DK parts now available at Walmart

1 05 2012

A while back we talked about DK’s foray into the mainstream with their entry-level line of bikes at Walmart.

Without a doubt, there was some controversy over whether or not this was a good idea.

Well, love it or hate it…it looks like DK Bicycles is continuing to build on its relationship with Walmart.

On a roadtrip to Ray’s MTB a week ago, we stopped in at a Walmart and I was shocked to stumble on to this…an aisle endcap stocked with DK parts and accessories.

While clearly not super high-end, I was pleasantly surprised that what was on offer was, for the most part, okay-quality (especially in light of what’s usually available at mass-market stores).

It actually kind of blows my mind a bit that you can now walk into a Walmart (in the U.S.) and pick up a DK Random Wrench.

Who would have thunk it?




9 responses

1 05 2012

damn…i’m gonna go get a random wrench. LoL

1 05 2012

That wrench is pretty awesome,it works well.

2 05 2012

Is this a Canuk thing? What stores are these in?

Hmm, might like to have that wrnch/tool.

2 05 2012

I think it’s US only.

3 05 2012

I was at my two local Walmart stores (Orange County, Ca) yesterday. indeed both stores were stocked.

10 05 2012

The wally world near me (san marcos CA) does not have this setup, nor any DK bikes, I gotta scour for this stuff…. I’d like to check out the wrench lol

15 05 2012

wow. DK does not have my business anymore.

19 05 2012

having worked is retail display and advertising in a past life- i can tell you end cap displays are a huge deal- DK is making a serious commitment here!

31 12 2012
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