Happy Holidays

23 12 2014

I’m away traveling right now…but given that’s it’s almost Christmas Eve…I thought I would send out a note to wish you the very best of the season.

I hope you have the opportunity to see friends and family…rock an ugly Christmas sweater and maybe, just maybe…find some bike parts under the tree.

Have a safe and happy holiday.

Cheers, and I’ll see you in the new year.

Riding Santa


Tested: Stolen Joint tires

17 12 2014

When I heard that Buddy Sardenga was getting a set of 26″ Stolen Joint tires for his Beelzebike 20 666, I knew it would be a good opportunity to hear more about the tires that are popping up on more and more cruiser builds.

Judging by this pic alone, they are definitely winning in the looks department.

Buddy tests Stolen Joint 26 tires

But how do they perform?

According to Buddy,

…they have amazing grip on the concrete and you can lay it down as low as you want on turns. Very fast and quiet, especially with a free coaster.

In the dirt?

What really blew me away was the way they handled dirt jumps and cornering at high speed in berms. Once again, very fast and they grip like they had knobs, great all around design.

Comparing the Joint tires to what he ran before, Buddy said:

I was running Halo Twin Rails before these tires and I would say the Stolen’s are right up there with those.

(Editors note: I took a lapĀ  on Buddy’s bike at Walnut Creek last year when it had Halos on it…and whoa, were they super grippy…if these tires are in the same league…that’s saying a lot.)

It appears the Stolen Joint tires are the real deal…looks and performance in one package.

Check out Buddy shreddin’ Tejano’s trails in Pflugerville, Texas for more proof that these tires live up to the hype. (Pic by Octavio Artuno)

Buddy at Tejano's trails in Pflugerville

TwoFourFlat 6 drops on TwoFourTuesday

16 12 2014

I think every #TwoFourTuesday is special but when Joe Cicman drops another installment of TwoFourFlat it is even more so!

Always stoked to see this type of 24″ flatland wizardry.

So much radness.

TwoFourFlat6 Joe Cicman

A 29″ FBM cruiser…who would’ve thunk it?

10 12 2014

A little over a week ago we peeped some 24″ custom-built goodness from FBM.

To further show that FBM is on the top of its custom bike game, I give you this…one truly sweet-looking custom built 29″ cruiser from FBM.

The owner, MSERNO75, a BMX Museum member, started a thread over on the Museum showcasing his new ride…where I happened upon it.

In the thread, he explains how he has had many SE Big Rippers in the past and loved the way they rode. He’s also had a number of FBM 20 inchs, and was a big fan of their build quality, as well as the fact that they were American-made.

Deciding to meld the best of the two worlds, he contacted FBM and had them build a custom frame to his specs (similar to the Big Ripper) along with a custom set of 29″ CB4K’S forks.

Looks hella dialed in Trans Blue…perfect for long rides and hitting the odd curb cut or two.

Shred the snow on a 24

9 12 2014

This might be just the thing as we head into the deep freeze of winter.

Drifter Snowbikes is expanding their product line for 2015 to include a 24″ version of their snowbike kit.

Here’s a pic of the first kit put together for team rider Shawn Lee.

drifter snowbike 24

Looks pretty trick.

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow…this could be your key to some good times this winter.

Stricker steps up to a 22″…no joshin’

2 12 2014

I had heard stories/rumours previously of Matt Beringer experimenting with a 22 but never could seem to find any evidence of it happening.

Well, it looks like another big name in the S&M alumni is taking the plunge…and this time S&M Bikes themselves is promoting the fact.


The man, the myth, the legend…Josh Stricker is building himself up a fresh 22″ ATF whip.


Could this be the start of more big-name riders making the switch to bigger wheels?

Who’s to say at this point?

All I can say is I can’t wait to see video of Stricker tearing shit up on this thing.