Every picture tells a story

20 08 2010

I don’t even know where to begin with this photo.

Taken during Trent B’s (goride09) recent Golden Gate Bridge ride, it’s such a classic picture.

From the the trick itself (when’s the last time you saw someone uncork a bar endo?), the Golden Gate Bridge in the background to the extended hand for extra style points…

This pic has got it all.

So good.

Trent B bar endo

Den Dowling is the man behind the camera. Check out his Flickr photostream for more pics of Trent and the Golden Gate Bridge ride.



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20 08 2010


20 08 2010
Jon Faure

Sick photo Trent!

20 08 2010

That is a bad ass picture.

20 08 2010
the mayor of hollywood

an absolute classic!!

20 08 2010

I have been tempted to do this trick (used to do them back in the day allot) but fear the front rim on my C would taco under the 240LBS.

I think I will by a spare 48 just for the purpose.

Great shot.

20 08 2010

Great pic! I just ordered a Sunday Model C. Can’t wait to get back into riding and do some of the old tricks.

22 08 2010

I keep lookin at this pic and cant believe its actually me in it!

23 08 2010

haha. everytime i check to see if there is a new post i catch myself staring at it for a few minutes.

28 10 2015
Mr. Moody

You’re so vain yo….LOL

26 08 2010

trent thanks for the email- sorry i missed it man!

keep us posted- next year fo’ sho’!

21 06 2011
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20 09 2011
zula m

you still at it my child.
Love Ya,

4 10 2012
3 03 2016
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24 05 2016
Mc Silk


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