I want action

25 02 2015

Although I can get as bike-nerdy as the next guy looking at a custom-built bike, I think seeing that same bike doing what it is designed to do–in action–is that much cooler.

action graphicSo imagine how stoked I was to find a picture of the custom 26″ Trail Boss, that Chris Piascik had built by Standard Bykes, in this great action shot over at BMX Museum.

Chris Piascik tuck on 26in Trail BossA classic tuck for extra style points!

Hopefully we’ll more shots of this cool bike in action in the future.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…I have to get that dreadful I want action Poison tune out of my head.


BMX goes back to the future

23 02 2015

It’s almost like they never went away.

Stu Thomsen, Greg Hill and Harry Leary all showed up at the USA BMX Nationals in Phoenix, Arizona (this past weekend) ready to race.

Stu Greg Harry

It’s not often that a single race would see all three of these BMX legends suit up, ready to snap gates and bang elbows.

Which made this weekend pretty special.

Stu Thomsen even took a first in cruiser!

Stu Thomsen on SE FlovalNow, if we can get just guys like Pete Loncarevich, Eric Rupe and Turnell Henry in the gate with them for an epic cruiser showdown…

Well, then I think we could have the battle of the BMX ages.


(Photo credits: @probmxer1, MJT & SE Bikes)

Michael Strahan was a BMXer

18 02 2015

File this under “Stars–They’re just like us!

Michael Strahan, in an ESPN program called “A Football life” (which aired a year or so ago) devoted part of an interview to talk about his BMX roots. Specifically, how as kid he dreamed of getting a Kuwahara Laserlite bike…and how he mowed lawn after lawn until he saved up enough to get one.

michael strahan

Better known for his football and TV career, the program goes on, at some length, about him and his bike.

He still has the bike…and won’t part with it. He does say it is too small for him now. Which begs the question, why hasn’t someone from Kuwahara contacted him and sent him a 24″ Kuwahara?  I’m sure he would be stoked to get a modern-day version of his beloved Kuwahara…and have it be in a size that he could actually ride. Seems like a simple way to get some good mainstream publicity for Kuwahara…and BMX in general.

Check out the full broadcast below:

Sneak Peek: Colony Eclipse 24

12 02 2015

Colony BMX let the cat out of the bag a couple of days ago on Instagram. They’re releasing a new cruiser called the Eclipse 24.

According to the brief description, the new 24 is:

Full CrMo, full sealed everything, ready to cruise on or for those that want a bigger BMX for the dirt, park and streets.

I’m looking forward to checking out the full spec list once it becomes available.

Watch for these to be available in the U.S and Australia sometime in March. (Other countries will get them soon after.)

Colony Eclipse 24

Carbon footprint in cruisers gets bigger

11 02 2015

The move to carbon frames has been very pronounced lately, specifically in the 20″ versions of high-end race bikes.

Cruisers have been a bit of an afterthought (if that) with the exception of the Prophecy Scud 24.

Maybe that’s beginning to change.

EpiK Carbon Products dropped the news the other day that they are going to be releasing a limited run of 24″ cruiser rims in March.


epik rims

Sounds pretty interesting.

If anyone picks up a pair, I would love to hear how they perform.


SE bikes has gotten fat

6 02 2015

Todd Lyons at SE Bikes has been dropping sneak peeks over the last day or so hyping up a very interesting version of the iconic PK Ripper.

And now it has finally been revealed…the 2016 PK Ripper Fat.

PK Ripper Fat

We’re talking 26″ X 2.35 tires, disc brakes front & back, and some larger-sized cruiser bars.

To give it some old-school flair, it also comes complete with a fluted, blue anno seat post and ODI mushroom grips in classic SE racing colors.

If the action shots (and video) that TL has been posting up on the SE Facebook page are any indication, this Fat bike is built for riding!

TL on Fat PK RipperWatch for it to start popping up at SE dealers sometime this summer.

(Pics from the SE Facebook page)