Holmes turns 22

21 08 2012

S&M just announced that the new Holmes Frame, 22″ Pitchfork and Revenge wheels are now available.

From the looks of the things a large group of people are ready to jump on these and roll twenty-two style.

Choosing a new bike just got a whole lot more interesting.




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22 08 2012

Seat tube angle is 69 deg.
TT length is 21.25″
HT angle is 74.5 deg.
BB height is 12.25″
That’s very different to the Faction 22″.
Surprised that the TT length is so short. I would have said that with that seat tube angle you’d need a TT of at least 21.75″.
Glad to see a big company like S&M getting into 22 though. My Faction is so nice to ride, it’s do stable compared to my Sunday 24.
Revenge wheels? Where do you get these from? The tyres look like the ones Faction use. Also, what inner tubes do they use?

22 08 2012


22 08 2012
oliver stains

anybody know the price for this package?

22 08 2012
23 08 2012

good deal

27 08 2012
Cheap Goods

Chrome is out now to! 22″ Chrome frame and Chrome Pitchforks

1 09 2012
Big Cat

Haha well, well lookie here after 3 years of the major companys like S & M slagging off the 22″ idea they pull this one out the bag!!
Its humble to know that the UK still know how and what works in the bike industry and how such a huge company like S & M have to now try and make up some amazing story of how they developed the 22″ idea!!
I have been following Faction since they started the 22″. I’ve read all the negative comments on the forums that the 22″ will never work and how the core companys would never do the 22″ because its pointless – well it was only a matter of time till the Yanks had to jump onboard and try take the limelight away from the original 22″ company. Let us NOT forget Faction Bike Co started this craze thats about to take off – you yanks may hate us Brits but guess what Im British and proud. Great to know the Brits are setting trends again, you’ll want to start trading in GBP next i guess!!

3 09 2012

A little harsh?
Be glad that a big company is doing this because it will mean more parts.
You have to admit that while it was Faction first they have been very slow to follow up with new offerings. And we’re still waiting for the new wheels…..Hopefully they will soon so those of us in the UK can get more parts.

6 09 2012

your retarted.

6 09 2012

Big Cat not Ian.

1 01 2013

Dude, you clearly have unresolved issues…..got Lithium????

5 09 2012

Big Cat, you are completely wrong. S&M never slagge off the idea as far as I know. They also didn’t claim credit for inventing it. More specifically Chris Moeller’s in one interview corrected te reporter’s misinterpretation as clarified that no they were NOT the first.
I bought one of the first Zeitgeist’s available in the in December 2008. Then Faction spent from 2009 to 2012 promising an Amero kit that is STILL not available. They were also sold out of replacement tirea for about a year and a half. Even though I’ve emailed a lot with the Faction guys and they seem very cool, there’s no way to interpret things as Yanks stealing their thunder. The 22″ fans over here have been nothing but supportive of the concept, and if anything having more 22″s in the game should actually benefit Faction. For any new “format” to be supported, whether it’s VHS or Beta, USB 2.0, or fuel and auto engines, you have I have several players in the business for a format to take hold.

5 09 2012

If Faction can’t get there act together someone needed to step up. Is Faction still in business when they have NO product to sell?

5 09 2012
31 12 2012
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