 years old, this bike has me doing things I would never thought possible at my age. Especially since I really only started riding 6 or 7 years ago. More old guys need to take advantage of these new 24″ bikes. It makes riding so much easier and more fun!

Can’t argue with that!

Check out these great pictures

This looks like something from Freestylin’ magazine back in the day

A nice flattie in the dirt

Big wallride

I’m talking liquid…

19 12 2009

I’m talking liquid” –  Gordon Gekko, Wall Street

I’ve been chatting  with Jeremy Combs (via email)  over the last little while about his new bike company, Liquid bicycles, and their new 24″ frame.

The prototypes look great and I’ll be taking a more in-depth look at it in the very near future.

For now, check out Jeremy hitting the trails on the prototype.

(This video just makes you want to drop everything and go ride, doesn’t it?)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Bam’s custom FBM cruiser all built up

15 12 2009

Way back in November we did a feature on long-time cruiser revolution reader Bam’s custom FBM cruiser. FBM dubbed it the Cu Cu cruiser and it featured the following dimensions:

Head Tube: 75 degrees
Seat Tube: 70 degrees
Top Tube: 22″
Chain Stay: 15″
BB Height: 14″
Standover: 6″

Back then, all we had were pictures of the frame and fork but Bam recently sent some photos over of it all built up and I think you’ll agree, the bike looks great.

Eastern Bikes does a lot to support his local scene so Bam decided to “represent” and run as many Eastern parts as he could (Eastern bars, 23t sprocket, pedals, headset, seat, post, and stem.)

Other notables: Profile cranks, Primo grips, brakes, lever; KHE 14mm hubs and chain: Odyssey tires, cable, tensioner and rims.

Check out the photos:

Old-school Bottema style forks:

15″ chain stays:

Representing local scene supporters, Eastern Bikes:

If Bam’s custom cruiser/build has got you inspired, do yourself a favor and check out FBM’s custom BMX frame order form. FBM recently updated their ordering form with new features and colorways.

Orangeville indoor series final weekend

11 12 2009

I’ve been hitting the Orangeville indoor race series the past few weekends and I have to say, if you’re in the Orangeville, Ontario area this weekend you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Both BMX and MTB riders can race and the mood is  laidback with a big emphasis on  having a good time.  Hardly anyone runs clips and there’s a lot of good-natured ribbing and shit-talking.

I think what makes this race series so much fun is the variety of riders that come out for it…trail riders, serious racers, MTBers, old school and new school.  It’s just people who like riding their bikes.

Hats of to Brent “Smitty” Smith (the guy in the picture with the red hoodie) who, with the help of a lot of volunteers, put this race series together and gave Southern Ontario riders somewhere to get their riding fix during the cold weather.*

*We’re all rocking the hoodies in this picture because the facility isn’t heated…dressing in layers is the rule of the day in O’ville.

Toronto bike park rivals Ray’s MTB

9 12 2009

It looks like riders in the Toronto area will no longer have to dread the upcoming winter season. That’s because Joyride 150 is set to open up any day now.

Inspired by the awesome Ray’s MTB bike park , Joyride 150 is promising to be 90,000 square feet of pure biking fun. It features pump tracks, rollers, a cross-country trail, a skatepark, a foam pit and a resi ramp.

Located in Markham, Ontario; a suburb of Toronto, it’s only 30 minutes from Cruiser Revolution HQ. I’m looking forward to riding the shit out of this place.

Check out the video and prepare to be stoked.

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She’s got a nice tight rear end

3 12 2009

If you were into BMX in the mid 90s, you probably remember the ad for the Homeless Pornstar frame…”Long in the front, with a tight rear end you could work for hours.” Not one of the classiest ads but one of the first things that come to mind when looking at this Melms frame.

This frame features a 13.75″ chain-stay length! The Sunday Model-C, for comparison sake has a 15″ (slammed) chain stay length. Most cruisers have chain stays over 15″.

With 20″ frames back-ends getting progressively shorter, I’m actually kind of surprised that it has taken this long for someone to experiment with shorter chain stay lengths…especially with so many companies embracing the  “cruiser that rides like a 20 inch” philosophy. Maybe this is a sign of things to come…

Here’s the bike all built up:

For more on Greg Melms and his creations, check out this thread on

Barry Nobles backflips in Pro Cruiser main

1 12 2009

The ABA grand nationals went down this past weekend.  Billed as the “greatest race on earth”, it has a lot of hype to live up to. Titles are on the line and the pressure to perform is at an all-time high.  In these situations, you never know what might happen.

You expect upsets, people channeling their inner psych and taking their skills to the next level. But if you’re like Barry Nobles…you channel your inner Cru Jones and backflip the pro section in the Pro Cruiser main!

Unfortunately for Barry,  this wasn’t Helltrack so instead of the win he would have to settle for a broken collarbone and the infamy that comes with throwing caution to the wind during a big race.  Nice work Barry! As they say, pain is temporary, but glory is forever.  Thanks for mixing things up and keeping the event interesting.

Does this look like a guy that would go for a backflip in a big race?

GO211 didn’t get the flip on video (so I don’t have it to show you).  Hopefully we’ll see it somewhere in the next few days. Someone, somewhere must have had a camera rolling during that main!