Sheepdog still snappin’ gates

27 05 2016

If you were on the Cruiser Revolution Facebook page earlier this week you may have spotted it.

If you weren’t, maybe it’s time to take a sec and check this out.

Former GT hotshoe — and BMX Action cover boy — Kevin “Sheepdog” Hull is back on the track.


The cool thing?

He’s doing it with the support of his former sponsor…Gary Turner (The “GT” from GT Bicycles).

He’s back out there snapping gates.


And pulling his comp.


It’s awesome to see.


I guess it just proves the adage:

You can take the Sheepdog out of BMX but you can’t take the BMX out of the Sheepdog.

(That’s how it goes, right?)


Pics: BMX Action magazine/Gary Turner/Heaps Photography



When worlds collide

26 05 2016

SE has done a great job of promoting its 26″ Fat Ripper. They’ve even gone so far as to drop an edit of Todd Lyons letting his freak flag fly — riding one  in a wild web edit.

More recently, they’ve teamed up with BMX legend, Mike Buff, to release a Mike Buff tribute PK Ripper.

It’s a real looker…and certainly evokes the look of the early days of BMX, a time when Buff and RL ruled the freestyle scene.

Now, just to mix things up a little….

Buff and SE took a Fat Ripper and customized it to give it the look of the Mike Buff tribute PK Ripper.

MikeBuff Fat Ripper

The result?

Pretty fresh.

(Frankly, the only way this could be more eye-catching would be if they somehow figured out a way to make some Fat 26″ TUFF Wheels!)


Rocco’s rad 24″ Altruiste frame

20 05 2016

I spotted @roccoq86 ‘s cool-looking 24 on Instagram this past weekend and I was instantly intrigued.

It was from a company that I hadn’t heard of before…Altruiste Bikes.

Altruiste frame

I decided I (we) needed to find out more about this frame.

I hit up Gabo from Altruiste and he gave me the lowdown.

Rocco Altruiste build

Gabo has known Rocco for close to 10 years. Rocco used to ride for Doberman Bikes, a company that Gabo used to work for back in the day.

According to Gabo,

When he contacted me for a new frame, he already knew what he wanted; something very similar to what he was riding with a few geometry tweaks. The most important being the super short chainstays at 13.9”.

The geo that inspired this frame was already very new-school. We simply pushed it a bit further. It’s much lower, to help with tricks, and I think that in terms of feel it’s much closer to a 24”MTB than a bmx cruiser, and I think that’s where Rocco is most comfortable.


  • Head angle: 74
  • Seat tube angle: 71
  • Top tube: 22”
  • Chainstay length: 13.9”
  • BB height: 12.65”
  • BB Drop: -8mm
  • Stack: 440.5mm
  • Reach: 438.5mm
  • Weight :4.75 lbs

The front end also got some special attention to increase strength/durability. Gabo says,

The large 44mm headtube is pretty cool, too.  The 44mm headtube allows you to use a pressfit heaset with larger bearings for a stronger, more rigid front end. You can also get 44mm (or ”ZeroStack”) headsets in different stack heights to modify the geometry.

Pretty cool.

Roccoq86 tailwhip

Rocco shreds on this frame so that increased strength in the front end is probably needed!

roccoq86  altruiste high jump

Gabo built up three of these frame (one being Rocco’s) so if you’re interested…you might want to hit up Altruiste, right quick.

As an added incentive, keep in mind that Altruiste Bikes is a Canadian company…so if you’re buying with American funds…you’ll get a sweet deal with the current exchange rates.


(Pics: roccoq86, @wrathofphil & altruiste_bikes)

So I spotted Big Foot

16 05 2016

The Gary Turner Big Foot 24 caught our eye a while back (at the time we shared a pic of the frame on Facebook)…but just the other day I spotted it — all built up — over at BMX Museum.

As you might recall, the specs on this elusive beast are befitting of its name…it’s 24″(!) top tube is the first indicator of that!

Gary Turner Big Foot 24Rob LaMielle is the proud owner of this fine build.

In keeping with the super-sized frame, Rob kitted it out with —what elsebig bars!

9″ Supercross bars just seem so right for a 24″ built for a giant.

As far as the rest of the frame specs go, the Gary Turner site says they,

“took [their] already race-proven 24″ Pedaler Race frame and stretched it. We added strength to the front end by using .049 4130 American-made chromoly tubing.”

According to Gary, “stiff chromoly frames keeps you straight out of the gate” and there’s “no flex in this front end”.

Frame geo/specs:

  • Head Angle: 72 degree
  • Seat Angle: 71 degree
  • Chain Stay: 15.5″
  • Top tube: 24″ (23 and 23.5″ also available)

If you’re a bigger dude, this might just be the frame to check out.

Pop on over to the Gary Turner site for more details and  ordering information.

S&M provides a clear choice

10 05 2016

Maybe you caught this over on the S&M page…but if you haven’t, take a look at this.

The S&M Speedwagon cruiser frame is now available in Gloss Clear.

SandM Speedwagons_CLRClearly, this is a hot-looking frame (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Whip out Wednesday?

4 05 2016

Granted #whipitwednesday is probably always going to be front and center on Wednesdays…but taking another peek at this clip (from a few years back) I think we could make the case for #whipoutwednesday.

Jared Swafford with a smith grind to whip out aboard Jim C’s Wave-C.

Jared Swafford whipout