Is a Model-C with wave tubing next?

24 06 2010

I’m not sure how I missed this when it came out but has a great interview with Jim Cielencki of Sunday Bikes on their site.

When asked about how Sunday has evolved over time he mentioned how 24s have impacted the company in a positive way:

The 24″ stuff has been an interesting surprise.  Bikes are at an interesting time.  It really seems like the definition of track bikes, MTB and BMX is becoming less clear. You are starting to see MTB and track bikes coming towards BMX with its tricks, style and use of BMX parts.  The 24″ has been great because it allows older and bigger guys to ride BMX without having to think they should be on a MTB.

What really got my attention though, is what Jim said what he was riding. In addition to a Third Wave 20″, he’s also riding a 24:

The 24″ is a Wave C prototype with front brakes.  My bike is so good right now.

Whoa…now that would be cool if it went into production. Wave tubing.

Fingers crossed the Wave C shows up at Interbike.




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25 06 2010

I rode with Jim yesturday and rode his 24 model c a few times about a month ago.The cabel channel is a really cool feature,it kind of hides the cabel with these cool little clips.I rode a few model c’s but his floats in the air like no other.I have been kinda bugging him to make the complete in both sizes,they are really thinking about it he say’s.One of the nicest guy’s you will ever meet.

25 06 2010

I too really, really, really wish that they would make the model-c in the larger size (i.e TT 21.75) as a complete.
I know you can buy the frame but why not a complete. I think for bigger guys who are sticking with MTB this could prove to be a huge pull/altrenative for them.
You only need to look at the Liquid frames and the forthcoming PT24 from Specialized to see that.

25 06 2010
Jim C

Yeah, I totally agree with you. You will see it in the future at some point. There’s no clear date as of yet, but it’s something we are working on!

25 06 2010

And with a front brake please!
Many of us out there are all original bmxers lost in the wlderness looking to find what we found first time round. That and the fact we’re going through midlife crisis, make for powerful purchasing intent. 😉

25 06 2010

How does the Sunday Model C 24 top tube length equate? What would feel closest to a 20.75 TT frame on a 20in. bike, the 21.25 or 21.75?

Also check out the new Subrosa crusier.

It looks really good but the the specs say the frame and fork are made of 1020 high tensile steel.

26 06 2010

I was more thinking of people coming from MTB who had done early bmx, then mtb. From my experience coming back in to bmx was quite a shock and I still can’t fit on a 20. Larger 24’s offer a real alternative though. They should be marketed as proper adult Bmx’s. 20’s are after all kids bikes that we’ve grown older on!

25 06 2010

Well you have sold three just from this post if you do.
Good to hear you are riding front brakes as well. Put them on the complete please.

25 06 2010

Don’t most completes come with front brakes, just not installed? I could be wrong but I know some do.

25 06 2010

Also wanted mention I love the vibe the Model C has. Sweet tits.

27 06 2010

i’ve test riden the model C and it wasn’t all that comfortable for me. granted it was the smaller sized frame but i have been riding cruisers for 12 years now and i have gotten used to the geometry and the overall handling of the cruisers. but i guess if you are going from a 20″ to a 24″ then maybe the model C is right for you. Don’t get me wrong it’s a sexy looking bike Though. I have in fact bought 2 of the 24umph bars (handlebars for the modelc ) and they are excellent. The taller bar has greatly improved my bunnyhops by nearly a foot. i’ve been riding and jumping with 5.5″ rise bars and can’t believe that i didn’t pick up on this sooner. So i do believe that sunday is definitly doing good things.

28 06 2010

So Liquid frame and Sunday bars is the way to go eh?


28 06 2010

yeah steve. i’m actually considering a liquid frame cuz of the 22″ top tube. plus its a clean looking frame. I couldn’t be happier about my sunday bars though

28 06 2010

The more I hang out here, the more I want a new bike!

28 06 2010

much respect to Jim C for running a rad company. (hope to shoot the shlt next time you come out to my trails (walnut) !

i gotta say though, as much as i love bmx (25+ years worth), the new breed of MTBMX’s (whether 24″ or 26″) do have a place. whether you want to call it Bicycle Motocross or MTB, i do not care. but judge it for what it is, which is new and rad.

Jim points out that “MTB’s are coming towards BMX” . . . . but the other half of that equation is that a lot of BMX’ers are moving towards MTB. it’s a two-way influence.

like most other BMX’ers, i had a grudge against mtb’s for a lot of years. the new MTBMX bikes are a different deal. you can ride non-groomed trails in addition to dialed dirt jumps, pump tracks, and park. not to mention, go big. i still love BMX (esp my Liquid 24″ or Faction 22″ on park/street/(and even flatland) . . . but i definitely take my Blackmarket 26″ MTBMX to the woods.

the new MTBMX bikes are made and ridden by ex-BMX’ers (like Carter Holland, owner of Blackmarket bikes) and they are designed for bmx style riding. if you want to talk about where innovation in big wheel bmx has been happening, it’s been here. look at the Union Street Molly Maguire 24″, the Tonic Fabrications Fall Guy 24″ (those both had sub 14.75″/14.25″ chainstays several years ago . . . Leigh Ramsdell and the EASTERN Nighttrain, 26″ wheels with 14.7″ stays!!!, the American-built Superco, Timo Pritzel and his influence on slopestyle bikes. etc. etc. i was pretty stoked to see Taj and Aaron Ross riding Giant STP’s at Ray’s a couple of years ago, Ruben Alcantara riding DH, and Sandy Carson stopping by my trails on his STP 26″…. just shows that it’s ALL bikes. ALL bike-motocross.

conclusion: ride 24″ bmx AND 26″ mtbmx. it’s not an either/or choice.

26 08 2010

word up cmc 😉

6 10 2010
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