T19 “How I Roll” 24inch BMX Cruiser

29 02 2012

T19, one of the better known skateboarding brands in Japan has introduced a cool vintage-looking 24″ cruiser called the T19 X How I Roll BMX Cruiser.

For those on the vintage tip, this bike has all the classic elements to make an old-schooler happy. We’re talking v-bars, retro frame gusset, skinwall tires…true classic style. Not to mention the  frame, fork and handlebar are all cro-mo. (Check out the full spec list here.)

Part of me wants to get one of these and cruise around like it’s 1983!

But then again, it might just be that this T19 video is making me want to grab my bike and run wild in the streets (It’s true…)

Special thanks to Roger Faso for giving me the heads up on this bike.


Watch this video: Know Your Roots

24 02 2012

Following on the heels of his more widely known BMX documentaries, Joe Kid on a Stingray and Stompin’ Stu: The Story of BMX Legend Stu Thomsen, Mark Eaton’s new documentary, Know Your Roots: The History of Mongoose has just come out.

Lots of great stuff in here, spanning Mongoose’s colorful 40-year history, everything from the origins of the Motomag, their early race team, the scooter phenomenon and McGoo’s tenure as the team manager/marketing manager (and the reasons behind his abrupt departure). I was especially stoked to see a segment on Jeff Kosmala and his signature KOS Kruiser–which Mongoose re-issued last year–and their collective impact on the cruiser class of that era.

Another great documentary from Mark Eaton. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bonus info: Have you seen Mark Eaton’s section in Wheelies? It’s a perfect mix of flat and street. I must have watched that section a thousand times when that video was released. Check it out here.

Backflips in 10 easy steps

22 02 2012

Joe Cicman and Danny Sirkin are back again with one of their fun videos.

This time they show you how to master the backflip in 10 easy steps.

Step #1?  “Tell everyone you’re pro”.

Step # 2? “Get Zen”

(Have I mentioned that you should follow this tutorial at your own risk?)

Check it out.

Lawnmower season is almost here

17 02 2012

Sure, many of us are still dealing with old man winter…counting the days till spring gets here so we can get back outside for some serious riding time.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel, though.

The days are already starting to get a bit longer.

And word has it that down in Florida, guys like Wayne Keller are already breaking out their lawnmowers.

That means spring can’t be far behind.

Two crazy kids in love…

14 02 2012

Nort and Wayne…loving life, loving what they do and loving each other.

Each of us should be so lucky.

(Don’t forget to get your sweetheart something for Valentine’s Day today.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Nort & Wayne, posted with vodpod

Stolen Saint: a great new 24″ option

10 02 2012

This bike first caught my attention when I was cruising the booths at Interbike back in September.

I was immediately impressed by Stolen’s first foray into the 24″ world.  It looked like they did their homework: tall-ish bars, double-wall rims, raised BB…all at great price (under $500, I believe).

Check out this video of Rick at Pat’s 605 Cyclery in Norwalk, CA  giving the bike the once over (seriously, why don’t more bike shops do videos like this?).

If you’re looking to get a 24″ complete, the Stolen Saint is a great new option.

Wanna lose a few inches this year?

7 02 2012

The 22″ wheel movement has suddenly taken an interesting turn with the news that S&M is testing a prototype frame and tires.

In 2010, I did a post called 22″ bike: could you lose a couple inches? that generated a bunch of discussion on the pros and cons of the wheel size.

Back then I said (in the comments section) that having a single source supplier for all things 22″—Faction was the only company at the time offering 22″ stuff—would “hurt the cause”.

Now with companies like InDust offering 22″ frames and Standard building custom one-offs,  the 22″ movement is starting to pick up some more momentum.

S&M is already offering 22″ forks as a custom option  but has shied away from manufacturing frames till now.

With this new prototype it looks like S&M is about to jump into the 22″ scene with both feet. And by doing so, it looks like the 22″ option suddenly has a whole new level of legitimacy.

Smith grind to whip on the Wave-C

7 02 2012

Jim Cielencki sent in this clip of Jared Swafford riding his (Jim’s) Wave C.

Smooth smith grind to whip at House Park in Austin.



Skatepark shredding on a Felt Brink

1 02 2012

Stumbled across this video the other day and just had to post it.

Not only is it the first time that I’ve seen the Felt Brink in action, but Jay Ruff Sr has managed to combine two of my favorite things in one video: skatepark shredding and music from the RAD soundtrack.

Well done.