More inside dirt on the 24″ S&M Dirt Bike

25 01 2011

Jon Faure’s been busy testing the 24″ S&M Dirt Bike prototype out on the trails and, more recently, in Las Vegas at their bike-friendly parks.

Jon Faure sampling all types of terrain on the 24" Dirt Bike

Jon seems to be loving the bike and his comfort level with the bike really shows (just check the picture above for evidence).

He’s also just put up a post on with some updates on how the testing is going.

It looks like:

  • some tweaks are being made to the existing prototype (proto #2 is on the way),
  • new bars to go with the frame are being developed
  • Updated 24″ Pitchforks might be in the works.

Have to say, this looks very promising!

The right stickers make all the difference...

The dirt so far:

24″ Dirt Bike testing goes flat out

24″ Dirt Bike action shots

The dirt on the new 24″ S&M Dirt Bike

S&M Dirt Bike grows up




5 responses

25 01 2011

Dang! That park looks awesome! On my list for the next time I hit up Sin City for sure.

25 01 2011

Have to say, I don’t like the low stand-over height. It makes the bike look like an MTB.
One of the key attractions of the new wave of cruisers (Sunday and avenging faction 22″) is the high standover height. It’s also the reason I don’t like the liquid frame. It’s really good to see scaled up versions of 20’s not scaled down versions of 26″. My preference only though.

25 01 2011

I agree with you Ian. I was excited tot see what S&M would do but had hoped for something more in line with the FIT CR24 and less like the cruisers of old.

Having S&M American made quality wit the the new school geo would be cool. Not sure I would want to go back to the old school geo but I am sure there are those who do not want a high bottom bracket but want the other attributes along with the quality and this will fir the bill.

27 01 2011

It all depends on your riding style.The new geometry bikes are way better for trails,parks and street.

24 02 2011

Yea, the sticker on the bottom of my cruiser say’s “FUCK WORK”

The words are on top of each other, so its small, but the point is herd….lol

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