FBM checks in with custom cruiser rider

27 11 2014

FBM may not be a name synonymous with cruisers but every once in a while they’ll surprise us with a custom cruiser build.

Yesterday, they featured a custom build (on their site) that they did for Creson Dude and touted their custom frame capabilities.

creson bike

Included in the writeup are pictures of Creson shredding pools, trails…you name it.

creson whip

creson bowl

What might be even more interesting is…this might be the same custom frame & fork that we featured here on Cruiser Revolution back in 2009. (It does look kinda rusty in the more current pics…) If it is that same frame…well, then you know that these frames will stand up to years of abuse.

Nice going FBM.

(…and Creson, not too shabby in the style department!)


*all pics from fbmbmx.com


Friday Flatland Flashback

21 11 2014

This video deserves another watch.

Joe Cicman and Danny Sirkin, rolling on Sunday Wave-Cs, just killing it with some super dialed flatland riding.

So rad!



Six years strong

14 11 2014

This week marks the six-year anniversary of this little blog about big wheeled BMX bikes.

6 number plateThanks for hanging out with me all these years.

Cheers everybody!

TMZ asks Lori Loughlin about RAD sequel

13 11 2014

TMZ tracked down Lori Loughlin, the childhood crush of many a BMXer, and asked her the question we all want to know, “Any chance of a RAD sequel?”

For real.

I suddenly have a new respect for TMZ.



Huge indoor park opening in Vegas

12 11 2014

While there have been rumblings about an indoor park opening in Las Vegas before, it now looks likes it’s finally happening.

SK8XTC, what the new park is called, will cater to skateboarders, BMX riders and inline types. The features and amenities include dirt riding areas, concrete bowls, a BMX SX track and a whole lot more. There’s even a sushi restaurant planned!

Seems pretty over the top…but then again, where else but Vegas could something like this fly?



Throwback Thursday: Ted Emmer

6 11 2014

A  17-year old Ted Emmer takes on the Del Mar King Of The Skateparks contest aboard his cruiser.

A way back playback from 1984.

Ted Emmer