Wanna lose a few inches this year?

7 02 2012

The 22″ wheel movement has suddenly taken an interesting turn with the news that S&M is testing a prototype frame and tires.

In 2010, I did a post called 22″ bike: could you lose a couple inches? that generated a bunch of discussion on the pros and cons of the wheel size.

Back then I said (in the comments section) that having a single source supplier for all things 22″—Faction was the only company at the time offering 22″ stuff—would “hurt the cause”.

Now with companies like InDust offering 22″ frames and Standard building custom one-offs,  the 22″ movement is starting to pick up some more momentum.

S&M is already offering 22″ forks as a custom option  but has shied away from manufacturing frames till now.

With this new prototype it looks like S&M is about to jump into the 22″ scene with both feet. And by doing so, it looks like the 22″ option suddenly has a whole new level of legitimacy.




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8 02 2012

s&m making 22″ awesome!!! sign me up!! but somebody better hurry up and get some REAL RIMS AND TIRES !! anybody out there have info , PLEASE let me know , need something thats going to be good all around trails/park thanks

9 02 2012

The rims on that bike ARE custom that S&M had made. They are in the works to get quality tires as well. So it looks like S&M will be our go to crew to get the goods. And with them on board, more people will start/keep pumping out 22 inch stuff.

Half of Texas is already doing 22 inch stuff, Standard is in on it and Faction might even crawl back to the table soon too.

I’m predicting 2012 to be year of the 22!

14 02 2012

Any idea how soon the s&m 22″ frame ,wheels and tires will be ??

14 02 2012

Vernon and I have some Velocity/Taipan rims left out of a batch custom-ordered by another friend of ours, Jason Webb.
Check out the ridemonkey thread (22 inches of love) or the bmxmuseum thread (A Question about 22″s) for more info.

10 02 2012


11 02 2012

Finishing up my custom Standard 22″.
Found the rims, tires and tubes on three different continents.

Once rims and tires are readily available this thing is going to take off.

11 02 2012

why?does the world need this?lame…..wait this means more sales like the 29″ er……yes follow the mountain bike world……..what about front suspension on bmx……hahahhahaha

13 02 2012

Ride one

11 02 2012

Love the haters.
especially the ones that haven’t ridden a quality 22.

11 02 2012

I think it’s a great idea. BMX has always been about innovation and thinking outside the box. Why not give it a try. As for the 29 inchers, ask the owners of SE’s Big Ripper how much they love their bikes.

14 02 2012

I’m hearing rumors of ‘sometime around the start of summer’ for these parts to be available from S&M. Start saving now!

FWIW, I’m not associated w/ S&M at all, I’m just lucky enough to know people that know people, etc…

14 02 2012

It’ll be cook to see the different geometry possibilities with 22″ wheels.

1. New School: this would be designed to match up with the current trend in 20″s. 21″tt, 13.5″cs, 12.75″bb, 74.5 or 75 head angle. We know that 13.5cs will work with 22″ wheels because Liquid made a 14.25cs with 24″ wheels.
2. The Park/Street/Trails combo. Short back end, longer front end (21.25 to 21.75) medium high bb (12″ to 12.5″). Like the Faction Amero, InDust TwoTon, S&M.
3. The Andre The Giant. 22″ top tube, longer stable back end, medium to low ish bb.
4. Flatland 22. 19.5 or 20″ top tube. Pedal will still clear wheel because 18.5-19″tt works (and wheel is one inch bigger in each direction).

21 02 2012

Why not lose a few more inches than this…..oh thats called a 20″!

well, you have 16″ 18″ 20″ 24″ 26″ whats 22″ gonna hurt? kinda like buying a pair of jeans eh!

22 02 2012

So true! Just one option so every rider can find the right fit.

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