Taking it back to the old school

29 04 2009

With all the hype recently about custom bikes/frames/parts, it’s easy to forget the simple, DIY ways to customize your bike. Paint, some new parts and stickers can go a long way to personalize your bike or make an old bike look like new. In some cases, it can even make a new school bike look old school. Take this Haro Nyquist Backtrail 24; some carefully chosen parts, paint and stickers make it feel like we’ve stepped back into the mid-80s. You can almost imagine Rich Sigur dropping into the Pipeline on this.



The pallet quarter – reuse, recycle

22 04 2009

It’s Earth Day and everywhere you turn people are talking up their efforts to be environmentally friendly. Riding your bike is one of the greenest forms of transport…but why not take it a bit further?  One of the funnest things you can do is build yourself a nifty little transistion to ride made out of pallets. Alternatively called the “pallet quarter” or the “ghetto quarter” it’s just another way to reuse and recycle.



Iron Maiden documentary rocks

21 04 2009

Just got back from the one-day only screening of Flight 666, the Iron Maiden documentary about their 2008 tour. If this ever comes around again in theaters…and one of the creators hinted that it might…you have to go see it.  Even if you’re not an Iron Maiden fan (…uhm really?…Take two “Run to the Hills” and call me in the morning) you’ll get a kick out if it.

Now you might be thinking…what does this have to do with cruisers or BMX? Well my friends, watch this segue. The Iron Maiden-inspired graphics on the Fit Eddie Cleveland frame seem to be what’s missing on those shiny chrome ’09 Fit CR24s that are out now. I think Robbie Morales needs to get his act together and make that happen…it’s the least he could do for not featuring the CR24 anywhere in the  Stay Fit video.  See that segue? Magic!

Big invert on a 24″ bike

19 04 2009

Bobby Parker from Blackout Distribution built up one of the new Sunday Model-Cs and proceeded to uncork one of the best inverts I’ve seen in some time.

Check it out.


Bad ass.

Seriously…If this is what break-time looks like at Blackout Distribution, someone needs to e-mail me an application immediately. Here’s another one:

cruiser-bobby-inverted table

RAD movie script on eBay

15 04 2009

I’m no economist but when you see an authentic RAD movie script go up on eBay you know something is up. Either this recession is going supernova or this is a sure sign that things have gotten so bad that a rebound is right around the corner.

What’s even more surprising is who the seller is…it’s none other than bike-thief chasing Rick Moliterno.  Apparently he’s also got a boatload of the original Shimano DX pedals available for the highest bidder.

I’m holding out for that sweet candy apple red Hutch Trick Star he used to ride back in the day when he was touring with Woody Itson. If that baby goes up for sale, prepare for a bidding war.

This cruiser is Mickey Mouse

8 04 2009

This is kind of interesting…Nemesis Project got together with Disney Bloc 28 late last year to work on a 24″ BMX cruiser inspired by Mickey Mouse. The result is a pretty interesting mix of old school meets new school.

The bike comes complete with laser-cut Mickey “cross gloves” patterns for the seat and chain stays  and a custom  Disney inspired Pivotal seat.


As you can see, they also made sure it had the proper Mickey Mouse colors.


Myself, I’m most stoked on the classic Tuff Wheels and NOS Tioga Comp IIIs they fitted it with. Love the black mag and gumwall look.

Custom S&M 38 Special cruisers available

4 04 2009

Turns out that you can have a custom-made S&M frame,  built to your specifications…without having to sweet talk Chris Moeller or be a member of the S&M factory team. All you have to do is ask.  You may have to sweet talk Jason Ball (at S&M) though…which is fine since he’s a rider himself, scoring a part in the BMX  Inferno video years back. ESPN recently sat down with Jason to get the scoop on what S&M offers in the way of custom frames:

Top tube lengths, bottom bracket height, head tube angles, rear end lengths, axle slot size, brake positioning or style. We have made custom forks and handlebars. The pricing depends  on how many different options you chose and the time it takes to build the frame.

That’s pretty awesome. If you’re pretty particular about bikes or need an extra long top tube or shorter rear end length this could be the ticket. Check out this custom S&M beauty that I found on BMXmuseum:


This 38 Special has a custom 22.5″ top tube! You’ve certainly got some leg room on this puppy.

Makes you wonder if one day you could order a frame, or a complete bike, the same way you order a Dell computer…picking and choosing each element till you get exactly what you want.