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30 04 2009
Campbell Milliken

Sweet finally I’m at home! Cruisers are the only way to roll! I’ve been racin’ them since 84′ and I’m still racin’ them today! I ride mine at the track, the trails, the park, at Ray’s, everywhere!

28 07 2010
Matt Howes

Killer site!
Nothin beats my CR24 Fit.Most comfortable bikes Ive EVER ridden.Is there a place to post our riders?Would be cool to see some other riders cruisers.But killer site and Im enjoying it alot.LIVE TO RIDE,matt

20 08 2011
Dalton Spencer

Ya man ,Ken and I used to ride(race) back in the day..This site is great I love some of the old 80s pictures.Still riding ,got a We The Poeple24″ with black skyways,and I rice a SE SoCa Flyer Flat black!!!

7 05 2009

yo, nice to see some cruiser representation!! hope ya don’t mind i ride a 26″ tho….

24 07 2016

Haha me too

25 05 2009

Need to bust out some T-Shirts.

25 10 2009

You got that right…I have some ideas percolating.

25 06 2009

I used to do jumps and tricks when i was younger, but i grew older and i bought a mountain bike. i didn’t have fun with it, so i traded it in for a mosh 2 star brass the next week. rode the bmx, it was ok but didn’t give me the same feel as before when i was younger. after a couple of years which brings us to the present day, i just got myself a HaroX24. this is the best decision/purchase/whatever thing i’ve ever done in my whole life. i’ve only had it for less than a week now, but man i’ve been ripping it on the trails and street. i am very happy i bought it, and glad to find this website. thank you for having a cruiser site for people who love 24’s! more power to your site man!!!

24 07 2009

Hey everybody,
i love the site. i would like to make the transition from 20″ to 24″ but , being 6.6ft with shoesize 13, i can`t find a cruiser where i`m not going to hit the front tire with my front foot when turning the bars. Do you have any suggestions for a suitable bike?
btw, the new Wethepeople and sunday cruisers look awesome, anyone tried at least the sunday (WTP coming in september?)?

31 12 2009

The Sunday rocks. I’ve got size 12s and 6’4″. Get one. You’ll love it

6 05 2010

the 22.25″ top tube LIQUID Feedback is the better choice for a 6’6″ rider than the Sunday. The Long Sunday only comes in 21.75″, which is not actually very long.

27 04 2012
Ryan Nolan

The 2012 model c is 22″ top tube. I love it

8 12 2011

Check out FiremansTexasCruzer. They have old school style 24″-26″-29″



25 09 2013

firemans 26 i just the bomb for big guys.

24 08 2009
Time is on my side « cruiser revolution

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23 10 2009

not much action on the blog here. 6 posts since april. screw it, i’ll say something. i picked up a used WTP 24 recently, kind of an impulse. its the 08 with the funky tube gusset and looptail. the frame is unique and its growing on me. the bike has a few upgrades but has weak single wall gold rims and 170mm cranks. i’m building some new wheels, rhyno lyte xl and profile. im gonna try the taller s&m slam bars but i’ll keep my cruiser bars too. i got some profile cranks, 180mm raw. incidentally, the bike had a 40 tooth ring with 9t driver when i got it. i tried it and set and set an unofficial landspeed record. i’ll be running 28/9 gears making about 6 meters. thats a cruiser.

24 10 2009

Hey scharz,

Thanks for the comment…most of the comments seem to happen on the individual posts.

Stoked that you picked up an 08 WTP…that’s one of my favorite bikes that they’ve put out. It’s funny…I just put up a post about WTP bikes through the years…check it out.

25 10 2009

ya im really diggin this frame. it rides awesome. its great to see the 24 still evolving. ive had a few 24s over the years…robinson, gt, redline. then i got caught up in the mt bike thing and went from fully, to ss hardtail and now im back where i started. sidewalk surfing on a 24, dodging traffic and terrorizing pedestrians. the good life. these bikes are so quick and handle so good. great website, pure and simple like the bikes. peace.

9 11 2009

Wow, great site. But now I guess I’m not as much of an outcast. Bummer. No but really, not many cruisers out and about unless of course you’re at the track. So I’m really stoked to see the cruiser getting some attention. I too love riding on the track, at the trails and off curbs. Just feels like the perfect size and set up for it all. And of coarse, nothing beats the style, HA.

And how do you get a hold of the stickers????

10 11 2009

Thanks for the compliment!

I ride my cruiser everywhere too..off curbs, at the trails, wherever…my 24 can handle it all. I think people’s perceptions are starting to change about what’s possible on a cruiser and that can only make things better (in terms of bikes, parts, etc.)

Stickers: Send an e-mail to cruiserrevolution@gmail.com with your contact info and I’ll set you up.

30 12 2009
For those that rock the sticker « cruiser revolution

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3 01 2010

Okay, I’m in! Just tore the plastic off my new Intense Pro 24 yesterday. Today I rolled my Cannondale Jekyll, Surly Instigator, and Schwinn Brian Foster 20″er into long term storage in my Shed of Old Toys out back. R.I.P. I’m 50 yrs old…gaaaaaasp! and haven’t had this much uncomplicated fun on a bike since the 60’s jumping over burning garbage cans off ramps made of busted chairs and refrigerator doors on my trusty blue Stingray with the banana seat AND the required STP sticker firmly applied. That ain’t “Old School” kiddies… that was “First School”… now I wonder where can I find a metal garbage can?

9 03 2011

Thats what I’m talking about!….. even though it was the 70’s-80’s for me.

Evil Kenevile was our hero…!!!! It was all about distance.

4 01 2010

i was wandering are the dk cygnus24 as good as the haro zx24

19 10 2010

Better! FUll cromo frame for a hundred bucks less than the Haro.

11 01 2010

Are you going to feature 22’s on Cruiser Revolution? There was a guy ripping it up at Ray’s park at the weekend on a Faction 22″ wheel cruiser. I couldn’t get a go on it but a lot of guys were rating it. kinda cool looking new bike.

11 01 2010

Yo – also an old schooler bmx-er just getting back into it at age 40! oops, just turned 41 in Sept! eee-gads!

I picked up 2009 24″ SE So Cal Flyer as a re-entry level bike to try to get a feel for it all again. love the bike, super smooth and responsive, but i must say that i think i would prefer a higher rise handle bar in order to feel better on jumps at the local trail and for wheelies, etc.. Is this considered do-able? i noticed that the 2010 So Cal Flyers have higher-rise bars on them for this year. Since i’m “re-newbie,” i’m wonderin’ where i can have discussions / get opinions on such things without coming across as totally wack or completely unknowledgeable. ha ha.

thoughts, concerns, opinions?

Also, what is typical age limits at the tracks? I visited one track down in OC that had a 36-40.. will they typically let a rider just over the limit in? or is there a “really old” (40+) race class?

14 01 2010


I prefer higher-rise bar myself…Mosh has a nice pair at 6.5″ rise (if you can find them)…I’m currently running Sunday 24umph bars with a 7.25″ rise and love them. You can read more about the Sunday bars elsewhere on the blog.

For discussion/opinions for the “older” newbie I would suggest vintagebmx.com…I think you’ll find people a lot of great info there and people willing to answer any and all of your questions.

And at 41 you have a long way to go before hitting any sort of age limit at the tracks…at lot of tracks your first race might even be free. Check it out…and get ready to have the time of your life!

3 11 2010

I am 44 and riding some funky old gt cruiser thing. it was a 24 mountain bike frame but i took it down to 1 speed and put some nice rims on it.
its real fast. I race at the track in the 40-45 class. check out ababmx.com for more info. I know they have a few more classes older than me so you can do it. you’ll dig it.

7 10 2011

I think you are talking about the GT “Hybrid”. (Not to be confused with the 700c trail/commuter bikes called hybrids.) I had one of those. It was a purple/black/blue splatter colored 1×6 speed. It had their “Triple Triangle” like their MTBs, but felt like a BMX cruiser, and the rear was high-ten steel. I could bend the frame when I landed sideways, but it sure jumped nice. I would have kept it, but there was so little support for 24″ back then. Glad to see what is out there now. I am trying to decide between Liquid, Blkmrkt and Inspired for the frame on my next project.

13 01 2010

Hey old schooler. Check out ABA and NBL sites to find tracks near you and the classes they run. You can compete nationally all the way up to the 56 and up class, so have no fear young man, you ain’t even close to the “really old” age group…mmm, where’d I put my depends?

14 01 2010

radical, thanks for the info and encouragement! weather looks great for a Saturday ride this weekend!

23 01 2010

Awesome site! I need to get me a Cruiser Revolution sticker for my ELF! Keep up the good work.

BTW, I’m more of an old school fan, but I can’t stop looking at Bams bike, that thing is incredible!!!!!

14 02 2010

Congratulations on Mogul Gold!

15 02 2010

Oh yeah! Stoked on the Gold!

25 02 2010

Bontrager B29 reporting in for duty

4 03 2010
Tom Z.

It’s great to find a solid cruiser BMX site! I’m right on the edge of a cruiser purchase myself, but I’ve been trying to decide which model to buy. The finalists are the Sunday Model C and the 2010 Fit CR24.

I was locked on the Sunday until the weight was released. 28.43 lbs versus the 25.5 lbs on the Fit. That and the CR24’s a bit cheaper….

Yeah, I could sure use some learned advice from experienced 24″ rippers.
Little help?

4 03 2010

Hey Tom,

Check out the comments on the …and now for the complete picture post. Lots of discussion on the pros and cons of those two bikes.

6 03 2010
Tom Z

Great info and good points for both.

Darn it. It looks like it might all be boiling down to $$$.
Such a shame.

12 03 2010

Been checking out this site for awhile,I think it is great that someone started a cruiser site.Anyway I am 46 and have a model-c and just bought the liquid frame that I am building right now.
I race at the hill in Elgin IL in the cruiser class in the summer.One guy that races there is 65 years old,so you are never to old to do ot.
Take care

18 03 2010

I need a couple of those stickers,how do I get them?

18 03 2010

Stickers: Send an e-mail to cruiserrevolution@gmail.com with your contact info and I’ll set you up.

19 03 2010

Yeah man…i love this site. i recently got back into the scene after a 6 year layover. i acquired a 2002 free agent hellcat24 from my brother. i used to race a limo back in the 90’s so i was stoked to get on this bike. It was so heavy at first but after about $700 worth of upgrades it is now a killer. I love it man! I get props on it all the time. I saw your post about skinwall tires. What the hell happened in the last 6 years man? i can’t find a decent pair of tioga tires anywhere unless i order them online. I am all about bringin back the skinwall look!!

20 03 2010

oh and TOM Z, i wouldn’t worry about the weight too much. after some good customizing you can always bring down the weight. My hellcat 24″.s weight topped out at a whopping 34 lbs i believe. and like i said i brought it down just by doing the simple swapping of parts that i would’ve put on the bike to begin with. Although with mine the frame is so beefy that it’ll still be pretty heavy but then that will just make me stronger and better when i decide to get another lighter bike. I’m considering the free agent traildevil 24. I test rode one and i thought it was perfect for me.

20 03 2010

it lookjs like soon everyone will have a sunday model c. i like it but i’m more about standing alone. i don’t know anyone with a custom hellcat

24 03 2010
Parabellum Shane

Been tearing it up own here in Florida. Twenty four on the floor…

24 03 2010
Jason Bidwell

Great to see a dedicated Cruiser site, love 20″ BMX but at 40 years and 6’3″ I am very tempted by the new WTP and Sunday, the Liquid and FBM frames look sweet too.

25 03 2010

ok, so i was talking about the skinwall tires right? well now it’s time for me to buy some new tires and of course the local shops dont have a very goo selection of 24″ tires. I looked at one of the bigger onl;ine shops owned by a guy named Dan, weed needless to say that they don’t carry s%@t for 24″ tires either. So does anyone know of a good online site that has a good selection of cruiser parts?

27 03 2010

Hey Mike,

Check out colortuffs.com. They have 24″ skinwall tires. I’m told they’re K-Rads but I would double-check before ordering.

26 03 2010

I got the stickers today. Thanhks alot man!

27 03 2010
27 03 2010

I dunno….seems more fixie than BMX. Not my cup of tea.

27 03 2010

Yeah…i don’t dig sitting in that position at all. It just doesn’t look like fun at all.

27 03 2010

yeah and i tried colortuffs.com and it said it doesn’t exist. Maybe a typo?

27 03 2010

Oops..coloredtuffs.com (http://www.coloredtuffs.com/shop/)

4 04 2010

Hey..I am looking for some new cranks. I need something strong cuz i have a habbit of stripping out the crank arms. I got cheap ones now ..poverty POW cranks. i got them cuz i figured that the 8 spline was the strongest since i used to run the redline flights which are 6 spline. The redlines never stripped out. I have never tried the 48 spline cranks but there is a much wider variety of cranks if you go 48 spline. So what do you think i should run with redline flights or try a 48 spline crank?

15 04 2010

I’m not too particular about cranks but I’ve always liked the look of Flights.

5 04 2010

YES YES YES, Come out to SoCAL, Hey u know when a rider is SCARED, 7 20″ bikes, and 1 CRUISER for pro am, and “they call the race” CRUISER FOREVER

16 04 2010

Years ago (the 80’s…), I use to race quite a bit across the country and over time I’ve kept my love for BMX alive purchasing a bike here or there throughout the years. I’m 41 now and in the last year, I picked up a Haro F-24 and started riding the area MTB trails with my brother. Recently I’ve been modifying and maintaining a few trails and turning a local clay pit that was stagnant into some place cool and fun to ride.
If anyone is in the Pensacola Florida area and wants to ride, check out the UWF trails, Games Loop clay pit. Cool drops, jumps, trails, berms and obstacles in a small 10 acre section among the 40 miles of MTB trails. There’s only a small hand full of folks who ride the area (downhill or freeride guys and gals…). Most don’t venture into the pit though. Anyway, just giving yall a heads up. Stop by sometime. I think you can get direction at porc.org . Glad there’s Cruiser Revolution.

16 04 2010

Years ago (the 80’s…), I use to race quite a bit across the country and over time I’ve kept my love for BMX alive purchasing a bike here or there throughout the years. I’m 41 now and in the last year, I picked up a Haro F-24 and started riding the area MTB trails with my brother. Recently I’ve been modifying and maintaining a few trails, turning a local clay pit, that was stagnant, into some place fun to ride.
If anyone is in the Pensacola Florida area and wants to ride, check out the UWF trails, Games Loop clay pit. Cool drops, jumps, trails, berms and obstacles in a small 10 acre section among the 40 miles of MTB trails. There’s only a small hand full of folks who ride the area (downhill or freeride guys and gals…). Most don’t venture into the pit though. Anyway, just giving yall a heads up. Stop by sometime. I think you can get direction at porc.org . Glad there’s Cruiser Revolution.

16 04 2010

so i ordered the only pair of skinwall tires and got them yesterday. i am pretty unsatisfied with them. the tires are lopsided. the skinwall part is completely uneven. when you watch the tire spin it looks like my rim is tweaked. well i’m gonna try out these tires here in a minute and go riding. they are kenda tires and i paid 50 bucks for the pair including shipping. So hopefully i get my moneys worth out of them.

3 05 2010
paul sladinski

cool site i’ve started ridin bmx again after 4-5 yrs model -c rides like my 20” park,street,dirt what ever i have time for even if just hour or so hit that shit while you still can like to see 24” video footage anybody?????

8 05 2010

Anyone know where to get those new 24″ Alienation Delinquent rims that were posted here a few months back? I wanted to have Dans Comp build a new set of wheels using them. Surprisingly they don’t carry them and didn’t seem interested in ordering them. I was kinda bummed about that.

10 05 2010

Just spotted the 24″ Alienation Delinquent rims on the J&R BMX Superstore site.


8 05 2010

Yeah man i have found that it’s really hard to find good 24″ rims. Dans comp is starting to make me mad cuz the cater mostly to the 20″. they have a few 24″ parts buyt what they have just aren’t good enough. I searched for months for a good 24″ rim and ended up going withthe crupi but onl;y cuz i could order it directly from crupi’s site. I would love to be able to ” support my local bike shop” but everytime i go to any one of the 5 in my area they never have shit for 24″. oh well….there needs to be an online store that specializes in 24 and 26 inchers. that would be awesome.

8 05 2010

hey.. for anyone in the LA are tonight ist the subway series event. Hosted by the 4130 bmx club and greg hill. Thedy are raffling off a 1983 ghp retro bike at the end of it. just google the subway series in LA and it’ll tell you where to go. i wish i could be there but i’m in vegas.

9 05 2010
Danny C.

great site! nice to see other cruzers comin’ together

14 05 2010

Nice thread for the big wheelers out there rocking it. T-Shirts stickers and bike checks…

19 05 2010

FYI…. J&R Bicycles carries the 24″ Alienation Delinquent rims and they offer free wheel building as well. I’m ordering a set tomorrow with blue rims blue DK hubs.


25 05 2010
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15 06 2010

i just test rode a sunday model c. Not impressed at all. although i ended up buying the 24umph bars and when i went to cut a half inch off each end i destroyed my pipe cutters. I have had these for years and used them on probably about 15 different sets of handlebars. i went and bought a brand new pipe cutter and destroyed the new ones as well. what the hell are these things made out of?

14 07 2010

I went to paint my Sunday bars and decided to drill a small hole on one of the ends to hang them while painting. It took me about a 1/2 hour to drill one tiny hole!

15 07 2010

yeah man, i love these bars. Mike cruiser was just ok before i got them and now my 24umph bars are what stands out. got my buddies wanting to get them as well cuz they,ve seen the advantages to having taller cruiser bars.

17 07 2010

Dans Comp is selling them for $39.95 right now.

21 07 2010

i got mine for 45 at my local shop. Dans comp is cool but only for shit your local shop doesn’t have. I’m all about supporting my local shop. The shop owner did get pissy about my new device cranks and demolition brakes i ordered from dans comp. LoL

21 07 2010

As far as supporting local shops… We finally got a good one going her called Joe’s Bike Shop. Dans may have some stuff but when something goes wrong the mail order companies do not resolve the problem. I purchased some Demolition stuff. Never will again! Support your local shops and they will eventually take care of you as you do to them. Ask you shop to order stuff for you and ask what there opinion is on products.

28 07 2010

We had an all bmx shop in Philly called Two By Four (Van Homan’s shop). I ordered a set of S&M cruiser bars from them and they just picked up the phone and ordered from Dans Comp, lol. Sadly philly couldn’t support them and they closed after one year.

The other shops around here suck except for one place that sells nothing but used shit… and I mean stuff from the 1800’s to today. It’s like a museum with floor to ceiling bike parts. I get quite a bit of small stuff from them.

My cruiser’s pretty much done anyway. I don’t think there’s much more I would change aside from tires and tubes.

24 08 2010

helllo enjoying the site and some good info here, just about to embark on a 24” project to try and get the bmx of my child hood dreams, well it will be a impression of the bike i had in my minds eye as 80’s kid with no money!!, white F n F +bars , blue mags, yellow trim. my last cruiser got stolen a few years ago, flirted with MTB, enjoying fixed for non lazy leg training and fun but the cruiser was so much fun..will drop by again.

30 08 2010
TJ from OZ

Firstly let me congratulate you on a great blog!
I am a fairly new 24 incher and at present my ride is a Felt Brink.
I am in the throws of doing it up and to date have updated my wheels:
Back= supra B double pro 48H with Odyssey V3 and front = Supra B double pro 36H with Vandero 2. am thinking frame is probably my next step as mine is a chro-mo plus steel and think a full chro-mo is probably where I should spend the bucks? looking for some feed back from fellow 24 riders!
Any advise welcome!

“lifes better on 24”

3 09 2010

Hey people of the cruiser world. I just wanted to say, great site. I’m glad that cruisers are making a comeback. I ride a DK Cygnus cruiser. I haven’t seen a lot of info on your site about it, so i thought I’d put in my two cents. it sucked in stock configuration, once I slapped some nice new parts on it, it was awesome. the rims are singlewall, and the hubs are unsealed. these were the main drawbacks I found with it. I replaced the rear wheel with a hazard light laced to a hazard v2 hub, and we shall see how the stock front wheel holds up. its also a very small frame, but I manage to ride it alright. it would be better for someone shorter than me though. I’m 6.1″ and have trouble with knee/stem conventions every now and then. its a blast to ride even with this fairly major drawback. and now for the good news. it has a 100% 4130 cromo frame fork and bar setup, mid bb, seatstay mounted U brakes, 14mm dropouts in the back, and a sealed standard headset, all for $279.00. pretty good if you ask me. anyway, enough about the bike. I’m going to a local bike show in October, and I’ll be bringing the cruiser. there isn’t a very strong bmx community at these shows, and almost no cruisers at all. I’ll see if I can generate some local hype and get some people interested in the sport. thanks for your time. I’ll send you an email and try and welch some stickers off you. : )

19 10 2010

Been lurking here for a while, and I love the site. It really helped influence my decision to get my first cruiser. I went with a 2011 Mirraco 20forty, and it’s pretty darned awesome. Well spec’d for the price ($400). My wife liked the 24 so much she ended up buying a DK Cygnus cruiser. My two sons think their mom and dad are pretty cool, but it must suck to get smoked on the jumps by Mom. Oh well, they’re still young……

5 11 2010

Addendum to above post:

After riding the Mirraco for a short while, I decided that I didn’t much care for the relaxed geometry, 21.3″ TT, and low bottom bracket. Got a new Model-C frame for a steal and did a frame swap. The new 21.75″ Sunday! feels much more like what I remember from my 20″ days, only smoother and more comfy! I dig it a lot!!!

28 12 2010

Do you race at all? Have you seen the new Specialized P24? I’m thinking about getting one for racing. I also had looked at a Mirraco 20Forty, but think the higher bottom bracket will be better. Any thoughts?

27 10 2010
Specialized steps it up with the P24 « cruiser revolution

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25 11 2010

This is a great pleace for cruisers to hang out.BUT! I would like to see more .Like your cruiser and other cruisers.We all take great pride in our bikes and when I get the chance I show it off. There has to be more to this site. So when and really show the World Wide Web and the BMX scene Freestyle,Dirt Jumping.That we are here to stay.
Keep racing and ridding!!!

27 11 2010
Jay White

I am 37 years old married have two boys. My oldest is five years old and wanted a bike this year for Christmas so we went to the local bike shop and I was flooded with the memories of my racing days back in the 80s. That night when we got home I got online and was searching everything BMX and thought that maybe I could start riding with my boy, if I could just find a bike I would be comfortable on. Then I thought of the 24in cruisers. I stumbled on this website and knew this was the ticket for me. I am so glad there is a website out here that talks about us older guys. I am 5’11 250 pds beer belly/truckdriver. I read everything on this site and it opened up a forgotten past in which I loved. That all happened last week. Know I have a 2009 Giant 24in that was left over at my local bike shop the tan & gold pretty one you all talk about here and was able to get it for $375.00 out the door. I got it home and rode all day and I was hurting it had been a while. The next day I called Empire Bmx and ordered the LumberJack Odyssey bars and S&M XLT RaceStem 57mm. Put it on, now I have a perfect bike and a new look on life. Thank you so much for this website, as me and my family check it out daily and when I am away my wife calls me and reads to me what is new on here. She also wants a cruiser and By Christmas we will all be riding and enjoying this new lifestyle, thank you so much.

28 11 2010


Awesome story man! Love hearing about guys getting back into it (and riding with their kids).

My dad played a big part in my early “BMX career” so I know that your riding with him will have such a positive impact on him.

Glad you’re enjoying the site!


28 11 2010
Jay White

Thank you. Sorry about all the misspelled words. I don’t type anymore, my wife usually does that for me. She is laughing her butt off at me. I tried to correct my spelling but it was too late. Anyway, I got my son a mini cruiser and a 18in Redline for christmas. Both of my kids watch my old copy of Rad every day so they run around the house fighting over which one is Cru Jones. They both went as him for Halloween and I was amazed at how many people knew exactly who they were. Thanks again for this site and all the info that is provided.

20 08 2011

Awesome i grew up watching Rad and recently put it on, but not to many of my friend ever herd of it.

1 12 2010

No worries about the misspelled words (I fixed them up for you)…nice to see your kids are watching one of the classics (Rad)…required viewing for every BMXer.

23 12 2010
chris ehlbeck

Plz add me to cruizer revolution.

29 12 2010
Stephen B

Story similar to other guys on here, except I did not grow up racing, I grew up doing free style, mostly mini ramps and dirt jumping.

First bike was a Schwinn scrambler my dad picked up for me at a police auction sometime in the mid 80’s, went from that to a Schwinn predator and it just kept evolving to a trick master then a performer rode a titan for a brief moment last two bikes i had were a S&M dirtbike and a hoffman condor in 94. I tweaked my leg so bad i had to quit riding for a while, needless to say I never got back into it.

Recently i just bought my 4 yr old son his first real bicycle, a 16″ DK general lee while I was shopping around for his bike all those memory’s of bike shops and riding and all that I decided it was time to get back into it, ran into this site and i read all the blogs and back posts for a good 2 or 3 hours trying to help my decision, my initial price was 350ish. I ended up picking up a 2010 DK lucky 24 for 200 flat through a friend that works at local bike shop, full chromo nice parts, alienation rims and i even liked the color! got it the other day and been riding it daily. Thanks for the info and i cant wait to save up for a higher end cruiser, maybe a sunday model c pro! or even better yet those liquid bikes are super sexy.

7 01 2011

well well wll, i’m not alone, long love the 24……..i can’t wait to get my hands on that new dirt bike

14 01 2011
Stephen B

How do i get some stickers? lol

17 01 2011

Hi Stephen,

Just send a note to cruiserrevolution@gmail.com with your mailing address.

14 01 2011
chris ehlbeck

Hey guys this site is awesome! like most who posted on here i myself am about to buy my first 24″ cruiser.I’m looking for both positive and negative feedback.At first i was all about the Mirra twenty Forty but now i’m leaning towards the Sunday model c ex.Hook me up out there with comments Cruiser Revolution.I’m looking to buy in about three weeks.Thank’s and keep on shredding!

16 01 2011


21 01 2011

Danke Ed @cruiserrevolution, I just got the decals. (714) will be reppin’ ya!

22 01 2011


29 01 2011
Cam Pepper

I am getting ready to start riding at Steel Wheels BMX. 41-45 CRUISER here I come. And I can’t believe I am going to clip in.

I am just shy of 6’5″. If you are tall, I suggest an Alliant Billet 24″ Pro XL it has a 23″ top tube. Mike Devitt from SE fame and Gary Turner from GT fame. The two icons in BMX history formed this company and produced some outstanding frames and forks that exhibited the craftsmanship from both of the legendary companies (GT and SE.) This frame is the STIFFEST aluminum bike that I have ever owned. Mega-high quality frame with beautiful attention to detail in every aspect in making this frame.The Last year they built them was 2005.

I outfitted this racing machine with Landing Gear forks with Crupi handlebars with a Marzocchi XL Stem stem. Profile 180mm cr-mo race cranks with a Profile imperial sprocket with 36-16 gearing. Wheels feature Sun BFR rims. Brakes are Odyssey A-Brakes, and will stop on a dime.

23 02 2011

Haven’t been able to check the site too much lately, so i wouldn’t know if i missed something, but what’s the word on the current Kuwa Laserlite (Pro 24), and is there any US distro in the works?

24 02 2011

Would love to get some stickers….sending email also

6 03 2011

So I got my new We The People Avenger 24. It is a sweet cruiser. I love it. The hubs are my only complaint. But I fixed thats prkblem today. Bought me some new hubs today. Coalition front hub and eastern bi rectional cassette rear. Can’t wait to get em laced up.

7 03 2011

Specialized p24 has landed and I couldn’t be happier… now how do I get my hands on a Cruiser Revolution sticker????

8 03 2011

Just send an e-mail to cruiserrevolution@gmail.com and I’ll hook you up!

3 04 2011
TJ from OZ

Just got my hands on a bubblegum blue Liquid frame and bars, probably sell the bars and replace them with 8″ looking at chrome slams and chrome Landing gear forks,cant wait to finish the build and take it to the parks!
Hats off to Jeremy at Liquid, helped me out heaps even when USPS lost the frame……..
By the way looks like there is a glitch on the categories drop-down tab it keeps taking you to a face book link.
Keep up the good work.

1 05 2011

Hi, I’m really digging on the site. I just got a 2010 DK Cygnus 24. I haven’t changed anything on it as of yet except for a tire and tube. It’s the first bike I have owned since I was about 14 (I’m 30 now). I bought it for my local DJ track. I got tired of trying to cram my 6’3″ frame onto my friend’s 20″. I’m loving my new cruiser though. It fits me so much better than a standard 20″.

I know 30 seems like a crazy age to get into the dirt scene, but I have to do something to fill my time in the summer while I wait for snowboard season to return. I also skateboard, but concrete hurts a lot, and I can’t afford a bunch of broken bones. I know the dirt is not inherently safer persay, but I have slammed hard on the dirt and walked away a lot better off than when I have slammed hard on concrete.

Anyway, I look forward to checking this site out more and rocking my cruiser with pride and style! (And maybe a sticker or three.) 😀

17 05 2011

I’m 38 and so glad I found this place. After selling my MT Bike, I couldn’t be without riding something and started looking into all kinds of bikes (hybrid, beach cruisers, roadie, fixies, etc) but wanted a lightweight bike I could have some fun with and look cool. My wife also needed a new bike. I totally had missed the 24″ BMX bikes until I ran into your site searching for a lightweight single speed bike. So, I found a nice local deal on an 09 SE So Cal Flyer – loved it and decided it was perfect for my wife. After doing some research here and visiting numerous bike company sites, I pulled the trigger on my new WTP Avenger thanks to your info. I received my stickers from you a few days after my bike came in – and now, we both are repin’ Cruiser Revolution in the OC (949) area!

Morning Ride BMX, my local bike shop here in town has been very nice and helped me upgrade the bike with Sky High 8.25″ rise bar, Shadow seat, S&M Fork, Eclat Pulse hubs and headset and other goodies.

Thanks CR!

18 05 2011


Great story…glad to hear you and your wife are enjoying your 24s.

26 07 2011

yeah i have the wtp avenger as well and i love it. looking to do some more upgrades on it and am thinking of going all top of the line wtp parts with the 4 piece bars and royal cranks.

25 06 2011

just found your site, by accident. I have 4 24s 1988 revcore,1993 mongoose, 2003 redline and 2010 wtp. And love em! I always look for 24 stuff on line and in mags. I am totally stoked to find this site and realy appreciate all the great reading. I think a lot of older bmxers would find your site from putting a small entry in thet new mag, classic bmx. AWSOME STUFF MATE. PETE , Avalon Beach Australia.

14 08 2011
steven hooker

Hi I’ve just found your site, it great to find this cruiser site.
I hit 41 last year and decided to get back into BMX after 25 yrs away.
I bought a Haro x24 put some bigger bars on it and loving it getting back into some old skool tricks.
I am building up a Floval Flyer with Skyway Tuffs, Redline Flights and other old skool goodies.
Just want to say a big high to everyone on your site and hope to post more on here in the future.

19 08 2011

Digging the site.. Just getting back into riding after 10 years off. Picked up a Mirraco 20forty, added taller bars, and gave it a good tune up. I’m digging this site, been reading the posts for a few months now..

Wouldn’t mind adding a couple Cruiser Revolution stickers to my frame.. Anywhere I can pick them up?

22 08 2011

Awesome! Just send your mailing info to cruiserrevolution@gmail.com and I’ll hook you up with some stickers.

21 08 2011

I’m just getting back into ridind and got my first cruiser today, I got a Haro pro 24. When i was younger i used to cut down my handle bars. I was wondering if its good to cut these bars down and how much?

22 08 2011

It’s all personal preference….these days I run my bars tall and wide.

21 08 2011

Yo I bought a 2009 Haro X24 off Craigslist and I just bent both the front axle and dropout just doing some peg grinds. Watch out guys, the 14mm axle on those bikes is no good for freestyle. I only weigh 170 lbs.
So now I need to buy a new fork (probably get the Sunday Morning 24.1), and since I need a 3/8th obviously I need a new hub. My $200 Craigslist deal is turning into a money pit lol!
I don’t mean to complain though, I’m having a lot of fun for a 37 year old.

28 08 2011
steven hooker - UK

Hi All
Ive just finished my Floyal Flyer its on BMX Museum if anyone wants a look,
been out riding it through the trails and loving it,since pictures ive had to change back to new Skyway brake pads and the Diacomp levers ive swaped for modern ones as they didnt work good with the rear V brake.
Now looking out for next build.
Loving the Cruiser Site.


30 08 2011

I recently got a haro pro 24. It came with alianation pbr wheels w/18t freewheel. I was thinking about changing them and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

31 08 2011

My chainwheel is 40t and i have a 18t freewheel, but some of the wheelsets I was looking at had mostly 16t cogs. I’m not even sure what a cog is. I was also thinking of just getting rims, spokes, nipples, and maybe new hubs. I could use my 18t freewheel and maybe even my flip flop hubs. I would appreciate any comments and suggestions .

1 09 2011

Will Sinz Pro cassette 24″×1.75″ wheelsets fit my bike? Will I have to change the size of my chainwheel?

17 10 2011
Scott "Scooter" Van Dusen

This a pretty cool site . I race Cruiser at Both DFW Tracks

3 11 2011
Gowes Asik

very happy found this site…
after read the story and just realized many 40s years guys still love their bmx experiences and it can continue with riding this 24
now i can decide to own this 24 (fortunately there’s discounted 24 on bikeshop in my town) 😀

23 11 2011
Steven Hooker England

Happy Birthday Cruiser Revolution,
Keep up the great work It’s a hub of new and old information about what we all love.
Totally enjoy the site.
All the best for many more years.

13 12 2011

seems like im pretty young to be riding a cruiser im only 15 and my uncle has a model c and he let me ride it a couple of time’s and i fell in love with 24″ wheels and i just ordered the stolen saint

23 12 2011

Awesome site! Just got into BMX at age 51 and steered towards the 24″cruiser as most said it would be a closer fit to my mountain and road bike. Been having a blast ever since. Happy to see a site geared towards the cruiser. Please keep it rolling! Let me know how I could help! Shirts sound like a great idea. I also liked that dirt jump video and that being old sucks attitude also. Staches rock also!
Merry Christmas!!!

20 01 2012

great to hear about older riders. i got into BMX around 37 I’m 41 now and just learning manuals and i hope to be still riding at 51.

30 12 2011

S&M bike 38 spécial black séries & chrome…

6 02 2012
Aaron Whitney

Love the site Im looking for a 24 getting killed going on rides with my kid on my 20” . Is there a buyers guid for 24s? I am for sure looking for some thing with a higher bb. Im getting older & need bike that is comfortable & able to pop wheelies so I look cool for my kid. Any help would be appreciated .

8 02 2012

If you’re looking for a complete with a higher BB, check out the Sunday Model-C or the Stolen Saint. The Fit CR24 or We The People Avenger are also good options if you’re buying used.

14 02 2012

Hey is anyone here having a problem bending forks with the 24″ ‘s?
ive bent 2 pairs in a few months and i havent been doing more then beginner level park riding…

14 02 2012

What brand of forks did you bend,I have bent a few myself.

19 02 2012

i just got my 2012 floval flyer. having a blast riding it after being out of bmx for about 15 years

26 02 2012
Aaron Whitney

So i just got a 2011 Sunday model C ex & I love it !!!! It already had a few upgrades like Demolition Open Bar Handlebars , Animal headset & Primo stem. That front end likes to pop up now if I could only bunny hop a curb. Ill be set thanks for the advice.

8 03 2012
Aaron Whitney

Got my stickers thanks so much . Strange side note the envelope arrived open & in a sealed plastic bag. Guess USPS thought you were shipping drugs or anthrax

9 03 2012

Maybe they saw ‘Revolution’ through the envelope and got nervous…

16 03 2012
steven hooker uk

Hi guys,Im thinking about a sunday 24 pro or a stolen 24 saint for use in park riding mainly.
Has anyone got either bike they could recomend big difference in price?


27 04 2012
Aaron Whitney

I ride a Sunday 24 (mostly dirt jumping) I love it . I haven’t had the stones to try it at the concrete park yet . I think that both bikes are similar in price. With the sunday being a bit more. I also could not find a saint with in 100 miles of my house. So I got the Sunday & could not be happier.

21 03 2012
Nick Malyshenko

Great site, follows up to you from Ukraine )
Ride 24′ too, love 24′

Thanx for this great community

28 04 2012
steven hooker uk

Thanks for your feed back,Ive bought the Sunday a couple of weeks ago and love it,It was spec up higher than the saint.

1 06 2012
Kip Count

Suddenly got the itch to sell my completely unused Schwinn mountain bike and get a new BMX instead. Hadn’t ridden since I was a kid. I probably stopped somewhere in my mid to late teems. I’m 38 now. The 20″ just looks so little to me now, so I came across the whole 24″ freestyle/park geometry stuff, and felt like this might be just the ticket! I picked up a Stolen Saint 24″. I really like this bike. It’s the best of all worlds for me. I’m pushing 40, so though I want to BMX it up, sometimes I just want to take a ride for exercise, or cruise around the yard/driveway with my daughter, do some bunny-hops and make her laugh (she’s 3).

I’m 5’9″ and about 170lbs. I seem to be on the smaller side when it comes to 24″ riders. Anyone else my size rocking a cruiser?

Great site, I’ll definitely be stopping by here a lot.

20 07 2012

I’m glad I stumbled across this site. I have a late eighties, early nineties GT 24″ that I’ve been riding on some beginner trails and the street. Could it take the beating of dirt jumps or should I get something newer that is specifically designed for jumping? I also ride a mountain bike on both street and trail. I’m 40 by the way and I used to ride half-pipe and do freestyle.

23 07 2012
Steven Hooker UK

Keep the GT for cruising around and get something new for jumps,
I’m 43 and riding skate parks just bought a 2012 Sunday 24
Model C,
There’s a lot of difference between the new and oldskool stuff.
Plus the GT would be nice in a collection,
I collect a few old skool 24 and there nice to have in good condition
For a cruise around.

24 07 2012

Thanks Steve. I picked up a 2011 Specialized P24 today for a good price. It feels good, a tad bit heavy up front, but you’re right. There’s a lot of difference between the new school and the old school. First order of business is to get a longer seat post and a new seat. Later I’m thinking of going with a bigger front sprocket.

7 12 2012

Bought a 2013 p24 about a month ago. Built a track/trail. I am 43, and having the best time ever in the trails. Id love to go to a park, but my jeans aren’t skinny enough.

10 12 2012
Steven Hooked UK

Get the skinny jeans on the parks are great fun.

10 01 2013
Richard G

jut bought a sunday c – loving it, slowly learning the basics, at 36 it hurts more than i remember when you fall! i wont be getting any skinny jeans….yet!

11 01 2013
Steven Hooker UK

The Sunday is a great bike,the tricks will all come flooding back

16 01 2013

Ta Steve. Got my hops down now onto 180s! having trouble with roll out but I’ll get there. Really enjoying it, having just ridden road bike for the last 10 years the Sunday is whole lot of fun.

17 01 2013
Steven Hooker UK

The sunday is as close 24 to a 20 your get. It is great fun,I’m really enjoying myself and this site is a great link to whats going on in the cruiser world.
The 180 rolling out will come,the good thing when your older you dont put to much pressure on yourself its just fun.

21 11 2013
Christian Garcia

Hell yes! Ok, so its simple phisics, taller riders need a bigger bike. I’m 6’3″ 180 lbs and now 31 years old. When I was 12 to 17 I rode a 20″ bmx freestyle bike, I also was 6′ 3″ when I was 16 so transitioning as I gerw really was not a big deal since I have been real tall as a kid. I started to notice I was limited on the tricks I could do compared to my smaller friends, and I really never thought about a bigger bike since there were no options back then.now the bmx industry has evolved I found that a 24 inch is the way to go for me to get the 20 inch feel on a bigger bike. I guess I could go for a 26 or 29 inch but I feel comfortable with the 24 inch alot better. So I guess my message is geared towards the tall rider who wants to rip it up at the park or dirt jumps! Do the research, and set up a 24 inch! You will be extremely happy and make the other tall riders envious. P.S. I ride a S.E. floval flyer 2012 with hoffman lowdrag 2 bars perfect for me and as far as I know out here in north las vegas I am the only one!?! Cruiser nation unite!

22 04 2014
Gareth Morris

Hi there
I’ve been following this epic website since I got my 24, inspirational!

Are stickers still available so I can sport my support!

All the best


24 04 2014

Gareth, thanks for the kind words. Forward your mailing info to cruiserrevolution@gmail.com and I will send you some. Thanks for your support! – Ed

17 07 2014

Hi! when is the next SF ride?

24 12 2014
Peter Savage

I’m 45yo and want a 24 that is good for racing and jumping. I’ve looked at the s&m speedwagon but any other brands some could recommend? I like a longer tt so guess 22in.
Excellent site 🙂

23 10 2015

The Colony Eclipse is also 22″ tt but with a slightly steeper head tube which would make it a little more aggressive steering wise. Along with the Atlas, that’s it for non-racing type cruisers. Frames that have 22″ tt would be the Sunday Model C3.

26 10 2015

I race, cruise, jump, and even vert with an alloy 24″ SE socal flyer. I dont thrash/rail so im not worried about having a cromo frame, even though they are super nice, but not $600 to $900 nice. My components are way far from stock. I transform it for each application I use it for, diff wheel/tires set, chainrings, cog, etc. But frame, forks, bars, stay the same. I’m 44 and 190lbs, and this frame has yet to disappoint for my needs. I can try to up load pics if you want.

2 01 2015

Check out the We The People Atlas 24

23 10 2015
18 11 2015

Think it time to lose the 24 and just be Cruiser revolution about all crusier things ripper om floval all size an brands of cruisers.

18 11 2015

I think that was a dumb comment. Those bikes are just beach cruisers dressed as BMX bikes.

31 03 2016
Jeffrey J Kain

All ride are twenty six bikes and no they are not beach cruisers

29 09 2016

I’m 47, 6’5″, 200 lbs. Used to race BMX when I was a kid and excited to seem my two young songs start to ride BMX. I want a new bike to ride with them, mostly just cruising but some occasional small jumps and trails. I have tried the Big Ripper and it fit me and was smooth, but seemed like I was riding a beach cruiser. The OM Flyer felt a tiny bit more nimble, but still had that sluggish feel. I want to try the Fairdale TAJ. I like the look of all the 26 inch cruisers (Subrosa, Stolen, and new Cult), but they all just seem like oversized street bikes, with not too much room for a 6’5″ guy. They would look ridiculous if I raised the seat too much. Can anyone suggest an alternative to the Big Ripper, either 26″ or 29″. I need to be able to site and be comfortable large chunks of time. But I want it to be more fun than the Big Ripper. Less expensive than the Texas Firemans products. Or am I stuck with a XL mountain bike the rest of my life? Thanks!

12 11 2016
Jeffrey J Kain

Check out Todd Lyons on a Big Ripper. On you tube. Also people i know can wheelie them as easy as anything.

13 04 2017
Anthony Van Dusen

Hi there Cruiser Land I’m on my third Cruiser .

1 08 2017
Jonathan Long

Dont know why this site has been with me through my mid life crisis and getting me off high priced road bikes back to my love for bmx yeah 24’s haro shredder 2016 stock 2008 intense pro 24 ..1990 gt dyno comp..se 2017 so cal flyer sun envy wheels acs maindrive hubs 41/15 gearing headset and clamp/neck next and fork almost put my answer dagger carbon but i could imagine a big curb or the big vert sidewalk hump no joke man u can get 3.4.foot of air off a earthquake or tree root hump. Anyway man im happy to finally be here and props to my wife of 11yrs and prtnr 17yrs to finally riding again 24′ dk Cygnus. And my 4 boys and big girl of 15 for riding diamond back an dk24 .projects 2008 intense sonic pro cruiser carbon.

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