Peep the 2013 Sunday Model-C AM

8 06 2012

In case you missed it, Sunday Bikes debuted their 2013 lineup of completes yesterday on Defgrip.

Tucked in the middle of their lineup, surrounded by signature bikes for their team riders, was  the 2013 Model-C AM (their 24″ complete).

No further details were released in terms of price or specs (hopefully we’ll get that soon).

Watch for the Model-C AM and the rest of the 2013 Sunday lineup to be available some time in July.




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14 06 2012

Got these from a shop online, specs on the 2013 Model C AM. Apparently, there is just one model for this year, which I found strange.

Model C AM Specs
FRAME: 22″ Top Tube, Hi-Ten Steel w/Chromoly Head Tube, Down Tube and Dropout
FORK: 24″ Hi-Ten Steel Fork with chromoly steerer tube and welded pre-load thread insert.
HANDLEBAR: 24UMPH XL Replica, 7.75″ x 28″, Hi-Ten Steel, 12 Back 4 Up
STEM: Sunday Freeze Top-Load Stem
HEADSET: Integrated 1-1/8″
ALLOY CAP: Sunday Aluminum
BRAKE LEVER: “NEW” Odyssey Springfield
BRAKE : “NEW” Odyssey Springfield
BRAKE CABLE: Odyssey Quik Slic
GRIPS: Sunday Yell Grips
SEAT : Odyssey Principal Gary Young
SEAT POST: Pivotal
SEAT CLAMP: Sunday OEM Clamp
SPROCKET: Sunday OEM, 25-T, Steel
CRANKS: 175mm, tubular Chromoly
BB PARTS: 19mm Sealed Mid
PEDALS: Odyssey Twisted PC
RIMS: HJC DP-24 Double Wall Pinned RIM 36-H (24″ version needed)
FRONT HUB: 3/8″ axle, 36-H, Low-Flange, Looseball
REAR HUB: Sealed, 14mm, 36-H, 10-T driver
SPOKES: Steel Black
TIRES: Odyssey Aitken 24×2.25 Front and Odyssey Path 24×2.10 Rear

Looks like a lot of steel for almost $500.

15 06 2012

Thanks for the update!

18 06 2012

This is an affordable entry level Model C complete. This bike retails for $80 less than the aftermarket frame retails for. The purpose of this bike is to get people who are hyped up on the Model C an entry level bike at a cost effective price, not to be the do-all-high-performance complete.

Yes, a lot of steel. But when was the last time you rode a steel bike? If it was not with in the last few years the argument of steel being an inferior material to produce bicycles with is very invalid. I can 100% guarantee you that this is hands down the best quality 24″ complete bike on the market for under $500.

Sunday still offers the Wave C and aftermarket forks and bars for the rider who wants top of the line goodies. And we see a lot of frame kits going out the door to riders who want a custom build 24″ bike.

19 06 2012

Just to clarify, I think MORE people would buy a full chromoly MID-LEVEL complete Model C… say for around $650-ish. That’s what I was hoping for personally. But, what do I know?

Instead, it looks like you’ve forced my hand Sunday. Frame and Fork it is, since I have no other choice.

2 09 2012
Erich Rafel Peace

I’m trying to decide between this and a Stolen Saint 24. Thoughts?

16 12 2012

“MORE people would buy a full chromoly MID-LEVEL”

Would have bought one this weekend, but it doesn’t exist, so I went with the Stolen Saint XLT instead.

22 08 2013
Big wheel bonanza in September BMX Plus | cruiser revolution

[…] DK Cygnus, the Sunday Model-C and Stolen Saint are all reviewed, complete with some pretty good riding […]

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