Maybe you’re just a renegade…

26 11 2009

I came across this article on BMX cruisers in Oregon Cycling awhile back and I think it really captures why cruisers are so fun and why more and more people are getting into 24″ bikes.

The writer, Tom Baldinger, talking about his “secret agenda”:

My agenda is naturally, more cruiser riders on the streets, the race tracks, the skate parks, etc! I love to see other people on them, because I know what fun they are!

Why to get a 24″ instead of another type of bike:

If your budget is limited, and you are looking for a bike that is easy to maintain, can be ridden hard, and will provide more entertainment than should be legal, I would highly suggest a 24-inch wheel BMX cruiser.

How a bicycle is more than just “transportation”:

…if a bike ride is more to you than a utilitarian passage from point A to point B, if you are prone to explore alleys, jump off curbs or look for embankments, cruisers are a great option.

And finally, because (and I think this is a little tongue-in-cheek) riding a cruiser makes you a bit of a renegade:

Perhaps the best reason to ride a cruiser is the renegade factor. Mountain bikers chuckle, 20-inch wheel BMX riders scoff, road bikers are bewildered. Cruisers have a kitsch factor that’s hard to beat, they are super practical. Try one out, you’ll be surprised at the amount of saddle time it sees and I guarantee the ride will put a smile on your face.

Here’s hoping that 2010 will see even more renegades giving cruisers a try….

I like big bars, I can not lie…

23 11 2009

I had such big plans for this post’s headline yet all I can come up with is a weak Sir Mix-A-Lot reference.

My apologies and I will try harder next time.

S&M bikes is another company that has come to the rescue for riders that, like me, have wondered are my handlebars big enough?

News broke a couple of days ago that they were doing a limited run of 29″ wide cruiser bars.  That’s all the info I have right now. I can’t find any details on the S&M Bikes site, so you might want to give them a call or email if you’re interested.

Check ’em out in the picture below (…and yes, I’m as freaked out by his expression as you are).

What was behind this limited run of wide bars? I’d like to think it came to Chris Moeller when he was at the trails.

Perhaps mid-jump he yelled to his trusted assistant nearby, “I need cruiser bars this big” …and then stretched out a no-hander to demonstrate.*

* of course, this is all speculation on my part.


Todd Lyons: keeping SE Bikes cool

19 11 2009

With Todd Lyons leading the charge,  SE Bikes has managed to bridge the distance between old school and new school…offering bikes that appeal to the rider looking to relive his youth to the young rider just getting into BMX.  They’ve also hooked up with some cool companies to put out limited-edition bikes that are definitely some of the coolest looking bikes out there.

You’d think that with so much on his plate as SE’s brand manager (and so many years in the sport), the guy would become jaded or burnt out. But that’s not the case. When you take a look at his posts and his riding shots, you can tell he feels like a kid in a candy store…because he might just have the best job in BMX.

They might be Giants

17 11 2009

The Giant Method 24 doesn’t get a lot of attention but if you’re looking for a well-spec’d, roomy bike for trails this could be the ticket. Featuring a  a 22 inch  top tube, this is probably one of the longest production 24s out there (not counting pure race bikes).

It features a traditional low bottom bracket and a slightly mellow 73 degree head angle, so it’s going to feel good dirt jumping but less so at the skatepark.  It would also make a good race bike if you’re not to obsessed with how much your bike weighs.

This pic was “borrowed” from…it’s someone that goes by Cru Jones…no, not that Cru Jones…showing what the Method 24 is capable of in the dirt.

For 2010, Giant has dispensed with the cool tan & bronze look for something that looks a bit reminscent of the new 2010 Redline race bikes.  Not sure what the thinking was behind that….while this look might be ok at the track, it looks a little bit too much for the trails…where I have feeling that a bike like this would see more action.  No word on if the geometry has changed…Giant seems to have removed the specifications tab from their bike pages and I can’t seem to find the 2010 information anywhere else.

In somewhat related news: you may have seen the news that Giant is dropping some heavy hitters from their team, including Taj, Corey Bohan and Heath Pinter. It’s tough to see such talented riders losing their sponsorships so I’m hoping they find the support they need to keep riding and stay part of the scene. Giant’s Chris Arriga has gone on record that there will be a 2010 BMX program at Giant, complete with a team, in the new year but so far no details have been given.

GT might be getting its mojo back

12 11 2009

I have to admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve been excited about a GT product. Their bikes, especially their race bikes of the last few years, have been kind of ugly and seem like like yesterday’s news when compared to other bikes.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this video explaining the new 2010 GT prototype cruiser. The old ultrabox design is gone in favor of a trick, oval-tubed modern look…this bike looks fast.

And while I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable riding a bike with non chro-mo forks, I think this frame might pique more than a few racers interest* in the new year.

*Now they just have to take that level of innovation and come out with a 24 that you can take to the trails.

A nice fall day = trails

10 11 2009

When you get an unseasonably warm day in the fall, I don’t think there’s a rider out there that doesn’t immediately think, “I have to go ride.”  This past weekend seemed more like summer than fall and the local trails were packed with people taking advantage of the weather. People were in a good mood…maybe feeling like Mother Nature was making amends for the rainy summer we had. The vibe was mellow and the smiles came easy…but I guess that’s what a little sunshine can do for you.

Jon Faure big jumps

(Pic: Jon Faure)

Jon Faure probably doesn’t have to worry too much about squeezing as much riding as he can in before winter hits (he lives in California) but does that really matter? Everyone loves a good jumping picture, right? This one’s from

The revolution started a year ago today

7 11 2009

It was this time last year that I finally got off my duff to put this blog together.

Along the way I’ve learned a lot and have gotten to know so many people that love 24″ BMX bikes as much I do.

I’m having a blast doing this and I’m glad you’re along for the ride.

Thanks for checking out

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