Jon Faure still firing at age 47

3 08 2011

In a time when many 47-year olds are content to ride nothing more than their couch or a golf cart, Jon Faure (who just turned 47 today) continues to push his limits.

Recently taking on Woodward West’s Mega Ramp and walking away smiling, you know this self-professed Old Guy Who Rides still has that fire inside for riding.

Jon Faure, 47 years young

Jon seems to embody the philosophy that I think most of share, regardless of what side of 47 we’re on, when it comes to riding:

We may be old enough to know better, but still young enough to do it anyway (mostly ’cause it’s so damn fun!)

Happy birthday Jon, looking forward to seeing more radness in the future!




7 responses

3 08 2011

That’s awesome!!

3 08 2011

I’m 40 in December and it was Jon’s article on Sunday’s site that got me back into riding bikes.
Thankyou Jon, otherwise I would be fat couch sitter not able to ride happily into my forties.
Not sure I’ll ever be able to ride as good as you, I can just about manage a good bunny hop and the odd endo but it’s a start a d I have seven years on you anyway 🙂

4 08 2011
Jon Faure

Thanks Ian for the kind words! You got plenty of good years left in you. What kind of bike are you riding?

4 08 2011

I have 2 bikes.
I built up a Faction 22″ and a Sunday Model C.
I love them both but in different ways.
The Faction is fun but after riding the Model C I can see why bike geometry is important!
So nowadays I use the model C more.

4 08 2011

jon- you may be younger than me… but i look up to you big time man!
happy birthday!

5 08 2011

Man, this is truly inspiring stuff. I started riding this year right as I turned 30. Seeing you riding the Woodward stuff makes me feel good about getting into BMX “late in the game” so-to-speak.

22 12 2011
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