Just another Moody Monday

25 01 2016

Joseph Moody’s a rad dude with a great attitude.

That being said, he’s had a tough go with medical issues over the years.

Now he’s dealing with the treatment and bills that go along with the extremely rare condition he’s just been diagnosed with. (You can read more about it here.)

He could really use your support and has a gofundme page set up to take donations .

Please help him out if you can.


Sneak Peek: 2016 DK Cygnus cruiser

21 01 2016

Ever since we got the first look at DK’s 2016 race cruisers, we’ve been waiting anxiously to get a peek at the more “freestyle-y” Cygnus cruiser.

Well, the wait is over.

The 24″ Cygnus comes in two color ways: Red/Black and Black/Gold.

What’s new this year?

The Cygnus gets an upgrade in the handlebars department.

Translation: bigger bars!

Sporting a healthy 8.25″ rise and 28″ width….these bars reflect how most folks are setting up their new school 24s these days.

Other spec is pretty much the same as previous years with the exception of the new parts brand, Wise, getting the nod for things like rims, brakes, stem, cranks, etc.

Back to the colorways

The Black/Red color way is very cool…a black fade to a dark red (You might call it “burgundy-ish“.)

Copyright DK Bicycles 2015

Copyright DK Bicycles 2015

The Black/Gold colorway is also very cool. If you appreciate that old school vibe you’re really going to dig the gold rims (and bars) on this version.

Copyright DK Bicycles 2015

Copyright DK Bicycles 2015

If these pictures have piqued your interest, go start bugging your DK dealer now. These should be dropping at the tail end of February.

Just another Mercury Morgan Monday

18 01 2016

Mix equal parts Brian Scura showmanship and Matt Hoffman-style daredeviltry, add a touch of Colin Winkelman-style craziness and top it all off with a little revivalist-style preaching*…and you get this internet gem: Mercury Morgan’s “Leap of Faith” jump.

Mercury Morgan — from the Ringling Brothers Circus and That’s Incrediblejumps his bike over a helicopter and through a burning wall(!), in Belfast, NY.

The action is captured with 14 cameras, including a GoPro strapped to his chest.

Pretty cool…although I’m not so sure about the bike setup….It looks a bit dodgy with a mish-mash of MTB and BMX parts (you can make out an Odyssey logo on the stem at least).

*Mercury Morgan uses the “leap of faith” jump as a way to share his faith at events around the U.S.

Curtis Bikes’ unconventional cruiser

14 01 2016

I shared an early photo of this Curtis cruiser frame last week on the Cruiser Revolution Facebook page.

Curtis Bikes had taken an unconventional approach to this custom cruiser frame so my interest was definitely piqued.

Now, Curtis Bikes has released new pictures…and wow, this is a really cool looking frame.

curtis cruiserIt features a 22″ top tube, 14.9-15.3″ chain stays and 10 x 135 mm* dropouts set up to run  a Hope hub and Tech 3 disc brake.

*Spacing typically seen on MTBs

curtis cruiser dropouts and hub

Check out this brake bridge.

curtis cruiser brake bridgeI’m feeling this blue finish too.

curtis cruiser rear viewHere’s the rest of the specs:

  • Headtube angle: 73 degrees
  • Seattube angle: 69 degrees
  • Top tube length: 21, 212.5, 21.75″ and custom (like the one above)
  • Chain stays: 14.9 – 15.3″
  • Bottom bracket height: 12″ 
  • Frame height: 8″

curtis cruiser side view 2 Disc brakes on cruiser frames are still a bit of a rarity…and people seem to be a bit divided on whether or not they are the way to go…but I’m kinda digging it here.

Nice job by Curtis Bikes!

(Photos: Curtis Bikes)

Experience Europe’s great indoors

12 01 2016

It seems fitting that on the day my city gets its first major snowfall of the season…I learn of a new indoor bike park!

Following in the footsteps of other parks (Rays MTB, Joyride 150, Cranx and others) this particular park takes the concept outside of North America.

Wood15 is the first indoor bike park of this type in Europe.


Located in Sittard-Geleen, Netherlands (in an old Phillips television factory), it offers terrain and features suited for beginners and experts alike. Of course, it’s also a welcome escape if Mother Nature turns nasty.

The park also has a nice-looking coffee bar called “Drinkplaats” inside to keep you caffeinated/hydrated during your session.


It definitely looks like a pretty cool place…and kinda makes me want to visit the Netherlands!

Check it out.

A primer on how to build a pumptrack

8 01 2016

We’ve had a soft spot for pumptracks for some time now.

And we’ve checked out some nice ones over the years.

Whether pumptracks can save your marriage…or provide therapy when its on the rocks…I’ll let you decide.

But it’s hard to deny their appeal.

Providing a fun session, regardless of your skill level, is what keeps riders coming back again and again.

Not to mention, their versatility…from city-council supported facilities to rider-built pump tracks in the woods, all the way to tight setups in the backyard…you can pretty much get a pump track going anywhere.

What we haven’t talked about is how to build one…

While there are pumptrack tips scattered throughout the web, this video by Phil Kmetz does a great job explaining the thinking behind it and some good guidelines to follow when building your own pumptrack.

Granted, you may not have access to some of the tools that Phil uses but you can still get a lot out of it.

Heck, he even explains how to make “wife-friendly”…so maybe it can save your marriage after all!

The Lumberyard co-founder talks riding

5 01 2016

Will Heiberg, co-founder of The Lumberyard, recently shared some of his thoughts on riding and how The Lumberyard bike park helps people with their riding skills in a video put together by Corey Tepper.

Heiberg talks about offering kids that “ticket to freedom” that often goes missing in today’s society. At the bike park, he says kids learn “to persevere…to take risks…and fall down and get back up.”

The Lumberyard sign

Furthermore, he explains how practicing at the bike park allows riders to develop skills and muscle memory that they can later take out on to the trails….building a rider’s confidence and flow…and making riding more enjoyable all around.

Check it out.